It was a huge relief for Anioma people, (particularly for those who honestly want Governor Okowa to complete his second term in office), when the Lion of Anioma land, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko formally confirmed his interest in the 2019, Delta
North Senate seat under the PDP.
Since after he stormed the PDP stakeholders meeting, held at Kwale, 3rd February, in an extraordinary grandstyle, many PDP stalwarts, those who felt left out in the current scheme of things and who would have worked against the party’s interest because of the likes of Nwaoboshi, have found renewed hope in the party.
Generally, the presence of Prince Ned Nwoko in the party has reinvigorated and rejuvenated the PDP support base across Delta north senatorial district.

Prince Ned Nwoko, addresses his supporters at his Idumuje Ugboko, Tourist Resorts.

The PDP party faithfuls in Delta North were jubilant that the Star Prince of Anioma nation and the Messiah of Modern Nigeria has decided to pursue his political interest in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP instead of the ruling APC, where he would have teamed up with the likes of Dr Ibe Kachikwu, Prof. Pat Utomi, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, Hon. Chief Cairo Ojougboh and others, to make it impossible for PDP to retain the Delta North Senate seat.

However, the incumbent Senator, Peter Nwaoboshi has been having sleepless nights.
As he catch cold due to the intimidating presence of Prince Ned Nwoko in the senatorial race and as usual, like a Pig in the mud, he has been using his tail, legs and snout to throw muds at the rare White Eagle of Anioma land and anybody who he thinks is supporting the Star Prince’s senatorial aspiration.

Everyone wants to have a handshake with the Star Prince of Anioma land, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, at Kwale meeting of PDP stakeholders. 3rd February 2018.

We know very well that Nwaoboshi as always, will play dirty in this race and we are fully prepared to haul him out of the stinky muddy politics he has littered on Anioma land and cleanse the land of his filthy footsteps.

Nwaoboshi’s stinkyness, unfitness and uncleanliness to represent Anioma people at the exalted Red Chamber of the National Assembly is nauseating to be tolerated any longer and Anioma people have rose to send him packing.

Nwaoboshi in his desperation to imposed himself on the good people of Anioma nation, has been playing underground crook games characteristics of him.

While prominent Anioma chiefs and Kings have intervened to settle the Idumuje Ugboko crises, Nwaoboshi as a supposed senator of the district has been fueling the crises by funding a party to the conflict.
Ofcourse, we have evidence to the fact that he has been pressuring a party to the crises not to give ground to any negotiable settlement, just to use it to campaign against Prince Ned Nwoko’s political interest.
This is how queer and crooked he can play his crude politics.

Nwaoboshi has unleashed his media hirings on the living legend of Anioma land, Prince Ned Nwoko. They have attacked him on his religious faith but failed woefully because Anioma people refused to buy into their religious bigotry.

They have attacked him for establishment a university in his community, because in their widest dreams, they do not think it is possible to have a Sports University in Anioma land, they feel Anioma people does not deserve such a prestigious citadel of higher academic excellence, the first of its kind in Africa.

They have disputed his singular roles in the Paris Club Loan Excess Deduction Refunds because they are perplexed and amazed that such a huge feat could be achieved by an Anioma son and because they lack the foresight and mental capacity to fathom how such could be possibly accomplished.

Mammoth crowd welcomed Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko to the PDP stakeholders meeting at Kwale. 3rd February 2018

They have gone further to alleged that the Great Lion of Anioma land has married and impregnated a 17 year old girl. You see how daft they can reason?

Prince Ned Nwoko is not impotent, as a wealthy Prince he can marry as many wives as he can possibly take care of and put them in a family way. The only string attached to this, is that as a Prince, such girls must be virgin. Prince Ned Nwoko’s grandfather married 33 wives, all virgins.
Prince are Eagles, Eagles do not feed on carcass.
So, Unlike Nwaoboshi who haul whores from one hotel room to another, leaving so many of them with bitter tales to tell, Prince Ned Nwoko respects, protects and empowers the womenfolk.

Nwaoboshi like a drowning man has gone hirewire to attack anybody that is supporting the Rescue Anioma 2019, movement of Prince Ned Nwoko. He has recently unleashed his arrant e-rats on Hon. Chief Monu-Olarewaju, because in his estimation, he guess the woman might want to contest for the Aniocha/Oshimili Federal constituency Rep.
In case he has lost his memory, Hon. Chief Chinwe Monu-Olarewaju contested for PDP primaries for Aniocha/Oshimili Federal constituency in 2015 and she has all the right under the sun to vie for the position in 2019.
Talking of her achievements as an Assembly member, her impeccable records as a House Assembly representative of Oshimili South is there for those who care to research on her activities in the House to go and take a cursory peep into.

Nwaoboshi is now singing equity for second term and trying to equate the governor’s second term reelection bid with his own, but he seems to have forgotten that the governor did not and has never promise anybody that he is going for only a single term.
Nwaoboshi cannot swear before the shrines he pay sacrifices to or the Bible he pretend to be carrying, that he did not knee before Prince Ned Nwoko, at his Idumuje Ugboko Castle, to plead for his support on the ground that he will run for only one tenure.
They were eyewitnesses to this pledged. If he now renege on his pledge, he should be prepared to meet Prince Ned Nwoko on the field.

Nwaoboshi has performed abysmally as a senator, his woeful performance is staggering.
Can you imagine that he is parading a visit of some Principal Officers of the Senate to his village as an achievement. What did that brought to the community? Just ordinary ego massaging? Is that an achievement?

Maybe Nwaoboshi regards Saraki as a god that has not been reached by any human being.
Little wonder, Nwaoboshi, fears Saraki like death. He dare not cough in Saraki’s presence and that is why he has never for one day voice out the concerns of Anioma people at the floor of the Senate.
Even, when a monarch was gruesomely murdered by herdsmen in his district, Nwaoboshi could not gather courage to denounce the barbaric action or summoned the wits to move a motion for the Senate to despatch a delegation to console the community as his mates had done on similar incidents.
Nwaoboshi has remained deaf and dumb on the ranging Cattle Colony issue because of the fear of Saraki.
He has comprised his voice and invariably the voices of Anioma people, that is why he most be recall back.

Nwaoboshi has continue to claim glory for NDDC projects as if the intervention Agency was his creation.
We know that NDDC as an intervention Agency, created to meet some developmental challenges facing oil bearing communities, has done numerous projects in Delta north before Nwaoboshi became a senator and the Agency will still do much more projects in the district after Nwaoboshi, so he cannot continue to deceive our people for jobs which are executed by the Agency.

Nwaoboshi is surcharging Anioma people for his lack of capacity to influence other federal ministries’ project to Delta north.

Anioma people are aware that Nwaoboshi’s election to represent the district at the Senate was a mistake and they have rose and vowed to correct the mistake come 2019.

Nwaoboshi has been rejected by Anioma people, his mudslinging tactics cannot redeem his battered image.

My people: why talk about Mr SPON who is just a Spoon used in scupping peoples money to pay his staff salaries.


Hon, chief Mrs Chinwe monu-olarewaju
The Director of Media,
Media Directorate,
Rescue Anioma 2019,
Ned Nwoko for Senate.

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