The news and pictures of some youths falling over themselves, ostensibly to grab spilling wads been sprayed on them by the stingy Senator Nwaoboshi, have flooded the media space in Anioma region.
According to the report, which is been amplified by his media handlers on the Social media, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, the Senator representing Delta north senatorial district at the Senate, is said to be dolling out N50,000.00 each to some group of mostly PDP faithfuls across the Senatorial district.
The report has it that the senator regarded the 50k as an economic empowerment to the beneficiaries.
His media team has praised the Greek gestures as rare display of benevolence by the self-centered Senator.

However, looking at the pictures displayed at the Senator’s cash spraying charade, one is reminded of the similar episode displayed by the dreaded Lawrence Anini and his gang at village markets after their bloodletting robbery operations.
Lawrence Anini was a notorious armed robber who with his daredevil gangs hold defunct Bendel State to ransom in the early 80s, in their strings of orgy robbery operations that usually left trails of tears, blood and deaths.
But what Anini and his gangs does after their bloody operations is what crime researchers found awesome to farthorn till date.
After their deadly robbery and looting sprees, Anini and his bloodied gang usually move to village markets and begin to spray some part of their looted crispy wads to the poor village market men and and women.
The poor innocent villagers who were obviously ignorant of the sources of the money been dolled out to them, will inturn engaged in singing the praises of Anini and his gang and in some cases even reclined to prayers section for their protections and and long life!

Unknown to the ignorant villagers, their sons and daughters who were either bank security guards, cashers, managers or Police officers may have been gun down by Anini in the course of dispossessing owners, mostly banks of the money which is been shared out to them.

Similar scenario is playing out here, Senator Nwaoboshi is sharing peanuts out of the constituency projects fund he draws every year. The funds, if used to build roads, build health centres and procure drugs would have prevented lots of avoidable deaths from motor accidents due to dilapidated roads in the zone and reduced mortality rate in the zone which are caused by preventable diseases.

If we critically look into the pattern of behaviour of Sen. Nwaoboshi and Anini, marked similarities exists between both.
1. The money they dolled out to people does not belong to them. No normal human being shares his hard earned incomes in such a bizarre manner. Nwaoboshi had never given anybody a dime prior to him becoming a Senator, rather he was notorious for extortions. His wicked extortions of past PDP Councillors in the zone on the promises to give them a return ticket to office readily come to mind.

2. Their intentions are not to elevate the people from penury but to curry praises.
Anini and his gangs did not go to markets to spray money because they were interested in empowering anybody, but because they needed some persons to sing their praises and to create a messianic impressions around their demonic garbs.
Sen. Nwaoboshi’s Greek gift of 50k is playing same old tricks of using few cash to shower up his lacklustre performances at the Senate.
In his old tricks, he still believed that the few grains he is a throwing around will fetch him, what they called chickens for his euphoric return to the Senate come 2019.
Such corn for fowl approaches to elections is gone for good. The Delta North people have seen the light, they are wiser now.

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