Baseball, Solfball Players are biggest Earners.

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Baseball, Softball Players Are Biggest Earners
– President
By Tonye Orabere

The President of Baseball and Softball in Nigeria, Victor Fingesi has urged Nigerians to take the Sport seriously, because the players are one of the biggest Sport’s earners in the world.
He said apart from that the sports is also the most interesting while playing and watching.
Fingesi made the assertion, while responding to questions from Sports journalists, shortly before the closing ceremony of National Youth Games, in Ilorin, Saturday.
The President explained that football is not the biggest paying Sport, but it is unfortunate that in this part of the world most people thought footballers are the highest earners.
“Currently baseball and softball are played in few state capitals. Very soon it will be the most popular game in the country.
I urged Nigerians to take the Sport seriously because it is one of the most interesting games, besides the players are the biggest earners,” Fingesi said.
According to him, the biggest challenge of the Sport is training pitches.
“Apart from poor sponsorship hindering the rapid growth of the Sport, training pitches seems to be the major challenge, because governments did not consider the Sport while building Sports complexes.
“I am happy that youths are gathered once again to compete among themselves. This is what the country deserves. It is good for kid to compete to enable us discover talents,” he stated.

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