The Houston Texas Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the United States of America (USA), held her 2018 annual convention over the weekend; and at the end of the three days brain storming exercise issued a red card to President Buhari, declaring him a failed and intellectually bankrupt President.

Chief Uche Second us, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP National Chairman.

The event held at the prestigious Crowne Plaza Suites Hotel in the highbrow area of Houston from 27-29th April, enabled members of the chapter, a baby under the larger USA chapter Chaired by Dr Harold Mogokwu, to review the successes and failures of the Buhari and APC national government and compared the scorecard with that of President Jonathan administration.

The Red Card Resolution and vote of no confidence passed on President Buhari and his cabinet was hinged on the major pillars of national survival namely; security, education, science and technology, inflation and exchange rate (Forex), economic growth viewed against socioeconomic policies and programmes, infrastructure development, employment generation, good governance initiatives, war against corruption, et al.

Facilitators critically examined the Buhari administration, the state of the nation’s economy and came to the conclusion that the “perpetual blame game” adopted by the ruling party since 2015 points to absolute failure on the part of President Buhari and his team to proffer tangible and enduring solutions to the socioeconomic problems the administration created for itself right from inception.

The resolution pointed out the out-dated analogue bureaucracy adopted by Buhari administration which was made manifest during the selection of federal ministers and board appointments. It noted that it took Buhari and his cabal between six months and three years to perfect political appointments whereas President George Open Weah of Liberia made key appointments within 24 hours after taking oath of office, thereby laying weak foundation for failure.

The initial avoidable noise of arrest and prosecution of perceived corrupt people in public and private sectors at the very beginning of Buhari administration scared foreign investors away and they pulled out their huge capital from financial institutions in Nigeria, to other countries in Africa to the huge disadvantage of Nigeria.

Some Nigerians who are non PDP members at the convention agreed that Buhari has become so unpopular and that he would have been impeached by now if it were other civilised democracies.

Chief Ighoyota Amori (middle) with party chieftains at Houston Texas, USA, during the convention.

They urged Nigerians in diaspora to join hands together so as to rescue the nation from imminent civil war as can be seen from the reckless killings in the Northern part of the country particularly ethnic cleansing in Benue, murder of clergmen, Church workers and law abiding citizens of non-Hausa Fulani extraction.

It featured several brain storming sessions wherein PDP and non-party members x-rayed the socioeconomic misfortunes of the Nigerian Nation.

Speaker after speaker groaned in pains as they reflected on the sorry state of insecurity, APC orchestrated economic recession, the analogue nature of service delivery, high inflation rates, pitiable increase in pump price of petrol, the consistent devaluation of the Naira occasioned by cluess leadership.

They condemned the criminal activities of Fulani Herdsmen especially killings in Churches, farmlands without the political willpower of President Buhari to act decisively; all of those dominated the three days leadership discuss put together by PDP Houston Texas Chapter.

Chairman, USA chapter of PDP, Dr Harold Mogokwu said the APC and President Buhari bluntly refused to respond to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians; a people in dare need of protection from organised Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen kidnapping, killings and brutality, adding that the greatest mistake made by Nigerians was the emergence of Buhari as President in 2015.

National Secretary of PDP, Senator Umaru Tsauri told party members and Nigerians in Houston that the new PDP under the able chairmanship of Prince Uche Secondus has the capacity and willpower to wrestle national power from the APC and President Buhari come 2019.

He observed that Nigerians are sick and tired of the retrogressive change that the ruling party has forced down on the throats of our people.

“Nigerians are suffering untold hardship in the hands of Buhari and APC. Our national chairman is working round the clock with NWC members as well as party leaders and organised groups across the country to take back Nigeria from the evil grip of anti democratic forces domicilled in Aso Rock villa and elsewhere.

“This convention is timely and what we have discussed so far will strengthen the Houston Chapter and by exrention the larger American Chapter under Dr Harold. Our party remains the biggest party in the black continent and as a major player in constitutional democracy; we cannot afford to fold our hands while APC and its clueless leaders destroy what took PDP 16 years to build.

“I urge you to increase your membership drive and commence extensive advocacy, such that would further drum the numerous socioeconomic and political atrocities of APC and President Buhari, to the ears of world leaders and international organisations around the world.

“Our country has never been this divided and polarised by politics of hate, vengeance, deceit and cabalism as can be seen in Buhari-APC government. Nigeria is one united family with freedom of religion and association. We must rise up as a people to condemn the evil perpetuated by Buharil APC government.

“The gains of the convention must therefore reflect in our strong desires to build a new Nigeria of our dreams; and this can only be possible if we rise up against the APC totalitarian government bedevilled by anti people socioeconomic policies and programmes.

“We can change the narratives and make the political pendulum to swing in our party’s direction in 2019, all we need do is to regularly reach out to our people back home and to make them see the reasons for drastic change from darkness to light and from APC to PDP,” Umaru added.

Political Adviser to PDP National Chairman, Chief Ighoyota Amori opined at the convention that the APC and its leaders are bereaved of socioeconomic ideas which is why the decay so far experienced within the last three years of APC backward regime can only be corrected through the absolute resolve of the Nigerian people to vote out Buhari and APC in 2019.

“There is no point shying away from the bitter truth. Nigeria is drowning daily and we are gradually drifting into civil war. The killings and insensitive posture of the APC leaders and President Buhari, if allowed to continue till 2019 may spell doom for our dear country.

“There is apple opportunity for federal lawmakers to commence impeachment procedures for the removal of President Buhari. How can a President unilaterally spend a whopping sum of $496 million of Nigerians money without the knowledge of members of the National Assembly?

“This is a government that promised transparency and accountability under their change mantra; now turning around to spend money not appropriated, not in budget 2017 and 2018. Buhari has turned Nigeria to his private business empire with members of his cabal.

“I hope and pray that the Senate and House of Representatives will see the urgent need to preserve our constitution which has been deliberately violated by Mr President for spending money not budgeted for.

“Sending letter to the National Assembly for inclusion of money already spent into a budget yet to be approved goes to show that the APC change mantra has been and still a mere slogan of deceit coined to cajole Nigerians into another era of dark days of despotic leadership.

“This convention has given us the apple opportunity of reviewing our nation’s agonies in the past three years and we are no well informed on the way forward. It is glaring that our great party is in good standing to win the 2019 presidential election without much ado.

“Even at that, we still need to work very hard and also to support and pray for our national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus for God guidance, good health and wisdom to lead our party to landslide victory in the forthcoming general elections, come 2019,” Senator Amori added.

The convention came to a close on Sunday 29th April, 2018. The Nigerian delegation to the PDP Houston Convention incluses; National Woman Leader, Hajia Mariya Waziri, South-South Woman Leader, Chief Mrs Tessy Toro, National Youth Leader, Hon Udeh Okoye, SA to National Chairman, Hon Sani Idris Kutigi and PDP National Organising Secretary, Col Austin Okobundu.

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