Power Rotation: DC-23 Response Did Not Address Issues Raised – Oghenesivbe


Power Rotation: DC-23 Response Did Not Address Issues Raised – Oghenesivbe.

…Says His Love For Chef James Ibori Is Expressed In Numerous Published Stories, Articles Spanning 22 Years.

Justice of the Peace and Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Communications, Olorogun Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, JP, has berated the Assistant National Publicity Secretary of DC-23 political lobby group, Mr Festus Pemu, over what he called public display of gross incompetence in his assigned responsibility.

The media strategist in his response to DC-23 statement by Pemu, wherein he gave ultimatum to Oghenesivbe to retract his radio interview on power rotation, and apologise to chief James Ibori. said the lobby group cleverly overlooked the facts articulated in the interview and sort to seek refuse under the impeccable reputation of Chief James Ibori, adding that such face saving strategy does not hold waters in modern day media politics.

Oghenesivbe therefore request DC-23 to revisit his well articulated events of 2014/2015 before and during PDP gubernatorial primaries, especially the critical roles played by some key promoters of DC-23, and the quest for Urhobo governor which prompted the emergence of two factions in Urhobo Progress Union, UPU.

He also demanded a straight forward answer to the question; whether or not Olorogun David Edevbie’s governorship ambition was not funded and supported by some chieftains of DC-23 in 2015, and in the same token urged the group to immediately disband if their intention is to remotely and indirectly correct the odious and inordinate ambition of David Edevbie and his 2015 unbelievers in power rotation in the state.

The renowned political communication expert, fondly called “The Pen Eagle” by his admirers, revealed that promoters of DC-23 had a secret plan of using the group to launder the battered political image of David Edevbie, due to his anti power rotation roles in 2015, and subsequently floated the group to rebrand his governorship ambition under power rotation for 2023 governorship election.

He further asserted that the group is now in a state of dilemma since he opted out of DC-23 and let the cat out of the bag, pointing out that if power rotation was well implemented in 2015, devoid of stiff opposition by some PDP aspirants like David Edevbie, Ovie Omo Agege, from Delta Central, there would not have been in any need for a group like DC-23 to lobby Delta North and South for the governorship slot in 2023.

The multiple award winner in communication and Information strategy frowned at the petty squabbles in DC-23 responsible to his radio interview by bringing Chief James Ibori, into the picture in order to probably earn unmerited support and sympathy over failure to present a superior argument to the facts articulated in his candid opinion about what constitutes genuine and transparent power rotation devoid of political deception and indirect back stabbing as was the case during PDP gubernatorial party primaries in Asaba.

“DC-23 lobby group is more or less a scam, because you can only lobby when things are not right, or when you think you don’t merit a particular favour or position.

“And if the power rotation was well implemented in 2015, such that the beneficiary senatorial district, Delta North) was allowed to get the power without stiff opposition from some power hungry individuals in Delta central, there would have been no need for a lobby group in 2021. That DC-23 emanated from Delta central goes to show that something went wrong that the group wants to diplomatically correct without owning up to the express repudiation of power rotation by David Edevbie and some key promoters of the group.

“And instead of DC-23 to respond adequately to the issues raised and recommendations offered for Delta Central to easily scale the hurdle, one politically irrelevant Festus Pemu, who knows next to nothing in the chess game of media politics, called me out to apologise to our amiable leader,Chief James Ibori. Apologise for what?

“Let me make it clear to Pemu and his cotravellers that none of the have written stories and articles in defence or praise of Chief Ibori than my humble self. I have lost count on my media interviews and published articles expressing my unrepentant support for Chief Ibori and I deserve commendations and not cheap blackmail.

“Recently, the mass media was saturated with what APC national government called repatriation of the IBORI LOOT. And Deltans and Nigerians can testify to my media defence of Chief Ibori. I spent my hard earned money travelling round media houses defending Chief Ibori on Radio, Television stations a d wrote several storie and articles to that effect. Where was DC-23 members and Festus Pemu?

“In all my efforts writing and articulating the political sagacity and achievements of Chief Ibori in nation building, state and national politics, I did not receive a phone call of ‘thank you’ from either Chief Ibori or any of his loyalists that have benefited from his kindness.

“All my life and years of writing about Chief Ibori, I have never be appreciated either in cash or in kind. Not even a handshake with Chief Ibori, but I am not complaining. Only for a mislead Pemu, to provoke me with his self defeating statement from the pit of hell.

“In my radio interview under reference, I did say that it was rumoured that Chief Ibori phoned from London directing those concerned to allow Okowa to have the day, and I also said that David Edevbie ought to have stepped down for Okowa before the primaries on the strength of Ibori’s instructions but he failed to comply.

“And I remember saying that it is either Edevbie disobeyed the instructions of our amiable leader, Chief Ibori, to stepdown for Okowa, or that Chief Ibori did not remember to instruct him to do so. And I also said his instructions may have come late judging from the number of delegated that still voted for Edevbie, under the power rotation arrangement. What constitutes insults in all of these that Pemu and his DC-23 want me to apologise for?

“I am pretty sure that DC-23 is hiding something which is why the group is scared of facts emanating from 2025 PDP party primaries. And until they are bold enough to address the power rotation repudiation of 2015, their suspicious lobby may end in fiasco, an exercise in futility,” Oghenesivbe assured.

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