The People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) leaders and party faithfuls in Ika North East LGA, on Monday 30th July, were treated to emotionally warm greetings by the loving teenage children of the Star Prince of Anioma nation.
Three of the kids took turn to salute the PDP family in the area, the greetings moved party faithfuls to shed joyous tears as many of them were seen using their handkerchiefs to clean emotional tear of joy flooding their eyes.

The people’s choice for Senate, Delta North, 2019, Prince Ned Nwoko was welcomed to the venue by mammoth crowd.

The hala of, “PDP!!!!, by the kids, were responded by “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!” from party faithfuls with overwhelming happiness and much love.
The greetings marked the climax of the soul searching consultative meeting, the second of such visit to the LGA by the Star Prince of Anioma nation, as he intensify efforts to reach out and rob minds with party leaders in Delta north on his 2019 senatorial mission to completely overhaul the socioeconomic challenges facing the good people of the district.

While addressing the leaders and party faithfuls in the LGA, Prince Ned Nwoko was full of praises for the people of Ika North East for giving Delta State the best Governor ever to have ruled the state.
He told the people that the wonderful work been done by the Governor demand that he should be supported by every reasonable Anioma person to complete his 8 years tenure of office and emphatically maintained that he has remained in PDP because of Governor Okowa’s leadership qualities. He further added that as a candidate of the party, he will join forces with the people to campaign for the Governor in Delta North, to give him more time to campaign in Delta Central and South senatorial district. Hear him.

Prince Ned Nwoko, the political colossus of Delta North.

“I want to thank you, the Ika North East people for producing a son that has come to make us proud. Governor Okowa is the best Governor Delta State has ever had since the creation of the state.
You have seen what he is doing in areas of road construction all over the places, the Stadium and drainage control his is constructing in Asaba. He is doing wonderfully well and I believe he deserves a second term to complete his good work.”

Continuing he said, “the best option for the PDP is to feed the most credible and popular candidates in the forthcoming 2019 general elections. It is very necessary because as you all know, our party is nolonger in power at the Federal level. Since our party is nolonger at the centre, we nolonger have the Police, the INEC, DSS and the Army. The only power we have is the people, people’s power.
Therefore, we must listen to the people and feed aspirants that are popular so as to win the next election.”

“I want to tell you that I am in PDP today because of the Governor and Governor Okowa and I working solidly with the people, will defeat APC in Delta state.”

“The Governor has made it clear that he is not supporting anybody, it means you, the party leaders and faithfuls have the opportunity to choose who you want to be your senator. Who you know can help our party to win the 2019 general election.
As the candidate of our great party, I will join you to campaign for Governor Okowa in Delta North Senatorial District, so he will spend more time to campaign in Delta Central and South Senatorial District.”

While highlighting what he will do as a senator representing Anioma people, he said, “as your senator, I will be sitting and working together with the Governor to discuss pertinent problems confronting Anioma nation, and we will put our heads together to provide you with solutions to ameliorate those problems. I will not be a senator struggling for contacts, I have never been a contractor. I am a lawyer, that is my profession and at the Senate, I will use my professional experience and exposures to fight for the development of Anioma nation.
I know you would not want to vote-in someone, who will spend most of his time with the EFCC, DSS and other security agencies as your senator. Anioma people cannot afford such wastage of mandate at this time when every other region are working to assert their place in the national politics.” He emphasized.

He also has a message for the youths, continuing he said, “to you, the youths, 2019 election is about you and your future, you must decide how your future would be, I am not going to buy you motorcycles, fridges or generators, I can do that if wanted to, but that is not want you need. You deserved a better tomorrow. If you have a good job, the enabling environment and the necessary supports to run your personal businesses, you can buy as many motorcycles, as many fridges and as many generators as you want to have.”

The people rejoice whenever Ned is around.

Concluding his address, the Dike Anioma, extols the qualities of Anioma women as the builder of the home and enjoined them to use their influence as mothers and as wives to tell their children and husband to support and vote for him. He promised to float women empowerment funds to enable Delta north women enter into some businesses to support their family.

In his responds, Chief Godwin Ogadi, PDP Chairman Ika North East LGA, who is also the Chairman of all the LGA PDP Chairmen in Delta State, said, “as the earlier speakers mentioned the Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is not taking side in the forth coming Senatorial Primary election, as his LGA party Chairman, he has not told me so. The Governor is thinking about his own reelection, in addition, the Governor know the worth of the major contenders in the senatorial race and he want them to go to the field to prove their worth.

Further, he said, “the contenders are his friends and he does want to lose their friendships.”

Chief Ogadi added, “we know your worth, we know your pedigree, and we know your strength, we know your record, we know what you did before and we know what you can do.”

Continue, the Chair of Chairs, added, “I as an individual has rights to choose who represents me in government. I have made my position known to everyone as regards the House of Assembly and the Rep for Ika Federal constituency, but for the Senate, I am still watching. You must reach out to the people.” He concluded.

Earlier, Hon E. Njiokwuemeni, aka TBT, the Deputy Director General, Ned Nwoko Campaign Organization, Ika Federal constituency, has told the party faithfuls that His Excellency, Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, the amiable Executive Governor of Delta State, does not have a preferential candidate for the 2019 Delta North senatorial race. He told the people that Prince Ned Nwoko has all the qualities to give Delta north people a strong voice and make the district proud at the Senate. He further emphasized that Ned is not use to play politics of backbiting and that he is not in the class of those who will instigate Assembly members to work against the Governor’s interests.
While describing the Star Prince of Anioma land as a complete gentleman, he assured the people that Ned always keep to his promises.

Also speaking, Hon. Christian Okpambor, aka Okpams Georgia, the Director Youth Mobilisation, Ned Nwoko Campaign Organization, who is also the SSA Youth Mobilisation for Positive Change to Governor Okowa, told the people to disregard any rumour that the Governor has chosen somebody for the Delta north senate seat, or that he has directed people to support and cue behind a preferred aspirant. He stated that the Governor has made it very clear on many occasions that he is not supporting any particular aspirant in the Delta north Senate race.
He therefore advised the people to disregard any information or directive to them, contrary to the Governor’s clear positions on the senatorial race.

In the words of a political analyse in the LGA, “Ned is an extraordinary politician with rare foresights. What he has exhibited today, by coming here with his children is very uncommon among our politicians. He wants to show politicians that he is a responsible father. Unlike many contemporary politicians, he is introducing openness and family values to the political turf. He seeks to teach his children that politics is good, legitimate and important and he also want to associate them with his people. Ofcourse the children will grow up to remember a Dad with so much love and passion for the people, Ned is an enigma, he does not need to campaign so much for the Delta North Senate seat.
Left for me, he is the most suited to represent us at Senate and I am already reaching out to my contacts to ensure that the opportunity of having him as our senator come 2019, does not slip through our fingers.”

Delta North Delegates:
Keep supporting Okowa/ Ned team to engender more massive development in Anioma land.

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