Thins-news.com is a current affairs and Sports website. It publishes breaking news and useful articles especially on grassroot Sports news. It also has experts on ground to assist individuals to; Organise Sports events, source for sponsors of Sports events, assist in marketing Sports Tournaments as well as to help secure contracts for Athletes who want to advance their career in Sports..

We seek to present exceptional, noteworthy services in any Sports development related matters. Thins-news.com was launched in september 2014 by MaRio Adams (Chief Editor), Iroroh Frank (Principal partner) and in conjunction with web developer Iroroh Precstone (who now functions as the Developer of the site).

Articles are written by talented professionals from around the globe, and high emphasis is placed on quality, comprehensiveness. We also have Sports Organisers, Tournament and Event managers who are handy to guide you in Sports villain. We have enough manpower as well as reliable Football and Basketball Agents who have links with Clubs in Europe, Asia and America.

Thins-news.com is founded on a simpletons but extra ordinary principle to allow, sanction, permit, invest and enable different individuals around the world to have access to clubs and and for clubs around the globe to access raw Sports talents. We believe

“we can do more together than any of us can do alone ”

We cannot work collectively without gathering, sharing and analyzing information about events , politics, sports tidings, data, statistics, facts, figures, communications, intelligence and knowledge As we seek newest ways to make Thins-news.com more comprehensible, safer, beneficial ,intelligible, easy, manageable and above all reliable, we believe that information gathering and use should go hand-in-hand with transparency.

This summary is not part of the privacy policy and is not legal document. it is simply a handy reference for understanding the site purpose, intention, objective, target, ambition, aspiration and probably the chronicles Think of it as the user friendly interface to our about reference We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Contact Us page for Advert, reports or what we can improve on.