PRINCE NED MUNIR NWOKO. The founder of Ned Nwoko Foundation. And the favourite for the Delta north Senate seat, 2019.


By Frank Iroroh.

As reported earlier, Prince Ned Munir Nwoko on Tuesday 12, released his contracts with Anioma people which are contained in a booklet tagged *manifesto of integrity and service*, that centres around the RESCUER TEMPLATE.

The R.E.S.C.U.E.R. means;

R. Revolutionary, Mechanized Agricultural Programme.

E. Empowerment Funds and Industrial Renaissance.

S. Social Security Funds and Monthly Allowances.

C. Cultural Revival and Advancement of Traditional Values.

U. Ultimate Harnessing and Utilisation of Natural Resources.

E. Environmental protection

R. Rural road rehabilitation and construction.



1. My major agenda in the 9th Senate will be to make quality laws for the governance of Nigeria, particularly for the benefit of Anioma people under the Delta North Senatorial District.

2. I will donate my monthly salary and allowances to a social trust fund. The fund will be used for education of Anioma people. I pledge to sponsor our students in selected schools to short term international retreats in United Kingdom, America, South Africa and so on, to enable them gain world class academic orientation and exposure.
Scholarship will be granted regularly to bright and indigent students.
I will motivate adult education. I believe there is no age limit for acquisition of knowledge for personal development. I also believe education is not just about reading books and undertaking examination, or pursuit of profession or career. It has value-added outcomes for individual on right moral posture, mentality and attitude. Adults who had incomplete education or no opportunity for learning, will be encouraged to attend part-time classes at designated Adult Education Centres in the three Federal Constituencies of the District. This will prepare participants for modest life and decent attitude in outer society. Ultimately, beneficiaries of the scheme will be found worthy in character and learning that will help improve social relations.
Similar motive will drive my energy towards building character, conduct and values in pupils and students by moving for official reintroduction of Social and Extra-Moral Studies in school Curriculum in Delta North.
The special fund scheme will also be deployed for the advancement of learning, provision of modern halls, school building and libraries as well as care for widows, elderly and the rural poor.
The endowment will equally be used for the provision of protective market stalls for traders and Halls for Anioma traditional cloth weavers, popularly called the AKWAOCHA WEAVERS, This will serve as a practical way of engaging unemployed young ladies.

Prince Ned Nwoko unveiling his manifesto of integrity and service.
12th June 2018, before the press.

3. I will influence prompt disbursement of dividends accruing to oils producing communities in Anioma land and Nigeria.
I hope to undertake a passionate study of the oil activities within Ndokwa axis to ensure that the people gain appropriate reward and compensation for their contributions to the Nigerian economy.

4. I will initiate bills to check gas flaring in Anioma land and Nationwide by compelling oil companies to establish gas Plants to manage waste product. This will in turn create jobs for the people of Anioma in particular and Nigeria in general.
I will ensure that oil companies employ international best practices while doing business in our district.
Reckless pollution and environmental degradation activities will no longer be acceptable when I become a senator.

5. I will liaise with relevant Ministries and Agencies in Delta State to ensure that existing roads in bad conditions are rehabilitated and new roads constructed based on compelling needs.

6. We are blessed with solid minerals in Delta State. Solid minerals are abound in Delta North. I will ensure that such natural resources are harnessed for the benefit of the host community.

7. My attention will be on the promotion of Agriculture. Delta North is purely an agrarian land.
Necessary implements and machineries will be purchased and distributed to farmers across the various communities in Anioma land. I will encouraged communities to participate in government Agricultural programmes, mechanized farming and Agro processing businesses.
The objective is to established Agro factories to process and package farm produce for domestic use and international export, thus boosting the economy of Delta North and promoting self sustenance among the people.

8. ANIOMA SILICON VALLEY. I will deploy resources to develop a high-tech centre to build youth capacity in ICT training with emphasis on servicing of computers, software development and production of computer chips and gadgets.
I love the fire and spirit of youth in the new age of fascinating digital technology. ICT centres will be established and equipped in Schools to be tagged *ICT Model Schools.
This is designed to equip youths in Anioma with vital skills as well as accelerate industrialization of Delta North Senatorial District.
Moreover, I will introduce skill acquisition programme for Anioma youths who want to gain expertise in welding and fabrication, marine technology, electronics repairs, fashion and design among others.

9. *Anioma Cultural Museum*, I have concluded plans to establish Anioma Cultural Museum. As a connoisseur of Culture and patron of the Arts, I will build and institute the museum to give vent to historical lyrics, artifacts, and letters of various clans and communities in Anioma land. I will ensure preservation of tangible and intangible memories in vivid evergreen documentation for easy reference, research and study.
This will make information about the traditional values and cultural norms of the Anioma people readily available.
I pledge to continue advancing, sponsoring and promoting our rich cultural heritage.

10. I will accomplish the development of the *Ogwashi Uku Dam*. It was originally my idea, though initially proposed for Aniofu. I will revisit the project and ensure it is completed and commissioned to the benefit of the people and the glory of God.

11. Most of the communities in Delta North Senatorial District faced perpetual darkness with the absence of functional public power supply. This is a great lull in business activities.
To change this parlous state of affairs, I will work with the statutory electricity firms and institutions to bring improved power supply in Anioma area.
There are feasible options for Independent Power Plant, IPP, that can supplement the National grid to boost power supply in Anioma area.

12. I will collaborate with the State/Federal Ministries and Agencies to attract vital social infrastructure and enduring programme to Anioma land.

13. I will open three (3) offices in the 3 Federal Constituencies that make up Delta North Senatorial District to address the needs and challenges of the people.
I will maintain an open door policy and close relationship with my constituents through felow-feeling and unrestricted to my office.
Accountability will be the hallmark of my representation.

14. I will create job opportunities for unemployed graduates of Anioma origin through placement in relevant government ministries and agencies particularly at the State and Federal level, using my contact and clout.

15. My agenda at the Senate is the validation of Anioma Identity as a central feature of the Nigerian federal structure, amplifying her strength, prospect and values.

16. My cardinal motivation is to reconstruct the social history of Anioma people through purposeful and matchless representation in the Senate house come 2019.
This aligns with the *SMART AGENDA* of His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, Governor of Delta State.
His track record as a leader is inspiring to all well meaning Deltans
Okowa governorship brought pride to Anioma people and equity to multi ethnic Delta State.
He came to power unique, as the first Anioma personage to be elected governor in the history of the state and proved a competent and accountable partfinder with a pan Delta agenda.
The massive development of social infrastructure, sustainable youth empowerment programmes, meticulous management of public resources, established Okowa as a governor that defers to good governance, a precept I cherish with all passion.

When I stand as senator on the floor of the Red Chamber of the National Assembly, Anioma voice will resonate loud and clear with good tidings for the people and for the future generation.

Long live Delta North.
Long live Delta State.
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hon. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, NMN.
Senatorial Aspirant,
Delta North Senatorial District.
Delta State.

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