Famous Musician, Runtown, in crisp chaos over phony sex tape leak


These aren’t the best of times for Nigerian artist, Douglas Jack Agu a.k.a Runtown. To begin with, his record label, Eric Many, hammered a Federal High Court order on him limiting him from performing and recording till he settles his obligation with the label.
Presently he is by all accounts in more wreckage as new examinations concerning the arrival of his assumed ‘sex tape’ intended to be utilized to coerce him by his record label has been found to be a trick arranged by Runtown himself. With the arrival of the story trying to convey the picture of Eric Many to disrepute, the label quickly issued an announcement to invalidate being behind the story and proceeded to dispatch an examination close by investigative offices.

As indicated by an announcement by Eric Many, ‘preparatory discoveries have uncovered that the discharged sex tape and Whatsapp talk purportedly spilled by Runtown’s mark is thoroughly phony and a gravely executed trick by the craftsman himself. Examinations have prompted the catch of a suspect (name withheld) who admitted to utilizing a phony Instagram record to spread the false sex tape spill on Runtown’s ask’. “We have kept up from the earliest starting point of this adventure Eric Many has a certain court directive against Runtown and we’ll not fall back on coercion or shoddy online networking stunts as we have confidence in the run of law.

Examinations are on-going as respects the spilled sex tape story and we’ll give the law a chance to take its full course” the announcement said. Eric Many Chairman, Prince Okwudili Umenyiora, said he could never remark on the issue straightforwardly as Runtown remains the infant of the Label organization, and that “after each war comes peace”, the Chairman of Dilly Motors, closed.
The General Manager, Johnson Adumike likewise responded to the advancement saying; “Eric Many has been vindicated however we decline to be drawn into media war with Runtown who the name made and will along these lines not annihilate.” Moreover, attempting to utilize a sex tape to extort Runtown is much the same as utilizing a container of whisky to coerce an alcoholic’ a previous Ericmany staff who is near Runtown said.

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