Prince Ned Nwoko, the RESCUER of Delta North and the favourite for the Senate Seat of the District come 2019.


    The definition of politics as a competitive game targeted at acquisition, consolidation and use of power is very apt in an attempt to explain the need for Political Parties to present popular candidates for the general elections.

    The interest of Prince Ned Nwoko in the senatorial race has grown in leaps and bound to the extent that majority who have never met the Idumuje-Ugboko born Prince, seek to just have a time with him. His political tours across the district have in no mean measure demonstrated his acceptability to all and sundry.

    While political Aides and friends of some other aspirants, in a bid to project their choices, have attempted to spite the aspiration of Hon. Ned, his quest has continued to receive endorsements from political stakeholders, elite groups, occupational associations and the general public.

    Without prejudice to the fact that Primaries are internal party affairs, the need to be pragmatic in the election of party candidates cannot be overemphasized.

    The rate of political exposure on the part of the electorate, consequent upon the awareness about the working of the PVC, makes the forthcoming primaries a ‘hot chase’, which no serious political party would afford to toil with.

    Realistically, gone are the days when electoral victories were easily determined, sitting down in a cozy atmosphere and giving directives to party members.

    Such methods have fallen short, among other factors that determine electoral successes in contemporary political practice. The extent of political awareness and belief in the Electoral Methods has shifted the tide.

    The truth is that electoral contests are becoming more competitive to the extent that an unpopular candidate cannot easily be rigged into office again, as it was in previous years.

    Funny enough, while ballot box stuffing and bribery of electoral offices held sway previously, the in-thing today is vote buying and ‘stomach infrastructure’. There is indeed a ‘paradigm shift’ in contemporary politicking.

    This therefore presupposes that every party that has a target towards clinching victory at the polls must at all cost present a candidate that has a wide reach and could easily appeal to the conscience of the people.

    It is therefore my humble opinion that the selling point of  anyone who aspires to lead a people, should be an unbiased presentation of his previous deliveries, whether in private concerns or in public office.

    This goes to tell the electorate the capacity of such aspirant and his understanding of the true sense of leadership.

    Closely following the above would be a detailed scrutiny of the candidate’s accessibility and rapport with both the elite and the masses before he/she made his intention known.

    There has been this emergency brigade approach in relating with the people, especially through questionable empowerment programmes, just to curry political support.

    Here comes in Prince Ned Nwoko, a household name in the political scene with track record of humanitarian gestures in his private capacity.

    A man whose home is a cathedral of sort to seekers, the down trodden among others; a philanthropist per excellence. A former member of House of Representatives with track record of sponsoring people-centered bills and attracting projects to his people.

    He is a politician who has never been hunted or accused of embezzlement from any quarter.

    He is a Prince of international repute that has a name among ‘The Decent’ in the land to protect.

    His aspiration to represent Anioma Senatorial District at the Senate is founded on ANTECEDENCE, SERVICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

    He is indeed the chosen one!!!

    Anioma, Arise! Prince Ned Nwoko would re-write our SENATORIAL STORY.




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