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Dear Governor Okowa,

Your words that fateful night united the forces that birthed the Anioma new era of leadership in 2015. A leadership that is yet to awake from political slumber… A leadership team with many bystanders…?

Your excellency, you appealed to all and sundry to vote you and your team in, during the last election and we all made you proud by voting for the PDP in your behalf.

700 and 10 days had come and gone; our mind is yet set for another display and use of our PVCs but our mind is made up.

But would that repeat itself again? Will my Governor canvass for every members of his past electoral team to be re considered in 2019?

Will my Governor canvass for the people’s mandate or his party mandate good or bad, this time?

Now that we shall have the option to vote and our votes shall count, will our Governor canvass for the right choice for the masses or go the way of party is supreme during the PDP primary?

Your excellency, you will do us proud to pitch tenth with the masses choice in 2019.

For example: We have the option of Mrs Mariam Alli, Sen Nwaoboshi and Prince Ned Nwoko; thus, who shall we vote for as an appeal from my Governor this time?

Your excellency, we believe that your choice will impact your come back and this is the reason you must stand with the Anioma masses in your decision.

For instance, almost everyone in Anioma thinks that Sen Nwaoboshi is yet to show capacity after these two years of representing the Anioma people at the red chamber. For many voters, the Senator lacks the logical argument for a come back.

Although, some of his supporters argue that Sen Nwaoboshi should be allowed to return for making sure that some Anioma people are considered as part of the Amnesty program of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria to the south south past agitators. For them, the man Sen Nwaoboshi should be considered for a second term because the amnesty program has impacted some Anioma youths positively in a way.

However, many on the other divide have also voiced out their opinion against the SPON, saying that inspite of the above claims by the Sen Nwaoboshi’s supporters, he should step aside and allow more competent and more experienced hands to represent the Anioma people come 2019.

But will the Governor also beg for his comeback? Will the Anioma people support the come back of a senator who is yet to prove his mettle as a voice for the voiceless? A senator who is yet to show a political competency report card after two years at the red chamber? Will the Anioma people give their PVCs to a man that is yet to achieve any reasonable senatorial bill in favour of his people after a whole two years of senatorial service?

“Meat that has fat shall prove it by the heat of the fire” -a wise man once posited…

Mrs Alli on the other side just declared her membership in support of the APC Although, yet to declare her intention to contest for the senate as usual…, every logical minds knows the obvious that enyi Kpakpando shall contest.

However, when she does declare her intentions, what else is she bringing to the table?

I guess alot of promises if you ask me, but will she finally declare for her senatorial ambition? What is her political structure like when compared to her past electoral quest for which the now Sen Nwaoboshi was a domineering figure in her then campaign team?

Will she get a yes or a no from the masses this time especially when it was said that ‘Enyi Kpakpando’ is always abandoning her supporters after every election. But is that factual, does she abandoned her followers after every election?

Thus, will my Governor trade Anioma senatorial chair for his guber re- election? Like a one time Governor miscalculated in 2015? Far be it from the Gov Okowa I know.

Yet Meat that has fats will prove it by the heat of the fire- A wise man once posited…

How about the very Prince Ned Nwoko?

I have read opinions from various mastermind writers concerning the duo of Sen Peter Nwaoboshi and Hon Prince Ned Nwoko. While some referred to the two as stubborn; very many, referred to Prince Ned Nwoko as gentle, dogged and competent. While referring to Sen Nwaoboshi as sturborn, dogged and arrogant.

But then, politics is politics and characters will keep the game ongoing.

For Hon Prince Ned Nwoko, almost every one voter in Anioma land believes that this man has the capacity and structure which is strong enough to earn him the opportunity to serve his people of Anioma as their next senator come 2019.
Moreover, very few others have criticised the man Ned Nwoko as not being capable enough to win Sen Nwaobishi in Anioma because according to them, he is not on ground. Whatever that means, the masses will settle it all. Moreso, why does everyone think and believe that Sen. Nwaoboshi is much more on ground than Prince Ned Nwoko? Why so if Sen. Nwaoboshi is not competent and not on ground? This question has remained unanswered…

Few even hold the belief that Sen Nwaoboshi and Hon Ned holds the same leadership concept.

However, some things differentiates the duo and that is clarity of leadership, charismatic purpose and gentleness on the path of Ned Nwoko and uncleanness of purpose and political manipulation on the path of chief Nwaoboshi… whatever that means, I beg to be corrected with deeds and not words.

Most people considers Prince Ned Nwoko a gentle but dogged politician, a giver, a goal getter, a charismatic leader and a political colossus who will make the Anioma people’s view to be heard again if voted to the red chamber as against their consideration for sen Nwaoboshi as a mere political jolly good fellow with nothing to offer any more for the growth of the Anioma people than for his pocket. Some even opined that for prince Ned Nwoko to have negotiated for the release of the Paris club Refund funds to Nigeria, it means he can negotiate for a better Delta North if voted in as a senator come 2019.

Anioma people of Delta North are not political left overs and I hope that whatever their decision connotes, their voters cards shall prove come 2019.

From the analysis above, you will now agree with me that the winning chances for Hon Prince Ned Nwoko is high and his philanthropic nature has endeared him to the people he seeks to serve.

Again, will Gov Ifeanyichukwu Okowa pitch tent with Hon Prince Ned or Sen Nwaoboshi? Will the PDP allow Ned this great opportunity or will the PDP drive Prince Ned to another party to destroy the PDP due to his massive support base amongst the non political elites and many elites of the Anioma people?

I am of the opinion your excellency, that Prince Ned Nwoko is the best bet for your re election support base in the Anioma domain come 2019.

This I have opined with every sense of biasness because the masses have rejected sen Nwaoboshi and we do not wish to loose the governorship slot of the Anioma people to our next door contenders who are willing to hijack your mistake of supporting a man rejected by the voting masses for their personal political gain.

Your excellency, it is time to pitch tent with the masses and the masses choice is Hon Prince Ned Nwoko…

Regards Sir,

I arise!

Wise Prince Ajede ChMc, AsM.

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