Dr Michael Nwoko, SA (Special Duties) to the Governor of Delta State on Contributory Health Commission.


By Jerry Onwuma

While fielding questions from journalist on the above topic, Dr. Michael Nwoko, SA to His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa(Special Duties) on Contributory Health Commission has this to say.

The executive Governor of Delta State, who hails from Delta North senatorial district (Anioma) has satisfied, to a reasonable extent, the expectations of numerous Deltans who against all odds supported his ambition with numerous commendations and endorsements while campaigning to become Governor in 2014/15.

He stated that the Governor has indeed left remarkable footprints in nooks and crannies of the State with various initiatives aimed at boosting the economic well being of Deltans. His track record which has remained legendary in all positions previously held in the State is not lost on those that have carefully watched his political ascendancy.

Partnership for progress, Governor Okowa and Senator Prince Ned Nwoko, the partnership that will bring good things to Anioma nation.

Continuing, the SA to the Governor, posited that little wonder, Deltans rallied around him from all walks of life immediately he declared to run for governorship in 2014. His approach to campaigning for the seat, rare among politicians, was the hosting of town hall meetings with divers people and shades of interest/opinion, with a view to addressing issues based on needs assessment.

He is all out again, extending same democratic approach, indicative of one who understands that power belongs to the people. Obviously, he is abreast, once again, with the score point of his administration by various communities on the extent to which he had kept the trust bestowed on him previously.

Continuing, he said that, one very  important issue is the fact that while the Governor keeps the score card to his chest, he is informed of the next steps to take in order to sustain the loyalty of electorates which expectedly would automatically guarantee a second tenure for him.

Dr. Nwoko reasoned that in all of these, the Governor is expected to be supported by legislative members in the various federal constituencies and senatorial districts by attracting federal presence to the State. It is expected that a federal lawmaker should attract legislative dividends to the people he/she represents, to complement the efforts of the State Governor in all sectors as the case may be.


Furthermore, he was of the opinion that the saying ‘Charity Begins at Home’ readily comes to mind in trying to justify why the Governor should be very concerned about who represents his district in the senate. A good  candidate would guarantee complementary efforts in all round infrastructural development, job creation among others.

Taking a detailed look at the show of interest so far from both the incumbent in office and other aspirants, Dr. Nwoko noted confidently that, one man who stands tall to be a worthy complement to the Governor, in terms of sincere initiatives and service delivery, cutting across diverse sectorial interest, is Prince Ned Nwoko, who  has been roundly described as “The Man Who The Cap Fits”.

Prince Ned Nwoko would forge a better partnership with Gov.. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa because as a private man, beyond public office, he has and is still creating employment and has been very involved in infrastructural development, making use of his private earnings.

Charismatic enigma, Prince Ned Nwoko.

Dr. Nwoko noted that Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko has a genuine concern to uplift the well being of his people which has been demonstrated through various philanthropic activities, ranging from educational scholarships to indigent students, financial assistance to identified artisans, support to widows among others. He said that Hon Ned’s antecedence are proof of a man who when entrusted with authority to continue such venture would not seek for personal gains and illicit wealth.

Prince Ned Nwoko’s quest to develop his agrarian district has seen him attract tourist from different nations to his hometown, Idumuje Ugboko. His election to the senate would undoubtedly see to the enhancement of the private vision of establishing more tourist sites in the district.

The STARS University, a private University by this royal personage, presents Prince Ned Nwoko as a gem who thinks first about the people’s interest. He has brought the first sports University in Nigeria to Anioma; obviously, the gains of a university in a district cannot be overemphasized.

On Hon Ned’s thoughts about agriculture, Dr. Nwoko opined that Prince Ned sees agriculture as one necessary sector, which when explored technologically, would trigger off sporadic boost in the underground economy of the district. No wonder, he has pledged in his manifesto, recently released, to channel efforts towards this neglected sector because of the number of people that would spring up from squalor when supported in terms of cropping and animal husbandry.

As a private man, Hon. Ned Nwoko had done his best to revamp the Onicha-Ugbo/Idumuje Ugboko/Esan federal road to assist smooth and safe ride for commuters. A private individual who commits his time and resources to such areas of concern would wholeheartedly be a voice in the Senate, championing the infrastructural development of our district. He has also pledged to champion all the concerns raised by the oil bearing communities of our district when elected.

Without doubt, Dr. Nwoko gave assurance that the above initiatives would create employment, attract technical partnerships, engender skill trainings for the unemployed, showcase our district to the world and attract more of federal presence to the growing district. It would also showcase the district to be a peace loving location for international activities that include, tourism, golf course competitions, animal race among others.

With these initiatives and others as enunciated in the manifesto, the Governor’s quest to create more employment would be complemented. Secondly, infrastructural development would be attracted to the district through certain partnerships with international bodies/sponsors. Also, the Federal Government’s interest would then be attracted because of diverse projects that are of interest to international bodies.

The SA to Gov. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa summed it up by stating emphatically that Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is the best complement for the Governor among other aspirants, he is roundly accepted by the people in the district and has received clear demonstration of such support from the people, during political meetings, campaign tours and had also received various commendations and endorsements from worthy organization and institutions.


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