By Jerry Onwuma


The Special Assistant (Special Duties) on contributory health commission to Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, Dr. Michael Nwoko has stated that DR. Ifeanyi Okowa, Prince Ned Nwoko indisputably remains best synergy for Anioma people come 2019.

Dr Michael Nwoko

Dr. Nwoko stated this while responding to issues regarding the 2019 general elections and the way forward for the people of Anioma.

He was of the view that, Anioma people are the most unique people amongst other senatorial districts in Delta state,
these uniqueness according to him is noticeable in their genealogy, geography, language, rich cultural heritage and uncommon intelligence.


Going further, He maintained that, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, being the 1st Governor to ermerge from the region, since the creation of the state is a huge blessing to the entire people of Delta State and the Anioma people in particular.


According to Dr. Nwoko, before now, Delta state was nothing to write home about interms of infrastructures, compared to other neighboring States. But with the emergence of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the narratives has changed, the recent award by the independent newspapers as man of the year award, has further confirmed that he (Okowa) is a workaholic Governor committed to delivering the dividends of good governance to Deltans always.


On the way forward for Anioma, come 2019,
Dr. Nwoko said, His excellency is doing tremendously well, and that at this point in time, Anioma urgently needs a more efficient and effective representation at the Senate, with a more workable collaboration and unity of purpose, to compliment the efforts of the Governor and making Anioma greater.


He maintained that, when this is done, we can then have the true Anioma of our dreams and that Anioma can become the envy of other Senatorial districts, in the State, all that is needed is a man of great caliber, pedigree, a man of foresight, who’s record’s remain unbroken, both Nationally and internationally, and that man is no other but Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko.


his words;

Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is known for his sincerity, honesty, accessibility, openness, boldness and doggedness.
And as a man that is very accessible and a great listener, he stands in a better position to understand the yearnings and aspirations of the Anioma people.

We should also bear in mind that Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is clean politically, he has no case of fraud or whatever around him, and as such he will be more focused and committed to the business of legislation, which is obviously a very serious business.


Today, our dear Country is still at one spot, we keep going back and forth, with little, or no progress. this can be attributed to fact that we have kept repeating the same old ways, which has kept us at one spot.

Ned is a man that has lived a large chunk of his life abroad and other foreign countries where they have a working system. As a man loaded with wealth and knowledge of experience, who knows how to create and implement a workable system like it is being done in these other countries, he unarguably remains the best man for a more workable efficient, and more effective representation. As such he is a great political asset and not a liability.

I stated earlier that, Anioma can become the Dubai of Delta state, all that is required is a proper collaborative synergy between the Governor, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa and a more vibrant Senator, and that’s exactly where Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko comes in.

He has made it unequivocally clear, that he wants a collaborative synergy to build a new Anioma.


Ned being a man of good will and as an international figure, has the capacity to relate and attract National and International developmental agencies to Anioma Nation.
So with Ned at the Senate, we are bound to witness more unprecedented Industrial and social infrastructures, spread equitably across the nine local governments that make up the Anioma Nation.

He has plans of building an Anioma Mesium, Anioma Nation with her uniqueness and rich cultural heritage requires a mesium for the preservation and propagation of this rich cultural heritage.


Anioma Nation is blessed with abundant human capital and mineral resources as well as large expanse of land, but you will agree with me that poverty, unemployment still remains a major challenge in the region.
Thank God for his Excellency for initiating laudable programs like the STEP and YAGEP, but obviously, he can’t do it alone, Prince Ned has plans of working with relevant Federal Government agencies and again international agencies to built cottage industries, and when that happens, a lot of our unemployed youths will be taken off the street’s.

What about power supply, Ned envisages building a large independent power plant that can take care of power supply challenges in the whole of the region. This he believes it’s possible with large deposit of gas available in the Ndokwa axis of the region.
As we speak, large volumes of gas is being waisted day and night in the form of flaring, causing untold damage to the environment and the people.


It’s a thing of joy that today, a lot of Nollywood movie’s are shot in Asaba and it’s environs, and again, I will say many thanks to the present and previous administrations for making that possible, but then, we need to go further, Prince Ned has always talked about building a theatre/Nollywood Village in Anioma land, that will again create lots of opportunities for our teaming youths, it will surprise you to know that so many of our Anioma youths are super talented and very creative, in areas of music and arts. This is yet another way to keep the youth’s creatively engaged.


There is actually a whole lot that Prince Ned in tends to do, I earnestly wish I could reveal all, but I can’t do that here and now, as that will amount to selling ideas cheaply to my brother’s on the other side.


Ned believes all of these is achievable, all that is needed is the political strong will and a right synergy with our own Anioma Governor, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, and this for him is the platform needed to actualise these laudable initiatives and many more.


It should be stated categorically clear, that Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is not vying for the Senate position for inordinate reasons, or for self aggrandisement,
but his intentions are in consonant with the smart agenda of his Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, and for the overall good of all Anioma sons and daughters, I therefore call on all well meaning Anioma sons and daughters to see this cause as their own cause by supporting and voting our amiable Gov, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa and our political colossus, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko as Senator representing Delta North Senatorial district come 2019.

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