By Frank Iroroh

Participants in the just concluded 2nd Edition of Delta State Strategic Communication workshop have commended, His Excellency, Sen. Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta State, for approving the organization of the workshop.
They also lauded the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta state on Communication (EAC), Dr (Barr) Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore for his foresight in crafting the workshop which was aimed to sharpen the communication skills of media practitioners in Delta state.

Mr Frank Iroroh and Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore EAC to the governor of Delta State

Whilst maintaining that the skills acquired from the workshop will place them in a better stead to carry out their duties much more professionally and effectively. They appeal to His Excellency to make the workshop a regular exercise to help address media crisis in the state, caused by the advent of the social/new media and to help reduce the damaging effects of quacks in the media profession.
They described the resource persons as the best in the country who have handled the theme of the workshop, ‘Effective Communication and Media Crisis Management,’ very judiciously.

the voices of a random sample of the participants


I am Dr Godwin Okite Orhadahwe I retired as the deputy GM and head of news Delta Broadcasting Service Warri, I currently run an online TV station in Warri I am a lecturer of mass communication , National Open University of Nigeria. I am also currently appointed as a Media Aide, to the State Office of Project Implementation and Evaluation Asaba.

I started this workshop from the beginning..
To me the workshop is very important, the program is germane to effective news coverage in the state because a lot of issues have been happening around the media in the country, I am taking about the media crisis brought about since the advent of the social media. Most of the practitioners of social media are not trained in any field relating to mass communication.
They just buy phone and start writing on Facebook, they do not know the ethics of mass communication and those in governance, especially politicians use them to do bad and dirty jobs.
So this workshop has open the eyes of many who have been practicing unethically that they need to go back to the drawing board and do the job professionally.
The fastest means of communication now, is the social media, they have enamous powers, so if social media practitioners are not properly trained alot of damage could be done in the society by the unethical practice..
The calibre of the resource persons are formidable., Prof Raph Akinfeleye, Prof Godwin Oboh, Associate Prof Emmanuel Diri and Prince Oputa. They are veterans and among the best in the profession in the country.
So everybody that came to this workshop have something to take home.
For those who have not come before, it is training from the beginning, and for journalists and those who came before, it is a refresher course..
So I want to commend Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore EAC, for organising this program, I also want to commend the government of Delta state for approving the program.
It happened two years ago, it happened this year, I hope it will happen again next year so that people will be more educated on the ethics of mass communication.

I hope it will be organized next year and I would suggest that the accommodation of participants be subsidised to enable more people to attend and benefit from the program, because more people who would have attended the program did not because of accommodation problem.


I am Frank Voun, I am a filmmaker and a media practitioner.
I started the program from the beginning. I was not around during the first edition. But having participated in this edition
I think that this is what media practitioners especially those in Delta state who ply their act in government wants, to developed media in Delta state.
I want to encourage the organiser, I want to say that he should keep on doing it, he has done the first one, this is the second one, I hear that this one is better than the first edition, the next edition should be better than this one
The participants are not been charged.
For His Excellency, everything he does is always for the best interest of the people.
For supporting this program show

SAM IJEHs that he has the interest of the media at heart. He wants a perfect relationship with media practitioners in the state and this is the right way go.


Sam Ijeh Head Sports Unit The Pointer Newspaper and the media Aide to the Honourable Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education.
I started the program from the beginning to the last day which is today. The program is very successful. I think the quality of the trainers have added to colour to the workshop ..
To have Prof Raph Akinfeleye being the chief trainer and one of the seasoned professors in mass communication to come to Delta state to train us, I think it is a thing of joy and I am
proud to have participated in the workshop.
Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore EAC to the Governor have done well by initiating this workshop, we should encourage him. We should also encourage the Governor to organise more of media workshop like this. This is the second edition, hopefully we should be having the third edition next year.


My name is Comrade Andrew Emefia, Chairman idegenous correspondent Chapel, Nigeria Union of Journalist, Delta State Council. I started the program from day one since Tuesday 8th today Thursday 10th December.
It has been an exceedingly rewarding,3day workshop.
I was not here during the first edition but I would said that the second edition of Delta State strategic communication workshop put together by the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta state on Communication, Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore has really lived up to its bidding in the sense that, topics that are germane to our profession have thoroughly been dealt with by renowned professors in mass communication, like the person of Prof Raph Akinfeleye and others.
Indeed the topics handled has broaden the horizon of the members of my chapel, therefore I expert that from now, they will be more professional is carrying out their duties.
I want to thank Dr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore for packaging this wonderful and highly educative workshop.
I also want to commend His Excellency for supporting the seminar. I was not here last year, and I hope to come back next year..


My name is Dew Jemima Wilson OAP. Journalist and a producer with DBS Asaba.
I was a bit reluctant to come here because I did not attend the first edition, I decided to attend this edition because of the theme and the calibre of resource persons participating in the workshop. There is crisis in the media, the social media, new media is now invoke, it is the fast one at that.
So I said Ist be here to be part of the workshop, to learn more on headings and indeed it was a good decision I made and I don’t think I would want to miss another one.
The organiser, Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore EAC to the Governor of Delta state is a fantastic person. He has foresight that is not compare to others. This is the first of its kind in Delta state, the second edition, I want to say more grease. The first was good but this was better, we hope the next edition will be far better. The crops of resource persons are very sound.
I want to encourage Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore to share any ideas he has, because we learn everyday and no knowledge is lost.
His Excellency is particular about the media, and especially the way we report news about his programs and policies. The Governor wants wants our report to be in tedium to his stronger Delta agenda and I want thank him for giving us the opportunity to acquire more skills and knowledge
Just like the Chief of Staff, Olorogun David Edevie said, that we should have a communication policy, so that when we want to report on issue, we should have a place to source the information. So that people should not be writing deferent stories on one issue.


Agboje Chuks,
I am Agboje Christopher Chukwuma, popularly known as Agboje Chuks in social media, I am a bloger. I am the secretary of Stegma media Group Ltd, the publishers of Delta Decide and the Press
I started the workshop from day one,
I thank the organiser of this workshop , the person of Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore, for understanding that there has been a gap, in the media context of the nation. In the essence that people who are not properly trained came into journalism and try to peddle information that are not correct and sow chaos in the society, thereby trying to damage the journalism profession. I think he find it is necessary to organise this workshop so that the new media practitioners can be abreast with the basic ethics of the journalism profession
I like to appreciate His Excellency Sen Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta state for approving the organization of the workshop, if not for his approval, people like me will not have the opportunity to be here, to experience this high-level communication lectures, so I say kudos to the Governor.
I would like to suggests the this workshop be organised quarterly to keep us constantly abreast with the tenets of the media profession. This will help to break the Lacuna of misinformation.


My name is Oji Donald Favour, I am a social media influencer, I am very happy to attend this workshop. I have learnt a lot of skills in mass communication
Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore EAC to the governor have done so well by organising this program, to give participants more knowledge on the ethics of journalism..
I say kudos to him.
I want to sincere thank His Excellency for approving this workshop and I hope it will continue. Governor Okowa has done very well and for him to approve this program to empower some of us, God will bless him.
I want to say that this workshop is an empowerment program to some of us therefore I suggest that in future communication gadgets should be provided to some of us so that we can have the materials to propagate the policies and programs of the government to the grassroot.
God bless governor Okowa for approving this workshop.


My name is Comrade Christopher Adamure, I and a social media influncer. I belong to PDP social media group.
I would say that the workshop is wonderful.
It is informative and educative,
The topics were expertly handled to the extent that even those who did not study mass communication, will understand what mass communication is all about.
I was here last year, and what I leant, has helped me to improve my media work,
I want to thank Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore for initiating this program.
I want to particularly commend His Excellency, Sen Ifeanyi Okowa the Governor of Delta State for approving this program.
Of course His Excellency has been a media friendly Governor, I want this program to be sustained, to give more for us who are helping to project the the policies and programs of government nore knowledge to take activities of Government closer to the people.


Kenneth Orusi
I am the editor of The Story, an Online newspaper. I am a participant in the workshop. I am happy to be here because the program is an eye opener.
Sometimes as journalist, when we, write, especially when we already have a mindset, we tend to write with bias, we tend to tint our report, but now emphasis were laid on the need to balance our reports. The workshop is so rich and I enjoy it immensely.
I want to appreciate the organiser, Dr Barr Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore EAC, to the Governor of Delta state for initiating the program and also thank His Excellency for keying into his ideas. As a journalist, social media influencer and a bloger I want this program to continue because it is has so many benefits.


I am Edore Festus
The the head of the
Secretariat of the workshop. I am also a Facebook influencer and a participant..
The importance of fourth Estate of the Realm, the press in the society cannot be overemphasis.
That is the reason. The State Government through the office of the Executive Assistant to the Governor on communication, decided to organised this exercise. For media persons, to train them, to make them understand the nitty gritty of communication. As you can understand, the social – new media has virtually wrestled communication power from the conventional media. This is one of the reasons for this workshop, to educate social media practitioners on what it takes to make news, and what crisis news report can cause in society.
One of the gains of the workshop is to educate news makers on how to make news, so that they will not cause or escalate crisis in the course of reporting an event.
Frankly, the Executive Assistant to the Governor, (Barr) Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore is very sound, he is a brand name in the media industry you can see how he uniquely bring something that has not been existing to real.
Just as the Honourable Commissioner for information Chief Charles Anyagwu said during the opening, that the workshop have helped him personally, that is to say that Delta state is relatively calm in the media world because of this kind of training for media practitioners.
We are asking that the workshop be organised twice a year, so that the messages can sink properly.
Governor Okowa is the father of his State, he desires commendations and kudos for approving this program..
Of course he understands the Values of the media in the state, and the need for regular upgrade of the knowledge of media practitioners in the state.
So I doff my cap for His Excellency Sen Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta state for the approval to host this workshop.

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