Dr Cairo Ojougboh is most favoured the as APC gubernatorial candidate.

By Francis Onyemaka.

“It is clear that the APC governorship quest is, by and large, of a formidable opposition, to rescue Delta State from the grip of corruption, porous economic ideology and impunity as propagated by the PDP over the years.”

In the dynamism of Delta State politics, Chief Dr Cairo Ojougboh stands tall. He is an enigma of the state’s political wave; an astute strategist whose political clout is undoubtedly unrivalled and extends well beyond the South-South region in general.

Dr Ojougboh’s close associates describe him as a “goal getter”, a man whose charisma and leadership style are enough to win passionate followers across board and from every nook and cranny of the nation. Amongst his disciples are the high and mighty, the finest of society, political juggernauts and the common masses, for whom he believes deserve a fair share of equity & justice.

His defection from the whittling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in September, 2017, to the All Progressives Congress, signaled an end to the iron grip on Delta State by the retrogressive forces of the PDP. But more importantly, it is the answer to the APC governorship puzzle of a candidate who has the wherewithal to wrestle power from Gov Okowa.

It is clear that the APC governorship quest is, by and large, of a formidable opposition, to rescue Delta State from the grip of corruption, porous economic ideology and impunity as propagated by the PDP over the years. That is what Dr Cairo Ojougboh represents. According to him, “we (APC) have a very good chance of winning in 2019 and the best way to win is to make sure we stop corruption. The worst corruption is that of the electoral process.”

Having been part of the PDP top hierarchy, Dr Ojougboh knows the PDP gimmicks too well and has the capability to stop them headlong. This, understandably, is the major fear of Okowa and his allies if Ojougboh emerges as APC candidate in the 2019 elections.

It is enough to say, while withholding nothing, that the permutations to unseat Okowa, as the governor of Delta State, in the 2019 elections, all favours Dr Ojougboh.

Firstly, the Akinowa of Anioma hails from the Delta North Senatorial District as does Gov Ifeanyi Okowa, whom has performed abysmally as the governor of Delta State, in the past three years. With Dr Ojougboh as the APC’s gubernatorial candidate, the party would mastermind weakening a stronghold of the governor thereby improving her chances of winning the 2019 polls. Also, this move will help in keeping the peace as Delta North would not be denied the chance of producing the governor for another four years.

The above strategy would further garner much support for the APC across the other divides of the state. The acceptability of Dr Ojougboh by the Delta South and Central regions cannot be contested.These regions would be happy to see Dr Ifeanyi Okowa bid farewell to the Osadebe House, in 2019, largely because his administration brought untold hardship on the people of the state. Teachers and local government workers are owed more than 6 months salaries in the state. Also, the youth empowerment scheme designed by the Okowa’s administration remains a sham as less than 4000 youths were empowered as against the army of unemployed youths in the state.

Meanwhile, Dr Ojougboh made his ambition to run for only term clear, if elected as governor, in 2019. This would further brighten the chances of APC gaining massive support by other regions in anticipation that power would return to them in the given rotational formula. “I believe the APC must take power and all of us must make personal sacrifices so that there will be change and if however, you decide that I am capable and you elect me, I want to assure you that I will do only one term. I will not abuse the arrangement on the ground. I am a man of my words. I will do only one term,” he stated.

However, the party would be in a more position of strength if the ambitious Chief Great Ogboru throws his weight behind Dr Ojougboh in rescuing power from the PDP. Having attempted to secure power against the PDP in several occasions, it remains a fact that Ogboru is the face of opposition in Delta State but the given permutations do not count in his favour.

With Dr Cairo Ojougboh leading the charge to dislodge the failed Okowa’s administration, APC prospects of sending PDP packing in the forthcoming elections looks even brighter.

More importantly, it is Dr Cairo Ojougboh who has the clout to resoundingly stop the PDP in their track of electoral malpractice. There’s no doubt that the Akinowa of Anioma knows the PDP inside out, therefore, he has the capability to haunt their every irregular moves in an electoral process.

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