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By Frank Iroroh.

The global economy is in a very fast lane and dynamically changing course. Yesterday, oil rules the business world but today it is ICT, and Anioma nation cannot afford to standby while the rest of the world utilise the new technology to create jobs for their unemployed youths, generate wealth and develop their land.

ICT has taken over every aspect of human endeavours; medicine, banking, manufacturing, mining and so on. There is nothing that can be done much more cost effectively and precisely without the applications of ICT.

In Agriculture, the Israelis are effectively applying the technology to increase crop yield.
The Israeli new Agricultural method, called *Precision Agriculture*, uses ICT techniques to supply the amount of water and nutrients required by crops to grow and produce, directly to each crop in a farm, instead of the old methods of land spraying water and broadcasting fertilizers on the farm.
This new technique has minimized waste, saved cost and increased crop yields in Israeli farms by ten folds.
This is what is happening around the world and it should be the focus of our leaders, to find ways of keying the young generation into this new method of wealth generation and to accelerate industrialization of the country.
Refrigerator, Generator and motorcycle empowerment cannot bring brighter future for our next generation.

Prince Ned Nwoko, who is a well traveled and a well exposed individual, want to direct our psychic towards this line of reasoning and having seen what is happening in ICT world, has in his RESCUER packages for Anioma land, plan to build Anioma silicon valley as a hub and startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation, scientific development and industrialization of Anioma land.
The center will enable our youths key into the emerging global multibilion dollar spinning ICT markets.


Silicon Valley refers to the large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers in San Jose and Santa Clara Valley region of California, USA.
The area is home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations and thousands of startup companies.

Silicon Valley accounts for one-third of all of the venture capital investments in the United States. It was in the Valley that the silicon-based integrated circuit, the microprocessor, the microcomputer and the world fastest computer – Deep Blue, among other key technologies, were developed.

The term is now generally used as asynecdoche for the American high-tech economic sector.
The name has also became a global synonym for leading high-tech research and enterprises, and thus inspired similar named locations, as well as research parks and technology centers with a comparable structure all around the world.


Nigeria has 32 silicon ‘incubators’ and Yabacon Valley (YV), or Silicon Lagoon (SL), in Lagos, is the biggest and the most popular incubator.

Prince Ned Nwoko, a man who see far ahead, understand that Anioma land has a burgeoning youth population, facing growing employment challenges, he understand that embracing software development and keying into the vast earning opportunities available in the sector is the best way to get the youths lucratively engaged to generate wealth and contribute to the development of the district.

This vision, informed his intentions to build the Anioma Silicon valley.

With Nigeria’s over 45milion internet users, great opportunities exist for computer programmers and software developers to generate huge revenue by developing Apps with local contents.

A recent report by a United States marketing research company, App Annie, stated that earnings from Apps are expected to hit $189 billion by 2020. According to the report, people downloaded 90 billion Apps, on both the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store in 2016.
It further stated that in 2017, revenues from paid Apps, subscriptions, and in-App purchases rose by 35 per cent with users spending nearly $60 billion on Apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

This report shows that huge opportunities exist for Anioma youths to go into the sector, to gain access to the unlimited income generation powers in the sector.


Anioma Silicon valley is ofcourse very feasible because the initiator of the idea is highly connected worldwide.
For the information of the reading public, there is an organization, called, Silicon Valley Nigerian Economic Development Inc. (SV-NED Inc), it is a company dedicated to the establishment of a strategic, bilateral economic relationship between Nigeria and Silicon Valley USA, America’s biggest technology hub, which is set to train, retain and recruit gifted Nigerians for internship and full time employment placement in leading technology firms around the world.

With this window of opportunity, enrollees of Anioma Silicon valley will have access to benefit from the global Silicon valley USA outreach.

During her speech in Lagos, January, 2018, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SV-NED Inc, Chief Temitope Ajayi, who organised the “2nd intensive week of immersion into Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship programme in Lagos, said that some of the brightest professors from IVY Leaque universities in the United States, such as Stanford, Harvard, New York (NYU), as well as Microsoft engineers are interested in facilitating ICT training in Nigeria.
What this means is that Anioma Silicon valley will be linked to Silicon valley USA.

Participants in the Anioma Silicon valley will get the latest knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, Business intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Startups, Digital Marketing, Software, Middle ware and Cloud engineering among others.

Prince Ned Nwoko is a man who does not promise what he cannot do.
Giving a brief highlight on the Anioma Silicon valley in his manifesto booklet, titled ‘Manifesto of Integrity and Service’, the Star Prince of Anioma land said, “I will deploy resources to develop a high-tech centre to build youth capacity in ICT training, with emphasis on servicing of computers, software development, production of computer chips and gadgets.”
Continuing he said, “I love the fire and spirit of youth in the new age of fascinating digital technology.”

To prepare the youths towards this direction, Prince Ned Nwoko said, “ICT Centers will be established and equipped in schools in Delta North Senatorial District, to be tagged’ ICT Model Schools.’ ‘This is designed to equip youths with vital skills as well as accelerate industrialization of Delta North Senatorial District.” He concluded.

As part of this preparation, Prince Ned Nwoko has instituted an annual Science quizzes competition in Delta North Senatorial District. The first edition was held recently at West End Mixed Secondary Schools, Asaba.
The purpose is to encourage students to study science subjects as a key into the ICT world and a vital step towards the industrialization of Anioma land.

As a private citizens, Prince Ned Nwoko has limit for what he can do.
This is why he is seeking a higher platform to serve the people more.

When people who know how things work are elected into leadership positions, the impossible becomes possible.

To Delta North Senatorial District PDP delegates, time to decide how your life will look like in the next 4 years is close.

The choice is clear, it is either you chose to remain chained down where you are, which is moving backwards or you chose to jump forward.

No quantities of Refrigerators, Generators and Motorcycles can take care of the wellbeing of your generation.

The ball is in your court, remember that the choices you make will affect the future of your children.

Prince Ned Nwoko is the way forward.

Vote Ned Nwoko For Senate 2019.

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