DC-23: Amori And Edevbie’s Deal, Not Entire Urhobo Nation’s Agenda – PDP Chieftain.


DC-23: Amori And Edevbie’s Deal, Not Entire Urhobo Nation’s Agenda – PDP Chieftain.

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and former member of the DC-23 Political Group, Olorogun Barr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, has revealed that the controversial Delta Central 2023 lobby group aka DC-23, has nothing to do with the overall interest of Urhobo nation, come 2023.

The renowned political communication Strategist and Vice President nominee of the Chartered Institute of Information and Strategy Management of Nigeria, CIISM, made the disclosure in a statement released to newsmen in Asaba, on Tuesday 25th May, 2021, saying that DC-23 is a group formed to actualise the governorship ambition of the immediate past Chief of Staff, Olorogun David Edevbie.

Oghenesivbe, known to be the first media executive to announce the group to the entire world, further posited that Chief Ighoyota Amori, was mandated by the leadership of a particular political family, to use the interest of Urhobo nation as a front to package the Edevbie governorship ambition, so as to make it look as if the group represents the total interests of Urhobo ethnic nationality, in the political scheme of things as far as 2023 gubernatorial race is concerned.

He said that while Delta Central 2023 governorship agenda is a worthy project for the people of the senatorial district, he however posited that it has become necessary to disabuse the minds of the general public, particularly some Urhobo sons and daughters who have been brainwashed to believe that DC-23 is fighting the Delta Central course, adding that the promoters of DC-23 are core members of a particular political family working to install one of their own.

Oghenesivbe further asserted that he had to quit the group when he realised it was to prosecute the ambition of a particular aspirant, coupled with the fact that he was being used to give DC-23 good mention in the mass media and nothing more, saying that some members have been mislead to think that they have a good stake in the group, whereas only the gladiators knows the real deal, David Edevbie.

He however noted that the state governor being the head of government and leader of the party in the state, did well by allowing those who have political ambitions to move on without infringing on their fundamental human rights, as citizens and chieftains of the party, PDP.

The Justice of the Peace, JP, said that those who attended the inauguration of the national exco of DC-23 would have noticed that more than 70 per cent of the Exco members are either members of a particular political family tree or representatives of some caucus members operating from behind the scene, meaning that other aspirants in the group are either completely ignorant of the real deal or are there to give credence and/or consent to the real deal.

“As a true son of Urhobo nation, I will not be party to the deceit going on in DC-23. The group does not represent the interest of the entire Urhobo nation but that of the promoters and their Principal, Olorogun David Edevbie, currently out of the country for strategic political reasons.

“I have nothing against Edevbie as a Deltan and illustrious son of Urhobo nation, but the truth must be unveiled so that those who have genuine alternative interests in other aspirants can withdraw their membership of DC-23 and move on to project their choice aspirants before it is too late.

“I am aware that the group leaders have adduced conflicting reasons for my disengagement from DC-23, but the truth is that they are not comfortable with some persons in the group, especially those they considered not to be core members of their political family, and I was rated as one of them including some other persons, at a caucus meeting Chaired by Chief Amori.

“They alleged that my body language suggests considerable loyalty to Okowa administration as far as their 2023 agenda is concerned, which was why Chief Amori had to repudiate his promise to make me the Head of DC-23 media, an Exco position, and was planning to create an irrelevant Adhoc publicity committee for me to Chair. Therefore, the story of DC-23 not being for the interest of any governorship aspirant is completely misleading, not true and should be ignored in all ramifications.

“The cabal also agreed among themselves to use certain persons in the group and dump them later, and I made the list of that unfortunate calculation. A member of their caucus revealed the secret to me out of patriotism, recognising my pedigree and the promising future of my political communication career in politics.

“I have enormous respect for Chief Amori as one of my benefactors and highly respected leader, but in the things of inner temple politics at the moment, he is perceived to be collaborating with his political associates to implement the concealed goal of DC-23, and at the end of it all, Edevbie will be unmasked as the only choice of the entire exercise of the group, which may not pass for the much echoed Delta Central 2023 Agenda for Urhobo ethnic nationality.

“Urhobo nation have so many sons and daughters who are eminently qualified to run for the office of governor, come 2023, and their hopes and aspirations must not be truncated by the concealed ambition of DC-23 and her promoters to make Edevbie, their consensus aspirant cum candidate next year.

“The question is; will DC-23 succeed in their plans to install Edevbie? In the words of governor Okowa – ‘Only God knows the next governor of Delta State, come 2023,’ not any mortal, and nobody can claim to be God, all knowing. Never!

“There are many humble and cheerful team players in Delta Central politics, accessible and extremely intelligent that must be allowed to contest for the office of governor, and to that extent their interests can never and will never be represented in DC-23, no matter how hard they try, because the entire objective of DC-23 begin and end with Edevbie, as Principal, and I will be vindicated at the appropriate time.

“I strongly believe that the state governor and leaders of PDP, including Chief Amori, Prof Sam Oyovbaire, and others ought to, in the first instance, meet with the State governor and leaders of PDP in the state, to discuss in details as regard 2023 governorship race before floating DC-23, a lobby group made up of PDP members, operating with a written constitution capable of usurping the functions of the party.

“DC-23 promoters ought to give the governor his due respect and right of place, by waiting for him and the party to point the way forward before floating the group to indirectly market the governorship ambition of Olorogun David Edevbie.

“In my considered candid opinion, DC-23 be renamed; DAVID EDEVBIE 2023 POLITICAL MOVEMENT, because her overall objective is to Edevbie’s 2023 governorship ambition, not the entire interest of Delta Central,” Oghenesivbe added.



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