As I go through the Bible book of Mark 3:28-29, studying the verses, my mind reflects on the burden facing Delta North PDP delegates as the clock ticks for them to file out to take a very important decision that is bound to affect the future of Anioma nation, years to come.

    The verses I read is about the Christian hamaetiology, what we generally refer to as eternal sins, unforgivable sins, or unpardonable sins. They are sins which are not forgiven by God because they are sins we deliberately commit, knowing the consequences of such wrong actions/decisions.

    My dear delegates, really, you face mountainous decision in few weeks ahead and as part of my moral support, I feel obliged to share with you the inspiration I received after studying the above verses in the Bible. Hoping that it will guide you to make the right decision.

    PRINCE NED MUNIR NWOKO. The founder of Ned Nwoko, the favourite for the Delta north Senate seat, 2019.

    There are indeed sins that are not forgiven by God. These eternal sins relate to the decision we made and actions we took at critical moments, similar to the one you will be facing in weeks ahead.

    It is unforgivable because your decisions will make or mar your personal wellbeing, the future of your children and the growth and development of your region.

    Actually, two choices awaits you, either to commit a forgivable sin or you commit the unforgivable sin, God forbids you to chose the later.

    The actions which you will take and decisions you make on the day of the delegates election will be forgivable, if it will not mortgage the future of your next generation and put Anioma cry for accelerated developed at bay.

    It is unforgivable sin, if it has a damning, retarding and retrogressive effects on you, your generation and Anioma region moving forward.

    Actually as specified in several passages of the Gospels, including Mark 3:28-29, Matthew 12:31-32, and Luke 12:10., there are six sins that are against the Holy Spirit. Sins against self, actions which are against our innate conscience and which we must pay severely for.

    As pointed out in those verses referred, the six unforgivable sins are;

    DESPAIR, this is the first unpardonable sin, it is believing that you cannot do anything to change the political situation in Anioma land. You just feel powerless, even when the power is so invested in you. You think only your actions cannot make a difference. So, you join the bandwagon out of despair.
    Hello delegates, do not feel despair, your vote counts, vote your conscience and free yourself of unforgivable sin.

    PRESUMPTION, is the second unforgivable sin. It is when you think that you can gain glory without merit, that is, you are hoping that your condition will improve without working for it. You want good governance without voting for the right aspirants/candidates. It is not going to happen. You do not plant cassava and harvest cocoyam.
    If you vote credibility and competence, you will have credible leadership.

    ENVY, is the third unforgivable sin. This is envying the goodness of another, being sad at another’s progress.
    Some delegates will be taking decisions on who to support and vote for out of envy, envy of a particular aspirant, not what he can do to improve the living standard of the people. If you are included in this class, the Bible said, you are committing unpardonable sin.

    OBSTINACY, is the fourth unforgivable sin, it is willful persisting in wickedness for personal vainglory.
    You know very well that an aspirant has failed to meet expectations, but you still support such aspirant just for your personal immediate benefits, such actions are unforgivable.

    IMPENITENCE, is the fifth unforgivable sin. This is your persistent and continuous support for bad leadership, leadership that are impoverishing you. It is unforgivable sin. Only you can save your soul.

    IMPUGNING, or denying the known truth, it is the sixth and last unforgivable sin as written in the Bible.
    You know the truth, you know what is right but you chose to argue against it. In your mind you know you are not faithfuls to yourself but you try to convince people to accept falsehood. To support the wrong aspirant is unforgivable by God.


    Spiritual laws operate under actions and reactions, so the consequences of unforgivable sins are what we are experiencing today in Nigeria. Nigeria is a giant on her knees because we are deliberately putting selfishness before us in our leadership choices.

    If we vote the right candidates, into leadership position, Nigeria will rise to be comparable to USA, UK, SA and the rest of the developed world.

    Prince Ned Nwoko is the right aspirant to represent Anioma nation at the Senate.

    Ned Nwoko will bring new lease of life to Delta north.

    Vote Ned Nwoko for Senate, Delta North, 2019.

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