By Ifechukwudi Nwoko


I will not bother to cite every detail in this write-up but will simplify most issues where relevant. It is no news that two brothers will determine the end to the crisis. I am not here to abrogate and adjudicate judgment(s) and blame(s) on anyone individual because by now, every Idumuje-Ugboko indigene MUST have been fed up with same old unsolvable crisis. Before coming up with this, I have participated, researched and investigated widely every detail to be reeled out here.

Crown Prince Nonso Nwoko is a fine gentleman. A great Uncle of mine who has known me from birth. In fact, about six (6) years ago, he wanted to see me have a good marital home by proposing to get me a beautiful damsel based abroad then who he would love me to marry. He promised to investigate the girl’s paternity because the girl in question hails from Idumuje-Uno. After his investigations, he found out that there was a relationship tie between us and mission had to be aborted. I was so sad my American citizen to be wife relates to me. I am citing this so that you will see how dear and close he holds me. He is part and parcel of my family any day anytime and we welcome each other invited or not.

You see, the only constant thing in life is change. Prince Nonso Nwoko’s Dad (Obi Albert Justin Nwoko III) loved Ned to a fault that he saw in Ned a super star and a legend that will beam the face of Idumuje-Ugboko to the world. Yes Nonso is his son and not only son but the first but favor locates both sons and non-sons. In this case, the favor was on red in favor of Ned. The Obi was positive. Every society has someone like Ned who will transform the lives and practices of the people. The first 33 hectares requested by Ned from The Obi for agricultural purpose was speedily granted to him without a blink of an eyelid. The focus is on why Ned?


Now listen very attentively HERE. For your information, Obi Justin Nkeze Nwoko II JP MON, The Father of Obi Albert Justin Nwoko who is the Father of Crown Prince Nonso Nwoko, has at different times in the past allocated vast areas of land for some prominent indigenes like the ALFRED NWOKOS’, ONAHS’, MOEMEKES’, and the IFEJOKWUS’; just same he did for Ned. Let me restate this that every parcel of land in Idumuje-Ugboko BELONGS to The Obi. It is only The Obi that has the vested authority to allocate land to any indigene as he deemed fit and qualified from such person.

Let me cite another historical event. A wealthy and popular indigene in our community named PRINCE CHINYE from Atuma quarters, had similar prospective industrial development initiatives like Ned. He then bought vast area of land to accomplish his dream. The Obi then Crown Prince Nonso’s Father, Obi Albert Nwoko III on getting wind that land was bought by an indigene vehemently frowned at and opposed the action that land must not be sold to any indigene who intends to develop the community. He then ordered that every payment made in the name of land sales be returned to the payer (Prince Chinye) without condition.

The Golf Course and University proposal came to the bare. Prince Ned Nwoko been inspired and motivated by an advice from Prof Som Nwoko, a then Professor of the University of Ibadan, has been insistent on developing his community. Through this advice, Ned
1. Prepared and forwarded to The Obi a proposal requesting for a 90 hectare space of land to build a University and a Golf Course
2. Informed our Big Uncle and second in command of age then Prince Martins Nwoko about the proposal. He was tasked as an elder to help convince the Idumuje-Ugboko Development Union (IUDU) on the need to buy into the proposal. The IUDU is not saddled with the responsibility for land allocation but as a town union, they have to be duly informed. Unfortunately, Prince Martins Nwoko ONLY presented the Golf Course proposal to the union. PLEASE NOTE that it was not intentional. I really cannot say cogently why the two proposals were not fully presented. Majority expressed their reservation and opposition that they cannot allow any further allocation of land for GOLF COURSE particularly


Before explaining the outlined articles, let me clarify why 90 hectares was been demanded. For those who care to know, get a Nigerian Universities Commission Guideline. One of the MUST HAVES is a minimum of 100 hectare space of land if one must build a university. His intention was by acquisition or transaction, get more land and add to the 90 hectares because of the additional Golf Course project

Explaining Article 1

Prince Ned Nwoko formally approached Obi Albert Nwoko III and declared his intention and request of a 90 hectare space of land to build a University and a Golf Course. Due to the increased size of the land demand, The Obi forwarded his land request to the Onotu (Land Committee) which is an organ responsible for land allocation under the Chairmanship of The Obi. The Land Committee after a concise review responded in the affirmative to The Obi granting their approval. Sequel to the Land Committee’s acceptance, The Obi signed and approved the 90 hectare for Prince Ned Nwoko. Some people reading this will get crazy here because it was believed as indoctrinated that The Obi never approved but I am here to tell you categorically that after I conducted my investigations, it was crystal clear that The Obi signed and approved the 90 hectare. I am not here to trade words but if you doubt it, please find some time and come down and I will prove it to you. Just to give you one proof. During the meeting with the then AIG Mohammed Adamu (now Inspector General of Police), PRINCE MARTIN NWOKO PUBLICLY STATED THAT THE OBI APPROVED THE 90 HECTARES AS RECOMMENDED BY THE LAND COMMITTEE BUT THAT SOME FORCES WITHIN THE PALACE WERE AGAINST THE APPROVAL. This was already a bone of contention and a hook in the throat. Joinders and rejoinders and rebuttals and all what not have been issued for and against by both sides on whether the 90 hectare was truly approved or not. This culminated into the beginning of the crisis and court cases

Before this, sequel to Prince Ned Nwoko’s proposal and approach to The Obi requesting for 90 hectares, The Obi called for an IZUANI meeting which was intended to inform the entire community about the developmental stride about to hit the community. At this stage Crown Prince Nonso Nwoko became actively involved. He opposed the IZUANI meeting. Meanwhile the gong has been sounded as instructed by The Obi. It should have been an Obey-The-Last-Order-Command. Prince Martins Nwoko who was the second in command was statutorily meant to preside the IZUANI meeting as he was awaited but unfortunately did not turn up. Ned being inquisitive that Prince Martins Nwoko never turned up, gave instructions to his workers that he be brought to the venue incase vehicular movement was a hindrance. On getting to Prince Martins residence, the visitors were worried by the quietness. They knocked severally but no response. Therefore, the IZUANI meeting for the day had to be called off due to absence of the Prince Martins Nwoko. The next was fines and impositions being slammed on Prince Ned Nwoko. I am not here to name names of who did and who did not. This is only a fraction and synopsis of events. A coast that was meant to be clearer then became vaguer every passing day.


Explaining article 2

Continuing from my last statement on article 2, my Dad Prince Dan Nwoko was concerned by the rejection of the proposal and had to confirm from Prince Ned Nwoko what actually he wanted. Prince Ned then explained to him fully that he was proposing to build a University and a Golf Course. Prince Dan Nwoko was shocked that only the Golf Course proposal was presented to the town union. As at then, personally, all I heard was Golf Course. I never heard anything like University. So it was usual to feel shocked. Just as my Dad did, I inquired from Prince Ned the true position and he affirmed same details as he did to my Dad. Now for some peculiar reasons of most indigenes, the challenge became
a. How to re-present the proposal to the union that it was not only a Golf Course but a University inclusive. This was like a camel passing through the eye of a needle;
b. What do you want to say when some quarters are bickering to see evidence of how the first allocated 33 hectares was judiciously utilized;
c. How do you want to convince them that Prince Ned Nwoko even has the capacity to build a University;
d. How do you want to convince them that Prince Ned Nwoko is not using the land for personal aggrandizement citing the 33 hectares formerly given

Explaining article 2a

This was a herculean task. This issue gave rise to article 2b, 2c and 2d.

Explaining article 2b
A very important point to note that OVER 500 COWS WERE PURCHASED AND A FACTORY BUILT to initiate the Agricultural Production Project. Unfortunately, THE COWS DID NOT SURVIVE DUE TO HARSH WEATHER CONDITIONS. We still have some left. I will advise anyone who cares to be more practical by visiting the 33 hectares and witness the amazing agricultural progress. We have made a lot of publications and videos on this.

Explaining article 2c
The capacity of Prince Ned Nwoko to build a university is not in doubt. I am strongly convinced he has the capacity to build a university. We have NUC guidelines which guides any individual who intends setting up a university. In stages, he has accomplished various steps as outlined. The physical evidence is very obvious and visible for all to see. I have been opportune to witness all the activities and efforts of the Project& Implementation Committee of the Proposed STARS University towards the successful take off

Explaining article 2d
Let me state clearly to the hearing of everyone that the expanse of land that Prince Ned built his residence IS NOT part of the 33 hectares. This needs to be clarified due to misinformation and misunderstanding among different indigenes. He bought the area where he built his home. Please take note.

The imbroglio and impasse persisted. Let us note that multiple peace moves were initiated to unite and end the crisis but the water always fell on the rock. From Umu-Omorhusi Family Meetings mostly initiated by Prince Dan Nwoko, Town Union meetings, The Benin peace meeting convened by the AIG of Nigerian Police Force, Zone B, The Chief Benjamin Elue Peace treaty ably Chaired by The Former Deputy Governor Himself, The Aniocha North Royal Fathers Peace Initiative, individual interventions, and most recently a peace move by Royal Fathers of Delta North extraction ably led by The Obi of Owa Kingdom and Chairman Delta North Traditional Rulers Forum, HRM, Dr. E.O Efeizomor II, OON, JP and many more

Same way Crown Prince Nonso Nwoko held me dearly and closely. Prince Ned Nwoko has known me from birth. They both were part of early stages. So they both know me very well. Prince Ned Nwoko as everyone knows is everyone’s person. He has no limitation. Supports development initiatives in his community and beyond. I will not say much about him because he is public himself. For me, I see a man who loves creativity, possibilities, intelligence and change. He believes that humans must evolve, be dynamic and progressive. This is exactly what he intends to replicate in his community. I will like to bring to your attention that in the whole of Delta North, we only have ONE UNIVERSITY. How do we develop intellectually? Is it not a good deed that a second University is coming to Anioma? Do we not want advancement in this jet age and globalized world? How can we continue to do the same thing and expect a different result? It is impossible. If 90 hectares of land lie fallow in Idumuje-Ugboko in the next 90 years, what benefit will it attract? There are some salient questions we need to ask ourselves. Gone are the days when we acquire vast sizes of land for ego and bragging rights. In fact, under the current Laws of Delta State, especially in Asaba, if you refuse to develop your land, government will revoke your papers and take over. There will be a time that there will be no piece of land lying idle. The world is evolving; people are building; businesses are springing up; the population is increasing; demands are increasing; times are changing. We need to do away with this stock-land mentality. Is it not better to have influx of people from diverse cultures and traditions stimulate the development and economy of our community?


It is important to note that Idumuje-Ugboko has MORE LAND SIZE than Asaba and Issele-Azagba put together. From Onicha-Ugbo boundary to Ewohinmi boundary. The 90 hectares is only a miniature of the town

There is the need to inform the public that almost #200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million naira) has been spent so far with additional #50,000,000 (Fifty Million naira) to be paid soon. It is also needful to know that Prince Ned is not forcefully grabbing or intimidating farmers and owners out of their farmlands; successive compensations have been engaged and fulfilled to the farmers and owners of the land making up the 90 hectares. The following are lists of Beneficiaries of the compensation
1. Nkenchor Ugo
2. Ngozi Dibia
3. Ifenayi Nwandu
4. Joel Olisemeka
5. David Usifoh
6. Nkenchor Okwudili
7. Ugo Iwegbu
8. Emeke Osemeke
9. Nwaeke Usifoh
10. Ubuluamaka Olisaemeka
11. Sunday Iwegbu
12. Isioma Osemeke
13. Ndubuisi Okebunor
14. Diokpa Cyril Isichei
15. Michael Usifoh
16. Uzorbundi
17. Dibike Odozi
18. Uche Iyama

Here is a most recent Umuolo Family compensation
1. Iwelumor family 1
2. Iwelumor family 2
3. Isichei family
4. Nwoko Oluchukwu family
5. Chiedu Nwaudo family
6. Okeleke Mokwunye
7. Nwaokolo family
8. Eloke family
9. Chiedu Ozah family 1
10. Chiedu Ozah family 2
11. Otakpo family
12. Samson family


Compensation was also duly paid to settle part of AGBA Royal Family of Onicha-Ugbo. These are the first set of farmers settled by Late Mr Iloh Kennedy
1. Isieye Ugbome (Late)
2. Uche Alfred Nwoye (Late)
3. Nath Nwulu
4. Felix Iyama (Umuolo Family Land)
5. Clement Isichei & Anazia Alex (Ogbekenu Farm Land)
6. Sunday Bama (Owu Quarters Idumuje-Ugboko)
7. F. C Iyamah (Umuolo Onicha-Ugbo)
8. Alfred Onyeshinye
9. For Monye (Late)
10. Sunday Bama Onodi
11. Chikweye Nwabulu (Late)
12. Ifeanyi Anyasi
13. Akankwu Ugbome (Late)
14. Dan Honnah

The following is an additional list of those who have been paid compensation from Idumuje-Ugboko
1. Pastor P.I Monye
2. Mr Okonkwo Ashiedu
3. Mr Nkiru Mordi
4. Mr Ndudi Ogana
5. Mr Nnamdi Chiazor
6. Mr Madu Oganah
7. Mr Nnabuife Jebose
8. Mr Sunday Adige
9. Mr Kamaolise Dunkwu
10. Mr Ebele Agbor

There are some topics I will not touch due to current concerted efforts towards addressing them. As we speak, there are moves to address grievances afflicted and suffered by both sides. I am tilting more on solution based write up. This write-up is only a synopsis and an inch of genealogical happenings in our community


My Big Uncle and Crown Prince, let me state unequivocally that no one is dragging your Kingship. From my little days, I have always looked forward and expecting that you are the Heir Apparent; this is also same belief of every Idumuje-Ugboko indigene. Bros please see to the implementation of the most recent communiqué issued by the Royal Fathers, especially ARTICLE 1 which requires all cases in court to be withdrawn. I am fully in support of the communiqué. All cases, not an inch should be left not withdrawn by both sides. This is the beginning of the peace move. You need to be regally inducted into the Traditional Fathers’ Forum and Council by having your STAFF OF OFFICE. You have no powers and authority to exercise. For how many years now? Ensure to the implementation of the communiqué; withdraw all cases filed in court by you and your team. Ned on his side has, is and will always be ready to comply with same directive. Heaven will not fall. Mankind has seen the worst including the most recent covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Man has seen holocaust, first and second world war, the chamber gassing of over 6 million Jews by Adolf Hitler. This settlement will only be an addition

Please rescind the fines and impositions on Prince Ned Nwoko. What Prince Ned Nwoko has attracted and attracting to the table for our community far outweighs fines and impositions. A man who donated Two Million Naira (#2,000,000) towards the electrification of the town and engaged in repair of the Idumuje-Ugboko expressway to the tune of One Hundred Million Naira (#100,000,000) will definitely not commit an atrocity to attract fine to the tune of One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira (#160,000)

Rescind the ostracization of your brothers, sisters and other indigenes as affected. You need us all. You can’t rule in isolation. Ibos always say that Igwe Bu ike (Number is great strength)

I always refer to you as a legend because your type exists once in a very long time. You need to extend the hand of brotherhood to your brother. I am very aware you have called him severally in the past of which no response was gotten. It may currently sound undoable but you have to. As long as am concerned, you are at advantage and have nothing to lose. Engage emissaries to your brother, even if he keeps rejecting, continue. Sunday preachings are never enough. We learn new things about God/Allah every Friday and Sunday and that is why we attend Church and Mosque. There is nothing like knowledge of entire Bible/Koran and God/Allah. God/Allah has nothing to lose but we have everything to lose. The Proposed STARS University is a beautiful concept that needs to thrive on a rancor, hate, battle and crisis free environment. Strangers will flux the community. A certain level of freedom for interaction and communication is paramount. You have already commenced the implementation of the Royal Fathers’ Communiqué which I am very aware. I believe that Crown Prince Nonso Nwoko should be setting up to implement the Communique

It is pertinent that we see to the implementation of the communiqué by the Royal Fathers. This is the beginning of the peace journey. As matters arise, they should be dealt with and thrashed. We have quarreled enough. And I also strongly advise that on attainment of peace accord/treaty, The Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeany Okowa MUST formally declare it open to all and endorse with the presence of all stakeholders involved

Ifechukwude Nwoko


All court cases CAN be withdrawn. Be it civil or criminal. Only if the two parties agree to terms of settlement and append their signatures to a Memorandum of Understanding. Humans filed all the cases; not animals

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