Hon. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko NMN, the front line contender for the Delta North Senate Seat..


By Iroroh Frank

On this day, 21st December, 1960, a child was born into the Royal Family of Idumuje-Ugboko, in Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria.
Today, that little child is Hon. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, NMN. The Prince of Anioma region.

The community where he was born, is now a centre of international spotlights due to the priceless antecedents of this great Prince of Anioma land.

The name his parents gave to him was Chinedu, abbreviated and fondly called “Ned”. A three letter word pregnant with positive personalised meaning.

As a young man, his sense of marriage ideologies if practiced by our men of today, will reenact the pride of womanhood.

Ned, considered simple with humble disposition is clad with weighty truckloads of kind encomiums from the poor, the rich, children and the aged.

The Prince of Anioma, Hon Ned Munir Nwoko, a gender friendly and a philanthropist is crowd fetish. This is demonstrated in his styles of hosting arrays of people, a direct antithesis of typical religious fanatics.
Ned caters for people as they troupe into his abode at Idumuje-ugkoko and Abuja in large numbers, exudes accolades from his benevolent nature not unmindful of the phrase, “beware the ides of march.” Smart yet docile, he exhumes a superman attributes.

A national and international figure, Ned has seen the good, the bad and the ugly.
Abreast with this, the use of “yes,” “yes” is adopted as a motivational tool for him to reach out to myriad of issues for the growing concern of the people, these are footprints of legends.
For a man of few words, but many actions in the political, economic, legal, humanitarianism and business terrain, the unarchived questions are will the power of “No” as a motivational word merit a face in Ned’s style of benevolence? Will the use of “No” as an idealistic power of motivation mar or make his outstanding qualities enshrined in promises, survived the test of time? Indeed, its a clash of words, “Yes” versus “No” in a motivational race.

Hon. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko NMN, is exemplary in a dignified manner generally but especially amongst the people of Anioma .

He has made reasonable steps to go to the Senate in the 2019 Delta North Senatorial race, the Governor of Delta State, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa should not blink an eyelid with Ned as his sole choice.
A departure from this will be detrimental to the people of Anioma and counter productive for the Delta state 2019 Gubernatorial race in Anioma support stead.

As a grassroot man and lover of African tradition, Ned’s international attributes did not hinder his quest to set up the SPORTS, TECHNOLOGY AND ARTS (STARS), UNIVERSITY in his home community, Idumuje-ugboko, a gesture intended to give back to his people the care and love they had showered on him over the years.

The STARS university will became a world class citadel of learning for all sports enthusiasts and academic tasty youths.
It will be the best university for the children of Anioma region and non indigenes far and near.
It will be a disservice to our people not to take advantages of the numerous gains of the university soonest.
Those fueling the flames of discords over the site of the University should sheath their swords to allow the community experience real and unparalleled transformations which such institutions ushered into any community where they are situated.

Vast majority of people view Ned as a selfless man who carters for everyone whilst his personal needs remains a reflection of the smiles he derives from beneficiaries.

This legend of our time and a modern day philosopher, is the man who stopped recession in Nigeria. Through his foresights and high intuitive instincts, he singlehandedly initiated legal processes that led to the refunds of billions of dollars of wrongful deductions of States and Local Government Councils funds, otherwise called the Paris Club Loan Refunds.
The legal battles waged by Ned over the past years using his law firm, Ned Nwoko Solicitors and his Company, Linas Int. Inc., today saved Nigeria from economic crunch.
Through his eagle eyes, Ned was able to see tomorrow, intervened and the results of his efforts is the “AWUFU” money been enjoyed by the States and Local Government Councils across the country.

Ned has made up his mind to go to the Senate to represent the good people of Delta North Senatorial District, and he has mapped out plans for the total transformation of the region within the shortest possible time with his cutting-edge Agro revolutionary programmes and awesome technological advancement roadmap, Delta North region, with Ned as Senate will be a centrepiece of innovative ideas and fastest growing economy in the country. And the people of Anioma will once again be reinvigorated in their pride heritage of hardwork and excellence.

Ned is indeed powerful, mystic and positive.
He is also very loving and generous, hence it is in his nature, therefore, to agree to have everyone as his guests and to help them wear smiles on their faces and encourage them to have confidence in themselves, to live a joyful life and develop positive attitude for endearing future.

Unmindful of the dangers of open door policy occasioned by free interactions with known and unknown persons, some of hidden treacherous tendencies who may become threats, Ned is resolute on accepting everyone as they come and see them off as they leave.
The simple and humility displays by this iconic and an astute leader of global repute is legendary. suffice it to say that Ned is a Nigerian Colossus .

As he steps out to be the spokesman of Delta North region at the Senate, all the ordinary citizens of the region and the bourgeoisie are in support of him, insisting that the 2019 Delta North senatorial seat should not miss him because of what he will attract to the zone with the position and expressing joy that the tragic neglects of Anioma Nation will soon be a thing of the past.

Great people of Anioma Nation! Stay focused and resolute in your support for Ned Nwoko for Senate 2019. Consolidate your strongholds, be the last man standing in the fight for what you feel is the right thing to do and be rest assured that you will witnessed a positive turnaround in your fortune in a very short time.

The choice of Hon Ned Nwoko as the 2019 Delta North Senator, is more apt because it means, after the heat, comes the cooling effect of rain.

Hon. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, NMN is 57 today.

While we rejoice with him as he clocks 57, we want to remind all Anioma citizens that Ned is indeed the CONSCIENCE OF JUSTICE. Sculpture his image in your heart as you exercise your franchise in the polls with your votes.


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