Ordinarily, this type of iil informed and prejudiced narrative , coming from such inconsequential local quarters, with very weak content and presentation would have been laughed off, but for the facts that, the whole content appears like the familiar trend of, same flawed strategic pattern of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi media aides of which the writer is one of them and who alongside the others had been instructed , by their pay master to wit :
“strive at all costs, to malign ,cast aspersions on the person of Ned ; his religious beliefs and always, question his membership of the PDP, through sustained media disinformation , with the intent to intimidate, discourage and then, finally force him out of the PDP, Delta North and abort his political aspirations to contest for the 2019, Delta North Senatorial district Primary election and the general under the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) with me ” .
Unfortunately, we have seen through these undemocratic shenanigans, which are demonstrations of severe frustrating and paranoid on the part of SPON since the entry of Hon Ned to the same electoral race but there’s nothing anyone can do to dissuade him for the dice is already cast thus, signalling no retreat, no surrender techniques.

Thus,we have therefore, decided to respond and humor the local treasurer and the paid writer just to correct the wrong mischievous and wrong impressions created in the balderdash writing and set the records straight for the reading public.
1, Let it therefore, be stated herein that, it is not the intention and in the character of Hon Ned Nwoko to sow any type of seed of discord or whatever seeds amongst the stakeholders of his political party in which he remains a founding National member or in any organisation.
2, That, Ned Nwoko through his media aides have already apologised to the PDP, Delta North Senatorial district Chairman for any inconvenience the observations of holding the meeting of stakeholders at the private residence of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi on the 15th of March, 2018 might had caused him and his office and had thereafter, pushed the matter behind so us , as to remain focused for the attainment of the desired objectives.
So, it becomes curious as to what this type of malicious response and unsolicited advice coming very late from the inconsequential local treasurer tend to achieve ?
3, We might be tempted to agree with the treasurer that, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, could have the support of some of the elected and appointed officials of the party , but hasten to equally add that, same could apply to Hon Ned Nwoko, whom the majority of the statoury delegates, who have been held down and akmost strangulated politically and finacially since 1999 by SPON but now , very excited to learn of the entry of Hon Ned Nwoko to the same Delta North Senatorial district election as SPON.
They just like the overwhelming majority of the citizens of Anioma equally want to believe that only Ned, with his unblemished antecedents and enviable reputation could defeat SPON at the primary election and thereafter, win the general election and free them and the citizens from the clutches of the corrupt sociopolitical and economic strangulation, of the order of the destructive imposition of unpopular candidates which SPON, created and nurtured over the years and finally, give them the deserved effective and responsible representation at the Senate.
We know that, majority of them might have turned a new leaf and have decided to cast their votes for Ned Nwoko, during the forthcoming Primary election and the general election.
This remains our prayers in addition to hoping for a level playing field, before, during and after the PDP, Delta North Senatorial district Primary election and the general election. We are sure that the God of peace, growth and development, the God of justice, equity and good conscience, has heard the cries of the highly impoverished citizens of Anioma and Delta State and thus, shall crown the efforts of Hon Ned Nwoko with resounding electoral successes , come 2019 for darkness has a time frame but disappears, with the coming of brightest light.
These inestimable values which Ned , has earned meritoriously, over the years, genuine love for his Anioma people, his visionary leadership and servant dispositions, his good naturedness and unmatched philanthropic gestures and accessibility are all the values he is bringing to bare, as soon as the statoury and adhoc delegates voted for him during the PDP, Delta North, Senatorial Primary election and the during the 2019, general election when, the overwhelming majority of his supporters cast their votes for Ned, so as to enable them receive the deserved effective and efficient representation at the Senate, come 2019 and beyond.

We rest our case even as we join our National Chairman and the NWC, of our part; , the PDP in apologising to the good people of Anioma, Delta State and Nigeria in general, for the misrule of good governance, of the criminal impositions of unpopular candidates and the other corrupt practices from 1999 to 2015 .


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