Gov Okowa’s Soft Pedal On Stay At Home Order Meets Public Expectations – EAC Oghenesivbe.


Gov Okowa’s Soft Pedal On Stay At Home Order Meets Public Expectations – EAC Oghenesivbe.

…But Violators Of Compulsory Use Of Facemasks Will Be Treated As Recalcitrants, Apprehended And Sanctioned.

The Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Communications, Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, has said that the revocation of the executive stay at home order by the governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, was done to satisfy the yearnings and aspirations of Deltans.

The EAC in a statement however warned that violators of the use of facemasks in offices and public places will be treated as recalcitrants, adding that such deviants who poses public health risks shall be apprehended by law enforcement agents, and may be subjected to Covid-19 tests before facing the lawful consequences melted on those who disobey laws and orders.

He noted that citizens were elated when the state governor ordered the commencement of business and commercial activities, pointing out that the governor’s timely decision is in line with democratic principles which recognised the legitimacy of the yearnings and aspirations of electorates, who willingly gave their authority to the governor, to act on their behalf and in the best interests of the majority of the people.

Oghenesivbe, a fellow of the Civilian Institute of Democratic Administration, F.CIDA, said political leadership and good governance are interwoven and only those who genuinely have the interests of the people at heart can listen and feel the pains of those they lead, adding that Gov Okowa, is one of such leaders in the 21st century, who will do anything and everything possible to make citizens happy.

“Gov Okowa has done the needful by relaxing the lockdown and stay at home order, and it is only fair that Deltans, and/or citizens should reciprocate the kind gesture of the governor by wearing facemasks in offices and public places at all times, and to also adhere to physical distancing of at least six feet apart.

“His Excellency the Governor is a man of his words and will not take kindly to any act of insubordination or disobedience, which is why violators of the compulsory use of facemasks, with effect from Thursday 30th April 2020, shall be arrested by law enforcement agents, prosecuted and sanctioned.

“To avoid ‘had I know,’ I humbly and respectfully appeal to the good people of Delta State, young and old, to as a matter of necessity and compulsion, use facemasks at work and in public places, to avoid being apprehended, prosecuted, sanctioned and compelled to undergo Covid-19 tests,” the statement added.”

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