Hon. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko for Senate 2019.


I have heard a lot of things in my time, but I am yet to hear of Delta North Senator with a demonstrable commitment to Delta North. I spend a great deal of time sourcing information about the Upper House and the activities of those that represented us in the past and the one representing us now. I have been obsessed with locating the trail of a senator who-in -practice-is the advancement of Anioma first.

We never get tired of hearing of senators who are fending greedily for themselves, I do not hear of any that is passionate about eliminating poverty in Delta North and Nigeria in general. Think about it: we have less than two years to 2019, and we have not heard from “our senator” talking about core developmental challenges confronting the Anioma people on the floor of the senate. Who is he representing?

Also within Nigeria, I could mention Senators that has ensured the advancement of the people they were voted to represent, but in Delta North, they hate to hear about other senatorial districts that are used as the clearest indicators of the failures of our representatives. It is unfortunate that we have a Senator that does not have the vision on how to make Delta North a great contributor to the economy of Nigeria, especially now that we are moving away from oil based economy.
Is it not within his agenda to draw the attentions of various intervention agencies on Health, Education and Agriculture to Delta North for the benefit of the people?
It seems, his major preoccupation is how to retain his “bloated seat” and be collecting undeserving allowances in Abuja while in reality and responsibility, the Delta North seat at the senate is empty.

And we have someone who does not care enough, either to speak in favour of Delta North people and their developmental challenges in an open, honest and consistent way.

That is why poverty and none existence of federal Government’s presence has become the order of the day in Anioma land. His concern is how to ensure he does not lose the individual nipple through which he bleed our people to death.

Let me be clear, it is time to get it right and getting it right requires putting the right man to represent us. We cannot continue like this, the office of the senator representing Delta North should be a source of pride to us and not embarrassment. We as a people need to rise to put a stop to mediocrity and embrace quality. The Senate is too exalted to be used as a bargaining chip at the detriment of the people. It is time to put our best forward and by every standard of assessment, Hon Ned Nwoko is among the best that we have presently.

He has demonstrated visionary leadership, selflessness, quality, finesse, knowledge, experience, effectiveness, transparency, accessibility and patriotism. There is nothing the people of Delta North require of a representative that is not found in Ned Nwoko. Rather, the things that we do not require are the things he does not have. Above all, he understands the Health, Educational and Economic needs of the people and he care about them passionately.

I followed him throughout his time in the House of Representatives, when he represented the people of Aniocha/Oshimili and I can state unequivocally that the time he spent there remains the most eventful time laced with innovative ideas since the his history of representation in Anioma.
He knew where corruption would lead us to and he started initiating processes on how to tackle it through sponsorship of bills. He even went as far as standing firmly to compel the leadership of the House led by Rt Hon Umar Ghali Naaba to run the affairs of the house in the overall interest of Nigerians.
He did not use his influence to negotiate juicy committee chairmanship for himself, instead he used his allowances and salaries to help the poor and needy, he gave out scholarships which my humble self benefitted from.
Ned took the welfare of Nigerian workers very serious by initiating and sponsoring the workers wage bill that resulted to the increase in the monthly emolument of every Nigerian worker.

I am very certain that if given another opportunity, he will surpass his achievements in the House of Representatives especially now that we have an economy that is driven by ideas.
Ned is the real deal, let us cultivate him for our collective good.

Script written by Onwenna Eze Collins.

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