Prince Ned Nwoko, a charismatic enigma, the founder and chairman of the governing council of STARS University, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta state, celebrates with Muslims, Nigerians.


By Concerned Anioma United for NedNwoko2019.

The Prince of Anioma has continued to clear the air by comments and activities that his quest to represent Delta North Senatorial District at the Red Chambers of the legislative arm of government in Abuja, Nigeria, is neither a child’s play nor a hurriedly thought out venture without a directive compass.

Going through his Statement of Trust, wherein he summarized his ‘contract’ with the people of Anioma, should they accept him as their senator come 2019, one is left with no other option but to request that party delegates should heed the people’s counsel. Hon. Ned has so greatly endeared himself to the people of the district to the extent that every politically sensitive personality in our district is on the watch to see the outcome of PDP Senatorial Primaries.

As the day for the Primaries draw closer, with obvious support for Hon. Ned’s ambition across the entire senatorial district on the rise, there has been this hurriedly concocted report, from some Aides of other aspirants, that PDP had endorsed all incumbent National Assembly members. This is an obvious demonstration of trepidation owing to Hon. Nwoko’s acceptance across board

Okowa/Ned 2019,
Partnership for progress and development.

While his quest continues to hit the political wave like a tornado, the fear in the camp of other contestants reached a crescendo; when empowerments of all sorts became the order of the day. One is left to wonder the reason for such debased approach to politicking, aimed at hoodwinking some officials and delegates to act against their wish and that of the people.

No one should indeed be lost to the practice of ‘stomach infrastructure’ and ‘Politics of Now-Now’ in contemporary politicking because after election, the elected officer believes that he has already settled the electorate prior to the election and as such, he is not accountable to anyone.

He becomes preoccupied with the mind to recoup all that he expended during campaigns.

I wouldn’t attempt to begrudge all those who were empowered and who accepted the gifts because the money with which the items were bought is actually ours. We will encourage everyone to accept gifts but hold their consciences dearly because therein lies the power to enforce the political emancipation of our district from some bourgeoisie, whose politics have all along remained elitist to the detriment of the common man.

Charismatic enigma, Prince Ned Nwoko.

How painful it is that as a responsible citizen of the district, it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for you to receive a recommendation letter from your senator. While northerners easily assess their Representatives and Senators to receive such, you are left with mouth agape and hands at akimbo, after several attempts to reach your senator fail because you are adjudged a commoner.

If as commoners with elective strength, we are deprived of all the dividends of democracy by our supposed senator, it is now time for us to take our destinies into our hands as we jointly work towards the election of Hon. Ned Nwoko, a man upon whom nature had breathe the air of comfort but has chosen to descend from the ‘glorious horse’ because he must take a walk with us. We need Hon. Ned Nwoko now! No more argument!! No more Elitist Politics!!!

Dear Esteemed Party Delegates, consider no more! The Star Prince of Anioma Land-Hon Prince Ned Nwoko is on course. He holds the long-awaited handkerchief to erase the ugly past in our senatorial venture and would definitely re-write our story with unbeatable legislative deliveries. Kindly overlook their approach to negatively influence your conscience with all kinds of promises and tempting offers. A LEOPARD WOULD NEVER CHANGE ITS SPOTS.

Kindly also remember that there is a greater battle ahead, where our party would slog it out with the opposition in the State, who are desperately coveting this position. Let us go to war with our fiercest weapons to avoid a shameful defeat. Anioma is the Governor’s home, who has delivered tremendously ever since assumption of office. We must resist fielding the wrong candidate and by such grave mistake, handover the Governor’s base to the opposition. Mba Nu!

Hon. Ned Munir Nwoko is our choice for 2019. Hip! Hip!! Hip!! Hurray!!!


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