Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko Calls For Outright Rejection Of The Controversial Water Bill.

PRINCE NED MUNIR NWOKO. The founder of Ned Nwoko Foundation. And the favourite for the Delta north Senate seat, 2019.





A former member of the House of Representatives and frontline Senatorial Aspirant of the DELTA NORTH senatorial district, Hon. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko has called for the outright rejection of the controversial water bill which is currently tearing the country apart.

Hon. Ned Nwoko who is a founding member and chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party made the call while sending out his new month wishes to his people, according to the Prince the bill will further polarize the country along ethnic lines.

The bill which is an Executive Bill, is seeking to transfer total control of the Nigeria Waterways to the federal government, including all surface and ground water.

The bill titled: “Framework for the Water Resources Sector of Nigeria, Provide for the Equitable and Sustainable Development, Management, use and Conservation of Nigeria’s Surface Water and Groundwater”, when passed into law will automatically give the federal government ownership over all rivers, lakes, creeks and other surface water in the country.

Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko who was the brain behind the Paris and London club refund added that;

” ‘As a former member of the House of Representatives and senatorial hopeful, i am duty bound to speak up in defense of my people and this bill certainly doesn’t represent their interest, in fact the backlash that has followed since the bill was proposed clearly shows it’s against the interest of Nigerians, so it should be rejected outright by the National Assembly’.

‘I have always stood with the masses and this time it’s no different, most of these waters doesn’t only hold significant meaning to our people, it’s also a means of revenue generation for the locals, so taking ownership over that which have been theirs for hundreds of years will be an injustice on the part of the federal government’.

‘The continuous crisis and volatility of the oil sector should point as an indicator of what lies ahead if the government presses on with this bill, the people have been fighting hard to reclaim if not all but part ownership of oil resources found on their land and taking their waters from them also will further give them reasons to revolt, and at a time when we just celebrated nineteen years of uniteruppted democratic governance, any form of dissent will not do our democracy well’, the Prince stated”.

Rounding up his reaction, Prince Ned Nwoko who is the chairman of STARS UNIVERSITY, the very first Sports University in Sub-Saharan Africa, called on the federal government to look for ways to partner state governments and private individuals in promoting tourism in the Country.

Prince Ned Nwoko insisted that it would make more sense if the federal government instead of proposing this divisive bill, focus on policies that will provide the needed framework to support private individuals like him whom have invested heavily in tourism.

According to Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko;

” ‘Most of our rivers, creeks and lakes have so much fascinating mystery surrounding their origin, and if the federal government is really sincere with their plans, it should seek for ways to partner the state and government in turning some of these into a tourist haven’.

‘The potentials of tourism in Nigeria remains an untapped goldmine and as a lover of nature, when elected into the Senate next year, this is an area I will focus on especially with my senatorial district housing the famous Ase Creek and Ethiope River’.

‘I own a Private Tourist Location known as Mount Ned Nwoko in Idumuje-Ugboko, Delta State and besides it being a tourists destination of choice, it has boosted greatly the economy of my people and this is what the federal government should seek to do’, Prince Ned Nwoko said.”

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