By Iroroh Frank.

    Reactions of the public, particularly the good people of Delta North Senatorial District, to the ground breaking ceremony of the Stars University, Idumuje Ugboko, and my series on the unique university, were overwhelmingly encouraging.
    Vast majority of the people are joyful and passionately praying to God, to grant Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, the good health and long life to accomplished this great vision, which is bound to revolutionalise Sports performance in Nigeria and see the country harvesting Gold medals in Olympic games in the nearest future.

    Prince Ned MUNIR Nwoko, the founder of the Stars University, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State.

    However, there are out there, some very few doubting Thomases, who in their widest imaginations, still could not believe that such a premier university in Africa, could possibly be established in Idumuje Ugboko – in Anioma land.

    While others honestly wants to know when the university will commence academic activities.
    Others are sincerely asking whether necessary facilities and structures are in place for the commencement of academic section in the school in the shortest possibly time.

    Well, to all the shields of opinions expressed, Stars University is real.
    Barring final approval from the National Universities Commission, NUC, the University is scheduled to commence academic activities by 2018/19 academic section.

    International Golf Course at Mount Ned Nwoko Tourist Resort, Idumuje Ugboko.

    Rome was not built in a day. Anything designed to stand the test of time requires meticulous planing and concrete steps to come to reality.

    The University envisaged by the living legend of Anioma land, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, is not just a University that churns out graduates to the street looking for jobs.

    Standard Tennis Court at the site.

    It is a unique institution designed to produced creative individuals with sound body and mind, who will be functional in the society on graduation.

    To serve this purpose, all the necessary facilities required to start off the school are already in place.

    On 11th November 2017, Mr Hamza Abdullahi, the Director Private Universities in the National Universities Commission, NUC, Abuja, came on inspection visit to the site of the University, to see the facilities on ground for the take off of the University.
    The inspection took him and his team around the Golf Course, the Swimming pool, the Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball Courts, the Zoo, the Fish ponds, Palm plantation, the Poultry section, the Vegetable garden and the buildings for Administrative Staff, for the temporary take off of the University.
    The visibly and highly elated Director expressed satisfaction with what he saw on ground for the institution to commence Academic operations.

    From left Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko and Hamza Abdullahi, Director Private Universities in the NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES COMMISSION, NUC, on a visit to the site of the University.

    While expressing delight at what he saw on ground, the Director then, said, ”l am very impressed with what l see on ground, particularly the Agricultural section, I am optimistic that the University will be able to train Students who are going to be self reliance in food production, on graduation.
    Continuing, the director said, “this is the kind of Education the Country needs now, l am also confident that the University will be able to sustain itself in terms of its foods and nutritional needs, l am hopeful that other facilities will be in place for the institution to meet its goals, .”He concluded.

    Poultry section of the school.

    While conducting the Director and his team around the site on that occasion, the founder of the University, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko reemphasized his total commitment to see that the University take off immediately.
    In his words, “the establishment of this University is very dear to my heart and it is my major priority project, because it is a legacy which will outlive all of us.” Continuing, he said, “Cambridge University, London, was established by a single individual and it is almost a thousand years old and has being producing sound minds around the globe.” he emphasized.

    Every needed facilities to commence academic activities by the Stars University, is on ground and as soon as NUC gives its final nod, the university will be in full gear to fulfill its goals of producing great minds in Sports and other fields of human endeavours needed for Nigeria to be launched into global reckoning.

    Academic icon, Prince Ned MUNIR Nwoko, the founder of the Stars University, Idumuje Ugboko.

    Prince Ned Nwoko is visionary.
    His is determined and focused.

    For more great things to come to Anioma land and Delta State, Support
    Rescue Anioma 2019,
    Ned Nwoko For Senate.

    Still to come.
    Mount Ned Nwoko,
    The jewel of Anioma land.

    Stay tune.

    Frank Iroroh

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