Delta State Governor, Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Oborevwbi, left on mic at the empowerment rally.


By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq.

Good representation is what representative government is all about. It can’t be anything else. Like any other life endeavour, we have self centered elected representatives who take but do not give back to society and constituents in good measures.

They use supporters and party faithfuls for free and leave them poorer. Election after election, they give peanuts and suck their followers dry.

Constituency allowances, fat salaries and many other cash inflows are mainly for themselves and family members only. All they keep asking from their supporters is “loyalty” unto death with nothing to show for it.

The number of elected representatives who use and dump their supporters are far more than those who give back in terms of empowerment and appointments.

The very essence of democracy is the well being of the people, security and prosperity of the nation or State. But selfish politicians are more in numbers, reaping off their constituents year after year.

Quite a number of politicians are prepared to organise press coverage to publicise the distribution of N10,000 stipends for ten constituents.

They are quick to tell whoever cares to listen that he or she game so and so person N10,000 to start something whereas his German poppy dog consumes over N120,000 monthly. Very sad indeed. There must be a paradigm shift for the good of society and mankind.

The ugly trend has been there in Delta State until the incumbent governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa took the mantle of leadership on May 29, 2015. He came on board with a clear vision and a realistic socioeconomic agenda christened “Prosperity For All Deltans.”

He worked out strategies, policies and programmes nicked named “The Smart Agenda,” to speedily actualise his laudable vision for the State and Deltans.

Under the agenda, empowerment of Deltans through job and wealth creation was well defined and went ahead to create a special department known as “Office of the Chief Job Creation Officer” headed by a renowned academic Professor.

Since then, Deltans have been experiencing tremendous dividends of democracy through the Youth Agriculture and Skills Training Entrepreneurship Programme (YAGEP and STEP). Over 3,000 Youths have benefited and still counting.

Gov Okowa did not stop there. He ensured that elected representatives imbibed the job and wealth creation vision and programme of government so as to further spread dividends of democracy, and in the same token ensures that prosperity goes round and to as many Deltans as possible.

Last Friday, 4th April, 2018, the Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly who is also the number three citizen of the State; gave a good account of himself by showing good example worthy of emulation.

The empowerment programme which many thought would be like some other cheap stuffs organised by some selfish and greedy elected representatives in the past, turned out to be the very best so far embarked upon by an elected representative in Delta State.

The event took place at the Delta Trade Fair Complex, Osubi. It was a huge success and a carnival like assembly of political leaders and party faithfuls of the PDP extraction.

The Rt Hon Speaker Oborevbori set a standard which political observers say may be difficult to surpass in the present dispensation.

4 Cars, 20 Buses, 20 Deep freezers, 10 Tricycles (KEKE), 20 Hair Dressing Saloon Components including Generator sets, 40 Grinding Machines, 500 Wrappers and Head Ties, 30 Sewing Machines, grants for Secondary and University Students, Financial Assistance to Traders, among others, were carried out as empowerment programmes at the event.

Speaking at the event, Gov Okowa said his administration’s priority is to ensure that life is made easy for Deltans through job and wealth creation as well as direct empowerment of constituents by government, political appointeea and elected representatives.

He re-echoed the need for parents to send their children to Technical Colleges that have been revived and equipped in the state. He said the gains of technical education are numerous, it guarantees self employment, immediate job and wealth creation through value chain of products, goods and services. Technical education remains the credible panacea for avoid unemployment and poverty, he noted.

The governor who was well received by the good people of Okpe Local Government Area including school children, market women, artisans, array of dignitaries, party faithfuls and politicians; assured Deltans that his administration will ensure that all projects embarked upon shall be completed and commissioned on or before May 29, 2023 exit date. So, over 60 roads have been completed and commissioned across the State.

He commended Speaker Oborevbori for giving back to his constituents in a big way and urged other elected representatives to leave the realm of petty empowerment and emulate the superb example set by Mr Speaker and strive to beat the enviable record, if possible.

The governor who is allergic to poor representation, further posited that governance is made easy each time elected representatives partners with government in spreading prosperity and other dividends of democracy to the people. He noted that Oborevbori has been a giver and giving is now synonymous with his name and person, and urged him never to relent in his uncommon philanthropic strides.

Responding, Speaker Oborevbori said his constituents are the reason why he is in the state assembly, pointing out that empowerment of his people shall be a continuous and progressive process for as long as he has breathe in him.

He appealed to those who were not captured in this phase of empowerment to be patient as more of such spread of dividends of democracy shall come up in the near future until every constituent benefits from his total commitment to put smile on their faces through job and wealth creation in line with Gov Okowa’s Smart Agenda and Prosperity For All Deltans mantra.

He commended the governor for setting the pace through his good governance initiatives that has awaken the consciousness of elected representatives to create job and wealth through empowerment that transform lives; core investments in human capital development under the Prosperity for All Deltans vision.

Father of government and former Information Minister, Prof Sam Oyovbaire described Oborevbori as an illustrious son of Okpe Kingdom, a prominent titled holder of Ukodo of Okpe and a great philanthropist.

Oyovbaire told the Governor and those present at the event that Mr Speaker had in time past empowered his constituents in many ways but that the one of 4th April is second to none in the history of empowerment by a single individul and elected representative of the Okpe people.

The erudite Professor of Political Science commended Mr Speaker and urged other elected representatives in the state to initiate a paradigm shift from worthless empowerment programmes to worthwhile job and wealth creation strategies capable of transforming lives for the better.

Dignitaries present at the event includes; the State Deputy Governor, His Excellency Barrister Kingsley Otuaro, PDP State Party chairman, Barrister Kingsley Esiso, SSG Festus Ovie Agas, members of the State Executive Council, members of DTHA, party leaders, and the Governor’s Aides

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