Mr Peter Nwaoboshi being escorted by security operatives to Ikoyi prison to spend 48hours in jail, following court orders, based on two count charges of frauds and money laundering, leveled against him.


On Friday, 8th of June, 2018, the former Governor of Delta State, Ibori, during a private visit to his former Deputy Mr Benjamin Elue at Obior was alleged to have urged Delta Northerns, not to forget the sacrifice of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, in the struggle for the equitable rotation of the highest political office in the State.

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi had earlier in 2016 stated that, Ibori made him the Senator representing Delta North Senatorial district even in Prison.

Nwaoboshi Presently, following the entry of Hon Ned Nwoko, into the upcoming 2019, Senatorial election, has been unsettled because of the overwhelming support of the Anioma people for the man simply call Ned by both the high and the low because of his unalloyed love and commitment to his people, his accessibility, visionary leadership, intellectual prowess , infestous humility , uncommon philanthropy and enviable Legislative track records.

These intimidating and sterling qualities of Prince Ned Nwoko, made him the greatest political nightmares of SPON who has been running from pillar to post in search of the elites who could chip in a word on his behalf to Governor Okowa, who from all indications, is bent on providing a level playing field for all contestants as he has maintained.

Little wonder, Ibori, spoke in that fashion by trying to stand truth on it’s head just to emotionally blackmail some gullible Aniomas, majority of whom have become disenchanted, with the continued embarrassing, irresponsible and ineffective representation of SPON and have decided to ditch him for Ned.

Former Governor James Ibori, speaking at the Obior meeting.

Granted that, it is within the rights of Ibori to drum up support for SPON or for anyone else however, it has to be stated that, it is not within his right to distort historical facts, especially as it concerns the struggle for the emancipation of the Anioma nation from the clutches and evil machination of the political elites starting with the Governor felix Ibru short lived administration (1992 -1993) who as the State chief executive refused to spend a night in the capital of the State Asaba, because of anger and hatred against the IBB regime for making Asaba, the capital of Delta State.

Fast forward to 1999, when Ibori took over as the democratically elected Governor of Delta State and together with other powerful political elites like Amori and others, of his Urohobo ethnic group, did everything to put the Aniomas down politically, socially, culturally and economically.

Ibori, not only systematically, ensured that, Asaba is neglected as the capital for eight years but attempted making the majority of both the civil/public servants of Anioma extraction to lose self esteem through their modes of dressing and official greetings as akin to the type of the Colonial French policy of Assimilation of the 1880s.

But God using Ned with few Anioma political elites, the traditional rulers and of course majority of the youths resisted Ibori and his corrupt cohorts!

During the Ibori regime the entire juicy Ministries were manned by the Urohobos and the other ethnic groups except the Agriculture and Water Resources, which were manned by Nwaoboshi Peter who was not involved in the struggle and considered a corroborator then by the critical political observers of the Anioma axis .
To further show how degrading the Anioma haters, treat and regard Anioma people, Ibori’s deputy, Chief Benjamin Elue was never for one day, throughout his 8 year tenure, addressed as His Excellency but simply addressed as His Honour. The accolade changed instantly when Barr Amos Utuama of Urhobo ethnic extraction became deputy to Uduaghan.

However while, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, was serving as Commissioner for Health, Water Resources and later the SSG, he utilised the opportunity to assist a lot of Aniomas to secure government employment, especially the Senior cadre levels and others through the award of contracts as a visionary and strategic leader.

These kind gestures, his humility later paid and still paying off as he was able to build bridges and attracted so many political admirers and the formation of a very strong support base across the ethnic nationalities in the state which spoke in his favour in the run up to the 2014/15, primary/general Governorship elections and even in the upcoming 2019 election.

On the other hand, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, who was the only person sacked by Ibori due to his fraudulent ways, failed to utilise the opportunities presented him as a commissioner before his dismissal, to benefit his own immediate communities, but rather chose to assist only himself.
Mr Peter Nwaoboshi never helped any of his community citizens in securing government
employment and the award of contracts.

It is alleged that, he would rather sell off the employment slots alloted to him than freely give them out to any young Anioma University graduates who are in dire need of civil service jobs.
Same he did with the award of contracts from 1999, when he held sway as the State PDP Secretary, Commissioner for Agricultural resources and the State Chairman of the ruilling PDP.

SPON, failed because of greedy desperation to acquire primitive heaven and earth at all costs.
He failed because he is naturally self centred, very inaccessible, selfserving, crafty and arrogant ingrate.

Over 90% of those who had the misfortune of dealing with him, regretted the relationship. His love for money remains legendary.

SPON, only trust a few with any financial transactions, he used his office to exploit politicians, and the State. He alone, surreptitiously, operated over twenty different Bank accounts, which even Dangote or Bill Gates, don’t opetate.

This eventually tripped off the EFCC alerts searchlight system which later revealed money laundering and abuse of office hence, his current criminal offence cases in Courts.

Having done with the prelude, it therefore , becomes imperative to correct the wrong impression being created by Ibori and put the records straight for the discerning reading public to appreciate the true position.

Historians and even political observers, agree that it was Hon Ned Nwoko, who in 2003, led the Anioma, epic political revolt against the Ibori administration for the emancipation of the citizens of Anioma.

The revolutionary movement amongst others demanded for a just and equitable distribution and rotation of political offices and development across the three Senatorial districts of Delta State. This is in reaction to the systemic neglect of Asaba as a capital city of the State and the sociocultural assault on the Aniomas.

It was never Senator Peter Nwaoboshi who started the demand for equity as asserted by former Governor, Ibori, in Obior during a visit to his former very loyal Deputy Governor Mr Benjamin Elue, as was reported by SPON media rats, even though Peter Nwaoboshi was to become one of the greatest beneficiaries of the struggle as an all time opportunist.

The message passed by Ibori was to show Anioma people publicly that he made Nwaoboshi a senator in 2015, and that he will repeat same in 2019 by arm twisting Governor Okowa and Delta North PDP leadership to adopt Nwaoboshi as candidate of the party.

We the Anioma people must understand that Hon Ned Nwoko, distinguished himself as member representing Aniocha /Oshimili Federal Constituency, at Abuja. He was quite close to the then, President Obasanjo, because of his outstanding intellectual and Legislative robust debates and contributions and above all, with the numerous sponsorship of public spirited Bills which naturally, attracted the attention of OBJ, who has a reputation for attracting and surrounding himself with intellectuals.

OBJ then, was willing to fight official corruption, starting with the Governors. He has just established the EFCC and the ICPC and were ready to take on Ibori and the others, who were being alleged by Security reports to have been deeply involved in stealing from the public funds and so supported Ned to contest for the Governorship election in the 2003 general election.

Hon Ned who is a development oriented intellectual and as someone who naturally hates graft and official corruption, inevitably clashed with Ibori. Denied the ticket in the ruilling PDP, he contested under the ticket of the APGA, lost the election but won the hearts and minds of his Anioma people who since then, have come to regard him as their humble hero, who deployed his personal resources and energy leading the fight against systemic neglect and all other forms of official corrupt practices against the Anioma nation from 2003, up till 2015, when Governor Okowa (of Anioma extraction), contested for and overwhelmingly won the Governorship election.
Ibori, of course still harbours some ill feelings towards Ned for his boldness and daring spirit in challenging his (Ibori) ethnic bias government.

The love of Anioma people which Ned shares, has spanned over decades and still waxing stronger and shall surely speak in his favour in the coming months.

Little wonder, the overwhelming majority of his own Aniomas people have decided to stand behind him, towards the actualization of his dream of winning the upcoming 2019, Delta North Senatorial race, for they are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that, he more than the incumbent Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, would give them responsible and quality representation at the Senate.

Finally, it has to be emphasised that, Mr Peter Nwaoboshi while suffering from a humiliating sack by Ibori, was rehabilitated and drafted to join in the fight against systemic neglect of Asaba and the sociocultural denigration of the Anioma by Chief, Dr Mrs Mariam Alli, Enyi Kpakpando of Ahaba, who had earlier on identified with Ned and the other Anioma Patriotic politicians, in the struggle for the emancipation of Anioma nation.

Kpakpando as Chief Dr Mrs Mariam Ali was fondly called, equally hails from Asaba, and married to the then, National Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Amadu Ali.
She utilised the authority of the office of her husband to the fullest then, when in 2007, she was able to influence her husband to return aspirants from Delta north as candidates of the party at Oshimili South Local Government Arcade, Asaba.
Among those issued the party flag on that faithful occasion were; Hon. Ndudi Elumumelu, Late Hon. Dumbiri Uweh, Hon. Kingsley Phillip (Agbokigboro) and others.

While that was taken place at Asaba, some other aspirants of the party, went to Oghara to receive the party’s flag from Ibori.

This created serious problems for PDP after the 2007 general election, as the party was inundated with several Court cases by Enyi Kpakpando faction who were schemed out while their rivals were sworn in.

Faced with a fractured party and in other to stabilize the party and his fledging administration, the Governor then, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan reached out to Kpakpando for peaceful settlement, Kpakpando nominated Mr Peter Nwaoboshi, was he then jobless after the election. Uduaghan solely appointed him Delta State PDP chairman.

Nwaoboshi never contested for the chairmanship of the party and no state congress was held to rectify his appointment.
He was imposed on the party to break the ranks of Enyi Kpakpando faction, and true to Nwaoboshi’s greed and betrayal nature , he did turn his back against Enyi Kpakpando. This was one of the reasons SPON, was given a dirty slap by Kpakpando sometimes in 2014 at the party’s Secretariat.
The rest is now history.

So at what point did Nwaoboshi lead a fight for power shift to Delta North. Anyway, as this debate has opened, more details of how he later teamed up with Uduaghan to stop Governor Okowa’s emergence as PDP governorship candidate will be unfolded in coming weeks.

Ibori being the former boss and an alley of SPON, even though was dropped by Ibori as a commisdioner, has been credited by Nwaoboshi to have made him the Senator in 2015 and not the Aniomas or Okowa and has been using same Ibori, to lobby Governor Okowa, to change his mind in his avowed decision at providing a level playing field for the PDP primary election across the State especially for the Delta North Senatorial districts which Peter Nwaoboshi is likely to contest against Ned.
Same Ned who gave Ibori one of his worst political nightmares in 2003, hence this false assertion at Obior.

God and the good people of Anioma however, shall have the last laugh, for Ned signifies the light and natural intellectual catalyst for the socioeconomic growth and development of Anioma going forward.

Let everyone who love Anioma vote for Ned starting with the primary to the general election .
Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi, is not wired to make any sacrifice for anyone including the Aniomas.

So the remarks of Ibori should be treated as a political grandstanding remark.


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