One Owelle Awele Onokwai Snr, a mentally slow, a shallow minded; divisive and inciting under dog writer of a village shrine chief priest wrote in his graveside dirge of 24th January 2018, titled *WHEN A MUSLIM FANATIC AND EXTREMIST DARES THE RICH CULTURAL HERITAGE OF ANIOMA NATION*
In this shallow minded write up, he tried in an obvious act of desperation, inferred a political inferno he ignited, to meant to be an attack on the rich Anioma cultural heritage.

Onokwai miserably; alas mischievously, did not provide a link to the article in question, but went solo with his funeral songs, as he grieved over fossils of his near extinct political oracle.

Onokwai, like a man caught by his own trap, is sobbing and beckoning to Anioma people to come to his aid having realised that his lecherous political Oracle is headed for the political internment site, following the exposition of pictures related to his satanic vices.

Onokwai while displaying the shallowness of his reasoning faculty, forgot that when he points a finger at an imaginary enemy, four of his own fingers are always directed at him.

For the enlightenment of Anioma people, it is never news to you all that Onokwai and his hunger afflicted, brain damaged social media nincompoops of a fetish village shrine chief priest, had deployed and he is still deploying religious hate speeches only known to haters and religious bigots, to malign the good reputation of our Principal, Prince Ned Nwoko on account of his religious faith. All in attempts to mudsling his personality and bring his image to public opprobrium.

The content of his article referred above said it all and he has continued to use terms like Alhaji, Abdumunir, terrorist, herdsmen to incite his gullible cohorts against our Principal’s political focus.

But for only one media shot we fired at his camp, he started weeping and while shedding bitter tears in the referred article, Onokwai’s imagery is seen beckoning and gesturing to Anioma bystanders, to curry their sympathy as he realised that the end has come for his religious bigotry and for the era of his Political Oracle.

Onokwai actually know that his Oracle’s sojourn to the Senate terminally ends by 2019.

He knows that Anioma people have concluded that his Oracle representing them at the Senate was a failed political experiment that is very costly and will not be repeated by the people come 2019.


Prior to the viral exposed of the fetish photographs of the voodoo chief priest (Senator Peter O. Nwaoboshi), on the social media, Onokwai and his Oracle’s arrant e-rats, had presented their paymaster as a hollowed Pope and a man of God of the Roman Catholic Faith, and they had continued endlessly but with without success to bring our Principal’s religious belief into public ridicule by associating him with terrorism, extremist and killer herdsmen; all in a bid to incite Anioma people against their own Prince, Ned Nwoko, a true Anioma son who has done well to better the land.

Although, we refrained all this while, because we had no time to waste on petty issues. Especially when we had much to talk about with regards to the sparkling qualities of our Principal.
However, under these inciting circumstances, we can no longer fold our hands and allow easy chase miscreants of a fetish worshiper to continue to have a field day with their deformatory comments and dirty politics against our Principal’s image.

Therefore, to this end and from now onwards, it is going to be an operation fire for fire, to let Onokwai and his mentally deluded Oracle hallelujah praise singers know that there are consequences when they put their fingers on a beehive.

So, contrary to a Saintly Roman Catholic portrait they seem to have painted Senator Peter Nwaoboshi and presented to Anioma people as a hallowed leader, it is now crystal clear that he is actually a two faced man.
He is Janus-faced; as he is synonymous with backhandedness, treachery, deceptiveness, lasciviousness, backstabbing and everything associated with spiral religious facade.

Thus, let the good people of Anioma land not be swayed or carried away by the tears streaming down the cheeks of Mr Owelle Awele Onokwai Snr and his deceptive associates under the watch of Sen Nwaoboshi; because as one of the agents of the devil, just like the Sapent, they normally approach their victims with innocent faces, sugar coated tongues and deceitful languages to buy their souls for the devil.

Anioma people cannot go back to the era of occultic politics again and the battle to rescue the soul of Anioma land from the hands of men of dark coven and evil shrines, like Senator peter Nwaoboshi has started and it is a task that must be accomplished.

On a wider dimension, Owelle Awele Onokwai Snr keep maligning our Principal’s good name with terms such as; herdsmen because his shallowness of mind and blindness could not allow him to notice that he is playing hate politics.
Onokwai failed to tell Anioma people that the man (The Senate President), whom his Oracle runs kurukere after while carrying his briefcase as he tiptoes in the Senate Chambers timidly, is also a Muslim.
Thus, by Owelle’s assertion and implication, all muslims are herdsmen, Saraki whom Nwaoboshi runs after at the Red Chambers is a Muslin; so therefore, the senate president is a herdsman…
If all muslims are herdsmen and Nwaoboshi is a briefcase carrier for Muslims at the Senate Chambers, it simply means that Nwaoboshi is also a herdsman.

To be more serious, the photographs of a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria adorned in a terrible and dreadful red attire with a marked demonlike face, brandishing a demonic cutlass, threatening onlookers and tormenting harmless domestic animal in a bizarre demonic and satanic ritual activity, is never part of our Anioma culture.

It is a dreadful occult practice.

It is scary and Satanic.

Such extreme display of crudeness and barbarism by a Seating Senator, to the glare of the world press, is a serious image battering to the already floundering image of Nigeria to say the least.

Such satanic practices are capable of scaring foreign Tourists and investors away from Delta State cum Anioma land and scuttle all the untiring efforts being put in place by the present administration of Delta State, under the leadership of His Excellency, Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, the executive Governor of Delta State, to develop the Tourism sector in the State in a bid to attracting foreign investors towards investing in Delta State and creating more needed jobs for our youths.

To the good people of Anioma land who were almost misinformed by the weeping Onokwai, the exposed satanic and Voodooist pictures of our seating Senator in this 21st century is the least image anybody could create for us at this time.

The world has changed, we are now in a new global order which requires Nations all over the world to embrace and develop aspects of their culture that attract tourists and investors and do away with those that give them bad images, scare people away from their land and prevent investors from investing in their economy.

This is why Anioma people must think deep in their minds to know those who are projecting our culture and those who are subjecting it to international ridicule.

The Star Prince of Anioma, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is number one promoter of Anioma culture, he has built monuments and sponsored cultural events to that effects, because Anioma culture is very dear to his heart.

International Golf Course at Mount Ned Nwoko Tourist Resort, Idumuje Ugboko.

But Peter Nwaoboshi, a senator representing Anioma people at the senate, he has always engaged in practices which seem to undermine our culture – which holds human dignity as a foremost requirement as a part of a civilised world.

Our Star Prince builds Castle to promote Anioma culture, attracts tourists and investors to Anioma land.

Ned Nwoko Castle at Mount Ned Nwoko Tourist Resort Centre, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State, Nigeria.

The Oracle built fetish Shrines to scare tourists and investors away from Anioma land.

2019 provides opportunity for Anioma people to follow the part of light. It is going to be a fight between darkness and light. We must burn and bury evil shrines and their Oracles, and enthrone light in our land, for our collective growth and development.

Anioma people have rejected Peter Nwaoboshi because he is an evil man.

They have accepted Prince Ned Nwoko to represent them at the Senate because he is a good man.

Ned radiates light and love.

Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi radiates darkness and evil.

We reject a village shrine chief priest as our senator.
We reject Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, an evil man.

Preach Ned Nwoko everywhere you go.

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By MaRio Adams, Wise Prince Ajede and Iroroh Frank.
Rescue Anioma 2019,
Ned Nwoko For Senate.
Media Directorate.

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