Sen. Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State (left), Dr Michael Nwoko, SA Special Duties to the Governor on Contributory Health Commission, (left).


By Jerry Onwumah.

The Special Assistant (Special Duties) to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on Contributory Health Commission, Dr. Michael Nwoko, while responding to questions posed to him by journalists in his office at Asaba, stated emphatically that with the length of years put in by the Governor in practical administration and governance and with the developmental impact on all economic sectors of the State, he would certainly be victorious in the 2019 general election.

He stated that on assumption of office in May 2015, H.E. Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa set the pace with unveiling his ‘Dream Delta’ with the acronym ‘SMART’, wherein he summarised his vision for the State. This was greeted with much enthusiasm by Deltans because it was a demonstration of preparedness for the assignment to lead the State to great heights.

The vision for Delta, which is an acronym encapsulated as SMART stands for

Strategic Wealth Creation Projects and Provision of Jobs for all Deltans

– Meaningful Peace Building Platforms aimed at Political and Social Harmony

– Agricultural Reforms and Accelerated Industrialisation

– Relevant Health and Education Policies

– Transformed Environment through Urban Renewal

He noted that the SMART Agenda is a vision targeted at wealth creation, reduction in unemployment through technical, vocational and formal education, boost in agriculture and food provision, provision of functional health institutions and enhancement of peace building for economic growth.

In his view, the governor has lived up to expectation in the delivery of democratic dividends if an unbiased assessment should be carried out in his three years of assumption of office. He opined that the STEP and YAGEP programmes are landmark initiatives that have given jobs to previously unemployed Deltans and assisting in raising numerous skilled personnel in various sectors of the economy.

Assessing the vision of revamping Technical Education in the state, the Special Assistant to the Governor summarized the Governor’s foresight, describing him as one in sync with global developmental models. He noted that raising such middle level skilled personnel while acquiring formal education, has been the secret of most economically advancing countries that were previously at same level of development with Nigeria.

Continuing, he said that the infrastructural development in the State is awesome, with road networks crossing previously impassable roads, linking villages to towns, with a view to expanding economies. These and other projects he had embarked on across the three senatorial districts of the State are testimonies of good governance and the footprints of a leader who understands the shortcomings of a people and is bent on re-writing the wrongs of the past.

He opined that the Governor’s decision not to abandon so many uncompleted projects like the Asaba Stadium and Airport are remarkable. Considering the level of upgrading recently carried out in the Asaba airport project, with a view to boosting the capacity of the airport to meet international standard, he was of the view that the airport would certainly become one of the safest and busiest in southern Nigeria.

He remarked that an on the site assessment of the ongoing renovation of the Asaba stadium would elicit adulation and commendation for the State Governor. The fact that Delta State stadium is among the very few stadiums in Nigeria to boast of natural grass in the field, fibre roofing sheets, modern seats, indoor training sessions and good drainage facilities both around the field and the entire stadium, to drain off water immediately after the rain, leaves no one in doubt about the Governor’s administrative acumen.

In the area of Health, his Excellency has done very well, with the establishment of the Delta State Contributory health Commission where over 200,000 residents of Delta State have been captured and accessing health care in accredited secondary, private and primary health care facilities across the State. The sector has also enjoyed renovation of hospitals and supply of hospital equipment, and primary health care facilities are now closer to the people than ever before”. The free medical care for widows across the State is also novel.

In political activities, the Governor has proven to be the overall leader of the party in the State; by so doing, he has given an open hand to all aspirants, contesting for various offices, to do so without doubts. According to Dr. Nwoko, the Governor has stated emphatically and at different fora that free and fair primary election would be conducted in Delta State for all offices.

Dr. Nwoko also lauded the Governor’s declarative statement to all party officials on the need to desist from accompanying aspirants who are on consultation visits within their LGAs.  because the primary election is a family affair and should not bring in division within the family.

Speaking further, the SA (Special Duties) on Contributory Health Commission noted with emphasis that the Executive Governor of the State has proven severally that he is a man of his words; as such, the directive to party officials and government appointees remain sacrosanct. He further reasoned that the directive would help in strengthening cohesion within the party and ensure that party members remain faithful and committed to the party even after the primaries.

He drew analogy from the Governor’s previous outings as the PDP National convention planning committee chairman and the chairman of the committee for the Ekiti State Gubernatorial Primaries. The SA noted that the general acceptability of the outcomes of both national assignments is an obvious confirmation that in the case of Delta, the will of the people would prevail in all the elections.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Nwoko called on Deltans to work together with the PDP to return Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for a second term in office. He noted that his development strides have been without sentiments due to his pan-delta vision.

According to him, a vote for Dr. Okowa is a vote for Continuous Development and Even Spread of projects across the nooks and crannies of Delta State.

Sen. Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State (left), Dr Michael Nwoko, SA Special Duties to the Governor on Contributory Health Commission, (left).
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