The ward’s PDP women wing.


HRH Nburicie Odili, the Okpara Ukwu of Idumuesah and his wife (left) Chief P. M. Egbule the Ozomor of Idumuesah (right).


The father of the Governor, Elder Chief Arthur Okowa being welcome to the occasion by Chief Barr. Frank Nwugo.

Dr Mike Orie, SSA to the Governor on health matters was there to ensure that things went well.
Cross section of the beneficiaries of the empowerment.
Hon. Jude Ugboh, SA to the Governor on political matters
Ika North East PDP chairmanship candidate for the Jan LGC election, Barr. Victor Eborka. (Middle).s
Chief S. Eluro, the SA to the Governor Security matters (right) and other high chiefs


Idumuesah community, Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, was set agog on Thursday as the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in the Ward, rolled out drums to acknowledged the contributions of the party’s faithfuls in the ward for their efforts in making PDP solid and strong in the ward.

The occasion witnessed the endorsement of Governor Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa for a second term in office.
The endorsement came after a vote of confidence was passed on the Smart Governor following a voice vote by the marmot crowd at the meeting which was attended by party stalwarts in the State, the traditional ruler of the community, high Chiefs and the leadership of the party in the Local government Area.

Addressing the cheering crowd, Chief Godwin Ogadi, the ebullient Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Ika North East Local government Area and Chairman of all PDP Local Government Chairmen in the State, who was visibly overwhelmed with happiness and joy over the huge turnout and the electrifying atmosphere at the occasion, told the people to remain faithful to the People’s Democratic Party, saying that the party remains the only political party in the State with the right programmes, policies and the capacities to bring about unity, even development and prosperity across the State.
Chief Ogadi extolled the the developmental strides of Governor Okowa and enjoined the people of the community to remain faithful to the Party and the administration of Governor Okowa.
He commended the Party leaders in the ward for ironing out their differences and coming together as a strong united body, saying that now that the storm in the Party in the ward is over, more dividends of Democracy will come to the community.
He further stated that he has taken stocks of the complaints of the community and assured the people that their plights will be placed at the front burners of the Party and the Government for appropriate actions.
In his words “I am happy to witnessed this large gathering of the faithfuls of our great party, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.
I am equally happy to see you all working together once more, it shows that the storm among you is over, that you have resolved your differences, this is good for the community and good for the party.”
“We heard your complaints which is visibly genuine, we will report back to our leaders and ensure that prompt actions are taking to address them,” he concluded.

Earlier in his welcome address, a PDP stalwart in the ward, Chief Barr. Frank Nwugo, SSA to the Governor on Internal Revenue Generation, while welcoming the Party leaders to the community, described the ward as a strong PDP territory and assured the Party that the ward’s over 10,000 voting strengths will be delivered to the Party in all the future elections as it has always done before.
Chief Nwugo, while commending Governor Okowa for appointing three sons of the community as his Aides also reminded the Governor of the deplorable conditions of link roads to the community and that of the Primary Schools in the community.
Chief Nwugo, whose address was presented by Mr Emmanuel Tudebi, the Chairman of PDP in the ward, also draw the attentions of the Party leaders to the fact that the community despite her overwhelming votes and strong support for PDP since the current dispensation, had never produced the Local Government Council Chairman, The Secretary to the Local Government Council, The Local Government Council’s Vice Chairman, The House of Assembly member and The House of Rep member in the area.
He enjoined the leaders of the party to faithfully look into the complaints and ensure that the principles of equity prevails in the distributions of political positions in the area to give the community a sense of belonging.

Also, when asked what were the purposes of the gathering, Mr Gab Ijegbulem who is the ward Secretary of PDP and coordinator of the occasion, stated that it was primarily aimed to bring the leadership of the Party in the LGA, the State and the party faithfuls in the ward together, to demonstrate and show the party’s appreciations to her loyal grassroot footsoldiers for their labours in the party’s electoral successes and to encourage them to remain committed to the Party.
As he puts it, “you know, PDP is a grassroot political party, we are on ground, as you can see the huge turnout here, we have to mingle with our base to show them that we recognises and appreciates their inputs in our electoral successes, we do not wait for elections before meeting with the people like the oppositions normally do.”
When asked whether it was an empowerment programme judging by the fact that cash awards were given to some individuals, Mr Ijegbulem said, “well it is an empowerment in the sense that at this time of harsh economic situation in the country, nothing is too small for people to add to their businesses and keep going, but this is a unique kind of empowerment, I would rather call it “extending helping hands” to loyal party faithfuls in the ward because the money been given out to people is not from the Government but from individual contributions among the party leaders in the community.
I personally contributed about Three hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N350,000.00),’ I am not a political appointee and I have not done any contract with the Government but the fact is that Governor Okowa is my man and I feel nothing is too big for me to do to keep PDP strong in my ward for his reelection come 2019.”
On the vote of confidence passed on Governor Okowa and the endorsement of his second term in office, Mr Ijegbulem described Governor Okowa as a big blessing to Deltans, maintaining that he has done creditably well in the face of the economic downturn in the country.
In conclusion, Mr Ijegbulem enquiringly ask, “did you estimate what the situation would have been in the State at this time if Deltans hadn’t elected a prudent manager of resources like Governor Okowa to run the affairs of the State?”

The joyful occasion was Chaired by Chief Godwin Ogadi and witnessed by the Okpara Ukwu of Idumuesah Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Mburichie Odili and the father of the Smart Governor, Elder Chief Arthur Okowa.
Among other dignitaries at the occasion were Chief P. M Egbule, the Ozomor of Idumuesah, Chief P. A Eluem, (former Clark of Delta State House of Assembly) and the Adolor of Idumuesah, Chief S. O Otoniekwu, the Eribo of Idumuesah, Chief Mrs P. O Ozue, the Isioma Etu Ugoh of Idumuesah, others included Chief Mrs Agbogwe, the Odaze of Idumuesah and SA to the Governor on women mobilisation, Dr Mike Orie, the Chief Physician to the Governor, Chief Barr. Frank Nwugo SSA to the Governor, (Internal Revenue Generation), Hon. Jude Ugboh, SA to the Governor (political matters), Chief S. E. Eluebo, the Okairoro of Ejeme Aniogor, Chief Eluro, the Onyewebuodaeso of Owa Kingdom and SA to the Governor (Security matters), Hon. J. C. Aleh, Secretary LEA, Ika North East LGA and many other prominent chiefs and political leaders from within and outside the LGA.
The highlights of the occasion were the presentations of cash awards ranging from N20,000.00, N30,000.00, N50,000.00 to N100,000.00 to about 300 PDP faithfuls in the ward.
The occasion also witnessed the introductions of the Party’s LGA Chairmanship candidate for the forthcoming Local Government elections, Barr. Victor Eborka aka AlanK and the Party’s ward councillorship candidate (WD10), Mr Ewere Obieze.

Cross section of guests at the occasion.


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