Mr Peter Nwaoboshi, the kingpin of the daredevil cult gang, unleashing mayhem to Ibusa community.


Ibusa is an iconic Anioma town. Located in Oshimili North local government area, it is pretty close to Asaba, Delta state capital. Ibusa is home to Anioma finest academics and professionals in all fields of human reckoning.

The once peaceful town of Ibusa was known to be amongst Anioma communities that produced great men.

Down memory lane, within and outside the then Bendel State, Ibusa had reputation and her people known to be industrious accomplished and hospitable.

Professors, like Chike onwuachi, current Obozor of Ibusa – HRM Nwaoboshi, Onwujioegu and Pat Utomi as well as legal titan Odita, are just but a few persons of high intellectual and academic potentials. Remember captains of industry like, Ike Nwabuoku, Peter Okocha and former Chief of Naval Staff, Real Admiral Dele Ezeoba (retd) and other Ibusa prominent sons.

But there is a SAD TALE today. One man has turned the once peaceful Ibusa to a cult colony – SENATOR PETER NWAOBOSHI .

Peter Nwaoboshi, with an infamous acronym SPON, spills human blood every where, reigning as the number one gangster serial killer in Delta State!

Haven turned his community into a war zone and breeding ground for cultists, the people are daily traumatised by killings of all sorts – old and young, men and women – killed daily with body parts cut off.

This orgy of bloodletting in Ibusa, started at the entrance of Peter Nwaoboshi into politics.

In 2003, he commandeered his deadly gang to attack the country home of Chief Barr. Fred Ajudua. On that faithful occasion, the gang armed with guns and dangerous weapons, attacked and inflicted serious injuries on some members of Umu -Anioma group who were in a meeting, fine tuning their agitation for power shift to Delta North.
The struggle which Peter Nwaoboshi now claim the credit
The leaders of that group were Hon. Austin Izagbo with Chief Barr. Fred Ajudua.

Late Mr Emeka Onianwa one of the victims of the violence political killings in Ibusa

In 2007, Peter Nwaoboshi unleashed his murderous gangs on Chief Peter Eloka Okocha, and at the end of the bloody mission, the personal driver of Chief Okocha was moaned down by hot bullets from Nwaoboshi’s Draculas.

In 2011, Peter Nwaoboshi, not yet done with the Ajuduas, directed his killer squad at Hon. Princess Pat Ajudua, the member representing Oshimili North Constituency, at the Delta State House of Assembly.
On that bloody day, the driver to the Princess was gunned down while Princess escaped with bullet wounds on her shoulder region. Two of her Aides , Messrs Rotimi Agboola and Gideon Itene, still carry gunshot and cutlass scars till date.

In 2015, one Mr Emeka Onianwa was brutally murdered by gangs linked to Mr Peter Nwaoboshi.
While Emeka paid the supreme price, some innocent citizens of the community were only lucky to survive with near fatal injuries.

In every election conducted from 2003 to 2015, Peter Nwaoboshi, had ensured that the blood of Ibusa citizens pour out as sacrifice .

Ritual/political killings and cultism have indeed taken over Ibusa and neighbouring towns, thanks to sinister SPON!

Peter Nwaoboshi reigns supreme as the patron and sponsor of cultists and criminals in the community and the neighborhood

Ibusa youths barricaded the highway with a corpse of one of the victims of viscous politically motivated killings in their community.

This is lamentable and totally unacceptable for a town that has produced distinguished Senator Nosike Ikpo and Police Commissioner Obieke as members of then Bendel State House of Assembly and Senator of the federal republic. Ibusa has become a dean of deadly vampires, because of a single individual’s egomaniac political ambition.

Peter Nwaoboshi evil influence requires a conscious examination by well meaning people of Delta North.
This has become necessary and very urgent following classified information that he has recruited, trained and planted cells of deadly killers in all the 9 Local Government Areas in Delta North, with the intention of exerting mayhem and bloodshed across Anioma land. All in his desperate move to foist his dead – on -arrival 2019 senatorial second term bid on the people of Anioma.

Indeed, the advent of Peter Nwaoboshi into local politicking, graduating from a thug to Party Secretary, Party Chairman , commissioner and Senator which regrettably earned him the title SINator, has placed a high risk to lives and property in Ibusa and Delta north shattering peace in the hitherto calm community.

With endless killings masterminded by SPON , it is hard to list the number of persons whose blood have been taken as sacrifice for every of the offices held by Peter Nwaoboshi.

Blood spilled on seasonal basis at the beginning of his gangster political career had now graduated into daily occurrences . As Nwaoboshi and his dare devil cult gangs go daily on rampage, killing and maiming innocent souls , the people now see bloodshed as a way of life.

Victims of Ogboewelle Festival mayhem in Ibusa.

It is no longer news, that the level of thuggery, shooting, axing and killing that occurred since his entrance into politics had left many dead and homeless.

On 22nd December 2016, a peaceful annual festival usually observed by Ogboewelle quarters, Ibusa was turned to a carnival of tears, blood and deaths as Peter Nwaoboshi ‘s cult boys capitalized on the festival to unleashed death in the community.
At the end of what supposed to be a jolly feast day, 4 persons died and several others sustained severe injuries.

Should we stand and watch our values, peace and relations being killed for political and ritual purposes by one man?

Who are we to run to for help, Law or God? It seems we are at a cross road as there have been unresolved cases of murders and ritual killings before the law Court and the police. All plotted and executed by Nwaoboshi and his ruthless hoodlums .

Which arm of the law are we to cry to – police or the court?

In the recent general elections, Ibusa had always been a flash point, a black spot indeed, a town littered with blood. Non of the elections from 2007 to 2015 had come and gone without killings, destruction of property and unrest of high magnitude in Ibusa, with all fingers pointing to SPON.

Some of the victims of the bloodletting spree at Ibusa.

The people have to complain silently.


In September 2016, some Ibusa patriotic youths, led by Alfred Isoh, fed up with the unending carnage in their community, took to the streets and barricaded the popular Ughelli – Asaba road with a corpse, to protest the mayhem that has taken over their once peaceful town.

Similarly, on 3rd May 2015, the Ibusa Community Development Union, (ICDU), United Kingdom Chapter, arising from its extraordinary meeting which focused on the bloodbath in their home community, issued a communiqué denouncing the excesses of Peter Nwaoboshi and his political cohorts for arming and sponsoring young Ibusans to commit all manner of violence; intimidation, Cultism and murder with outright disregard to authority and human life.
In the communiqué signed by the Chapter President, Mr Tony Uwajeh, the union expressed fear that the youths of the community have been made to glamorize crime as a lucrative business and that such ugly scenario has made life unsafe in the community, resulting in the citizens, especially the elders not saying anything for fear of being attacked at night.

These two groups openly expressed grave concern at what have become of their community since the arrival of the demon king, Mr Peter Nwaoboshi, into the political scene in the community.

The vex questions – Is it that the appropriate government authorities are aloof to the killings in the community during elections or that the law enforcement agencies are not doing enough?

Will a repeat of carrying coffin as a curse on the Senator by Ibusa people helped as an option as was done during the gory killing of women in Ibusa?
But did it stop the killings?

Evidently, the killings are on the increase and with possible scenarios repeated in different parts of Anioma land, if the authorities fail to tame the rampaging vampire.

In 2011, while Peter Nwaoboshi was PDP chairman, he recruited some youths and trained them as dangerous cultists. This group of young cult boys were used for thuggery, political and ritual killings. It was during this terrific and horrible era of Peter Nwaoboshi as PDP state Chairman that series of women where killed virtually on daily basis .
The manner of their untimely deaths remained unimaginable. They were gruesomely murdered with their abdomen cut open and wombs taken!

It is on record that the culprits recently convicted to jail terms for the killing of 8 Okada riders in Ibusa confessed to have been sponsored by Peter Nwaoboshi.

There is a shocking revelation that the driver of Mr Peter Nwaoboshi by name Emeke, was the receiving agent of the body parts from the cult and killer squad.

Do we need to remind ourselves of the multiple and merciless killings in Ibusa, both at dawn and dusk, including in farms?

It is in deed regrettable that even with these senseless killings, dignity is taken off the victims as their body parts were cut off to the extent that the female victims had their internal organs removed .

Ibusa town is at the mercy of the principality of occultism, Nwaoboshi the serial gangster of death and doom.

Is it surprising! It is political/ritual murders.

No wonder Peter Nwaoboshi boasts that even when his mother, wife and children do not vote for him, sand will vote for him!

Wonder how many will be killed in other towns in the Nine Local government areas that make up Delta north senatorial District as Mr Peter Nwaoboshi plants his killers all over in his desperate plot to contest reelection come 2019.

This post is to sound alarming bell to the good people of Anioma nation, know it that as it is today, Nwaoboshi has renewed his cult and occultist activities, arming his murderous gang with sophisticated guns and other high caliber weapons for political and ritual killings ahead of senate 2019 race.

These killers have cells in all the 9 Local Government Areas in Anioma region.
Mr Peter Nwaoboshi and his occult gang are on the prowl! God help Anioma nation.

We are at the mercy of our killer Senator and his cult boys.

Ibusa must have peace . Anioma is a peaceful land, it must remain so.

Say NO to peter Nwaoboshi, the gangster serial killer!


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