From left Miss Kate Igbodo, CEO Yinki Entertainment, Miss Teen Anioma 2016 and Mrs P. O. Okonye, Administrator, Delta State Vocational Education Centre, Asaba.

Miss Chiazor Nneka prepared Nsala and Pounded yam.
Miss Nwabuokwu Onyiye Faith he delicacy was Banger soup and Pounded yam.
Miss Osadume Isioma, she presented Yam and Red oil Sauce delicacy.
Winners of the 2017 Teen Anioma Cuisine Competition, from Right Miss Otulu Precious came 1st, Nwabuokwu Onyiye Faith was second while Okoronkwo Mary placed third.
Miss Emeifeozor Jovita Awele, prepared Ogbonu soup and Pounded yam.
Ikechukwu Irene, he delicacy was Egwusi soup and Fufu.
Okoronkwo Mary prepared Ofe Oseani delicacy.
The winner of the Cuisine competition, Miss Otulu Irene, her delicacy was Nsala Egwusi soup Fufu (Akpun)
Okwuzi Kidochukwu Faith, her delicacy was Yam and Garden egg sauce.
Olisenekwu Sylvian, she prepared Ofe Unoku and Fufu.

By Iroroh Frank


The 2nd edition of Miss Teen Anioma Pageant and Fashion show 2017, holds on 11th November 2017, at the exotic Mount Ned Nwoko Resort, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State, Nigeria.
According to Miss Kate Igbodo, the CEO of Yinki Entertainment, the organisers of the event, the project which is being bankrolled by the famous Nigerian philanthropist Prince Ned Nwoko, is intended exposed to the contestants to the various aspects of Anioma culture which in turn will encourage the young generations to appreciate and embrace the rich cultural heritage of Anioma people.

The phase 1 of the exercise was Anioma Cuisine competition.
It took place on 26th October 2017, at the Delta State Vocational Training Centre, Asaba. It involved ten young female contestants drawn from the 9 Local Government Areas that make Anioma region and Ndonni area.

The Cuisine Competition featured ten different types of Anioma delicacies and the contestants took time to explain how to prepare them and their nutritional values.
The Contestants who took part in the Cuisine competition included;

I. Chiazor Nneka.
She prepared Nsala and pounded Yam.
The ingredients used were; Chicken, Catfish, Crabfish, Crayfish, Ogili Okpei, Oziza, Pepper, Salt, Utazi leaves, Onions, Water and Yam for thickening the soup and to be pounded.

2. Emeifeozor Jophita Awele.
She prepared Ogbonu and Pounded Yam.
Ingredients; Grounded Ogbonu, Crayfish (Dawadawa), Beaf, Stockfish, Kpomor, Ogiri Ugba, Dryfish, Onions, Pepper, Pumpkin leaves, water and Yam to be pounded.

3. Ikechukwu Irene.
She prepared Egwusi and Fufu.
Ingredients; Grounded Egwusi seeds, Stockfish, Beaf, fresh tomatoes, fresh Pepper, Crayfish, palm oil, Bitter leaf, Pumpkin leaves, Onions, Water and raw Fufu to be prepared.

4. Okonkwo Marvis
Her delicacy was Ujuju and Fufu (Akpun).
Ingredients; sprouting fresh Ujuju leaves, Beaf, Dryfish, Crayfish, Palm oil, Salt, Pepper, Onions, Maggi, Water and raw Fufu to be prepared to Akpun.

5. Nwabuokwu Onyiye.
Pounded yam and banger soup (Inigi na Ofeakwu)
Ripe Palm fruits, Dryfish, Crabfish, Crayfish, Ogili Okpei, Ogili Ofasi (prepared locust bean seeds), Pepper, Salt, Water and Yam for thickening and to be pounded.

6. Okwuzi Kidochukwu Faith.
Her delicacy was Yam and Garden egg sauce.
Yam, Garden eggs (Awelee), fresh tomatoes, Palm oil, Smoke fish, Crayfish, Salt, Onions, Spices, Water and Yam.

7. Okoronkwo Mary.
She prepared Ofe Oseani and Inigi (Pounded yam).
Crabfish, (Ishi Okpolokpo) Crayfish, Ogili Isi, Ogili Okpi (native maggi), Dryfish, Utazi, Pepper, Salt, Water and Yam to be pounded.
The soup is prepared in the mortar and eaten directly from the mortar. It is not boiled.

8.Olisenekwu Sylvian
Prepared Ofe Unoku and Akpun.
Unoku leaves, Ripe Palm fruits, Dryfish, Beaf, Crayfish, Pepper, Onions, Ogili isi, Ogili Okpi and Fufu.

9. Otulu Precious.
Her delicacy was Nsala Egwusi and Akpun.
Beaf, fresh Catfish, Crabfish, Crayfish, Stockfish, Ogili isi, fresh pepper, Grounded Olima (uwoi), Oziza, Utazi leaves, Spices Water and Fufu.

10. Osadume Isioma.
Hers was Yam and Red Oil Sauce.
Palm oil, Tomatoes, Fresh pepper, Onions, Crayfish, Salt Water and Yam to be boiled and eaten with the Red oil Sauce.

At the end of the hour long cooking and presentation ceremonies by the 10 contestants, Otulu Precious emerged winner with her Nsala Egwusi delicacy which she asserted is the best meal for everyone during the wet season and most suitable for convalescing patients.
Nwabuokwu Onyiye Faith, came 2nd with her Ofeakwu delicacy as he claimed the meal is rich in vital nutrients necessary for good health, while Okoronkwo Mary placed 3rd with her Ofe Oseani delicacy, which adjudged the quickest meal to prepare but very rich in vital nutrients and very good for nursing mothers and convalescing patients.

All the ten contestants now head to Mount Ned Nwoko Resort, Idumuje Ugboko, on 11th November 2017, for the grand finale of the contest which will include fashion shows and Anioma dress codes, where the final Miss Teen Anioma 2017 will emerge.

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