MOUNT NED NWOKO….Jewel of Delta State.



    By Iroroh Frank

    Mount Ned Nwoko is undoubtedly the jewel of Delta State.
    If you have not been there, try to make a day out to visit this wonderful creation of a great mind who love and cherish beauty and perfection.

    Prince Ned Nwoko in his library, filled with collections of rare books.

    It is a beautiful, hospitable and serene recreational environment, ideal for your relaxation.

    At the heart of this Tourists Resorts and Recreational Centre, is an imposing awe striking and mesmerizing edifice, the Lilly House This exquisite monument built in honour of his first wife Barr. Lilly Nwoko is situated at Idumuje Ugboko in Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State.

    Ned Nwoko Castle, at Mount Ned Nwoko Tourists Resort, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State.

    Mount Ned Nwoko Tourists Resort is best described as a centre of ancient and modern culture, a place where the past and the present human cultural evolutionary developments meet and intermingles; where the culture of the West, the East and the Africans are beautifully fashioned and ingrained in sculptures, symbols and imageries ever imagined.

    Golf Course at Mount Ned Nwoko.

    The Ned Nwoko Castle has striking familiarity with the Taj Mahal of India – the Jewel of India, built by Emperor Shan Jahan and commissioned in 1632, to immortalized his beloved beautiful wife who died during a child birth.

    Fountain of living water.

    Mount Ned Nwoko and Taj Mahal shared similar storylines, the stories of eternal love.
    Emperor Shan Jahan built Taj Mahal to show his eternal affection to his adorable wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
    In the same vein, Prince Ned Nwoko built and developed Mount Ned Nwoko as a gift of love to his Idumuje Ugboko Kingdom, a community of his birth, to demonstrate the passion he has for his people, his rural community, his Anioma region and Delta State as a whole.

    Aerial view of the Castle.

    Although, Prince Ned Nwoko had his training as a lawyer in London, United Kingdom, where he established one of the biggest law firms owned by an African in the UK, thus making him a pure London man, he nonetheless, never failed to put his people and his community at the centre of his heart.

    So, instead of using his hard earned wealth to built five Star Hotels at the UK, US or UAE or even at Abuja and Lagos, like what our ‘political looters’ are doing today, and which to their stupid thinking, would yielded them quick investment returns or secure the future of their next generations, (which of course will soon become ruined empire), Prince Ned Nwoko in his wisdom and foresights, decided to invest the riches of his sweats in his community, to build an everlasting monument and a lasting legacy that will stand the test of time. The Castle is officially listed as a national monument by both state and federal government. It is named Lilly House after his lovely first wife who is a United Kingdom Lawyer and will soon be recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and proclaimed a global tourists destination. This will transform his community into a floodgate for tourists of all races.

    Night view of the Castle.

    This was the vision of Prince Ned Nwoko, to do something that will help to bring his community out of obscurity to international global limelights.
    A noble vision indeed.

    The fact remains that Mount Ned Nwoko is one of the busiest tourists destination in Delta State today.
    Students on excursions, African, European and Asian tourists often go there to experience the natural beauty of a typical African serene environment and enjoy the scene of a global cultural circumference point.

    The traditional Court,

    The great vision of this extraordinary man of rare foresights, is to attract visitors to his community, to increase his people’s business returns and improve their socioeconomic wellbeing and living standard.

    Amazing interior of the Castle.

    Mount of Delta, Idumuje Ugboko, as Mount Ned Nwoko is often referred, sits on a height of 1000ft above sea level, which marked it the highest point in Delta State.

    The exquisite Castle on the Mount is a masterpiece monument built with intricate combinations of Arabian, Western and African architectural and cultural expositions.

    The traditional Anioma royal palace features, are prominently displayed in well crafted sculptures in and around the Castle.

    The first feature you see as you are ushered into the Castle, is a large open Court, the Anioma traditional ‘Ogwa’ found in our Royal Palaces, where our monarchs normally hold open court sessions.

    Right inside are different sitting sections, the first section is a typical European sitting section, with its normal settee arrangements.
    The next at the centre, is the North African section which has some rare collections of century old North Africa monarchs’ exquisite furniture sets, with temple-like dome above.
    There is also middle East section and Anioma section, each depicting characteristics cultures of their people.
    The Castle houses rare exotic artifacts and books.

    King size Dining.

    In Summary, Mount Ned Nwoko Tourists and Recreation Centre, Idumuje Ugboko, is spacious, it has an 18 hole Golf course, a Football pitch, a Tennis court, Table Tennis and Snooker boards and an Olympic size Swimming pool, a Fountain of living water, a Tower for visitor’s landscape viewing and relaxation.
    It also has a replica of the great pyramids of Egypt with minaret atop.

    The most fascinating feature at the Centre, is the Tunnel which leads to the King’s Chamber. It is like the King’s Chamber in the pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

    Right at the entrance of the Tunnel are symbolic sculptures of two Anioma usual traditional palace guards, one holding ‘Ada’ and the other holding ‘Ebeni’. This symbols qualifies the Tunnel to a traditional underground bunker.
    That is, Kings underground inner chamber, where traditional Court sessions reclined in the event of outbreaks of wars and enemy invasions of the Kingdom.

    Entrance to the Tunnel.

    Actually, Mount Ned Nwoko has it walls and landscape scripted with many symbolic features, sculptures and lyrics with loaded and embedded history.

    The pyramid replicate.

    The Centre also has a zoo with wide varieties of animals.
    It has fish ponds with assorted fish types, Large Poultry house with Battery Cage system for Layers and a space for Broilers.
    It has a section for Snail rearing and an extensive Palm plantation with vegetable gardens.
    In all it a place where you can go to release pressures around you and enjoy different types of Sports, cool off at the swimming pool and receive scently fresh air in the flower garden. You could also enjoy nutritious meals at his delights, if you are lucky to meet him around.

    Monkeys in the zoo

    Mount Ned Nwoko took the living legend of our time 12 years to build and developed and it costs him a whopping sum of 10 billion Naira then. It was commissioned in 2012.

    Tennis Court.

    Not done yet, this modern day philosopher of Anioma nation, Prince Ned Nwoko, went further to establishing the first Sports University in sub sahara Africa.
    He was recently given a provisional approval by the National Universities Commission, NUC, to commence final preparation for the take off of the University.
    The Stars University is a multi discipline institution and is within the adjoining land around the Resorts Centre.

    Swimming pool

    According to the founder, Prince Ned Nwoko, the University is being established to cater for the educational needs of our upcoming Stars Athletes.
    What a man of high visionary estate!

    Prince Ned Nwoko, the founder and developer of Mount Ned Nwoko.

    You may be tempted to ask why the long expositions on Mount Ned Nwoko and the founder?
    It is simply to lead you into the inner mind of this great phenom called Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, NMN, to encourage you to see that he appreciates beauty, culture and history and that he is a man fashioned by God for great feats, hence, it will not surprise you to hear the high clamour from the good people of Delta North Senatorial District, his district, for him to go to the Senate, come 2019, to represent them, to help them reshape and reposition Anioma land, the land of “Beauty and Brains” to bring better days and better deals to their doorsteps, on that wider platform.


    Frank Iroroh

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