OKOWA/NED 2019, WILL BE ACTUALISED ….. Dr Michael Nwoko

Dr Michael Nwoko admiring the award plague in his office.

– Dr Michael Nwoko

Report by Jerry Onwumah.

In a chat with some media outfits in his office at Asaba, the SA Special to Governor Okowa(Special Duties) on Contributory Health Commission, Dr. Michael Nwoko, stated that Okowa/Ned 2019 aspirations would be actualised consequent on Hon. Ned’s understanding of the dynamics of SMART Agenda.


In response to a question posed to him to clarify what he meant, he stated that Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko stands tall among all senatorial aspirants, across party affiliations, to complement His Excellency’s pragmatic approach to governance.

He elucidated on the SMART Agenda and noted that it was well thought out and could be best summarised as Contemporary Development Strategy’.

He emphasised that all that was germane to development of nations included wealth generation, infrastructural development, job creation and human capital development, aptly captured in the strategy and being judiciously implemented.

While attempting a contemporary analysis of development strategies across nations of the world, the medically trained Special Assistant, stated that countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia among others are fore runners of this same concept being adopted by Gov. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.

Dr. Nwoko stated that Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko’s exposure is beyond politicking and governance in Nigeria; this puts him in the stead of political actors who understand concept, strategy and good governance. Speaking further, he said that Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko’s antecedence, considering his attainments politically and in private endeavors simply defines him as “Service Personified”.

He emphasised that the Governor needs a visionary party man who has procured popular acceptability, from both elites and the masses, through previous successful initiatives, personal relationship with the people and proven accountability on all fronts.

Dr Michael Nwoko interacting with reporters in his office.

Dr. Nwoko summarised the media chat urging press men to assist in passing the message to Aniomas that the senatorial manifesto of Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is a Statement of Trust with the people, targeted at complementing the Governor’s development stride, corroborating his pronouncements on prosperity and placing Anioma in it’s rightful place at the Senate.


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