By Frank Iroroh.

Today, sixty years ago, a child was born into the royal household of the ancient kingdom of Idumuje Ugboko.
Now the world stands in loud ovation for the child because he has grown to become a source of hope for humanity.
At this juncture, I want to say a happy birthday to my boss, the Antarctica explorer, the malaria eradicator, the living legend, Prince of philanthropy, Odogwu Anioma, Awollo Delta, the Lion of Africa, international legal luminary. I am referring to no other person than the most iconic and the most charismatic Hon Prince Dr Ned Munir Nwoko, as he turned 60 today

My Star Prince Sir, today, may you be filled with all the love and warmth you spread each day to countless people around the globe.
May all of your wishes and dreams come true.
You are a beautiful and caring soul and you deserve all the best life has to offer.
I am so grateful you came into the world because you have cobntinue to make it better every day.

As it was said “the heavens is set ablaze on the birth of Prince.” Your 60th birthday today, is of course being commemorated with great fanfare both on ground and in social media across the world and in African continent especially because you are a special gift to the continent and humanity in general.
As you are being honoured today with a book launch by a college of your well wishers, permit me to let you know that the social media ecosystem is also awashed with birthday wishes from your numerous fans.
From the simplest hbd to the most amusing birthday emoji your fans have expressed warm felicity as you turn 60 today.

Sir, permit me to represent few samples of the birthday comments from your them, which were posted on numerous Facebook groups across the country:

Franca Nneka wrote, “happy birthday to my lovely father, our Anioma patron you will see your children’s children in Jesus name Amen”

Comr Tom Chizea Obi wrote, “good one for my own better person, Hon Ned Nwoko, the lion of Africa.”

Emmnuella Toyin Ajibade, wrote, ” happy birthday to you Sir, may you celebrate more fruitful years on earth.”

Henrietta Chinwe wrote, “happy birthday to you, may the good Lord continue to bless you.”

Joy Ogbeide wrote, “happy birthday to you Sir, I wish you long life, good health and more prosperity, happy more years to come sir.”

Queen Zee, wrote, “happy birthday Sir, may Allah grant you many more years in good health, cheers.”

Cynthia Ngozi Okafor wrote, “happy birthday Sir, wish you long life in sound health”.

Otibho Dike wrote, “happy birthday Sir, many more years to celebrate.”

Chika Okafor wrote “happy birthday Sir, age gracefully”

Agbalanze Anaegbu Achaea wrote “happy birthday uncle wishing ya many years ahead—“

Charles Tricia Ify wrote “happy birthday to you Sir, many more years”

Samuel Aideyan wrote “happy birthday Hon Dr Ned Nwoko. God be with you. Have a great Christmas”

And so on, too numerous to mention, they are close to 2000 and still counting

Continue your good work Sir, lots of people are taking note of your untiring contributions to make the world a better place to live.

Once more happy 60th birthday Sir.

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