RUGA: Bury The Idea, Obviously Not Suspension – South-South Group.


RUGA: Bury The Idea, Obviously Not Suspension – South-South Group.

…Calls on VP Osinbajo, Other Notable Christians to Resign from Buhari Administration.

Source: #RazorNews

The All Progressives Congress (APC) and President Muhammadu Buhari, have been called upon, to in the interest of peace and unity of Nigeria, completely jettison the RUGA Fulani land ownership project and focus on policies and programmes that would move the Nigerian nation forward.

The advise was contained in a statement by a socioeconomic and political pressure group in South-South Nigeria; Campaign For Economic Empowerment And Development Of The Niger Delta Region (CAMENDREG), and signed by its Chief Scribe, Dr Fred Nuvie Oghenesivbe.

The group noted that the RUGA project is flavoured with heavy dose of ethnic and religious agenda capable of provoking another fierce round of Fulani Jihad or Civil War in Nigeria, should Buhari insist on implementing the illegal land acquisition across the country.

President Muhammad Buhari

The South-South pressure group further asserted that the various steps taken so far by Mr President and his tiny Fulani cabal in the Presidency, APC and partners across the Sahel, points to show that the federal government tends to be more concerned with the protection of Cow business for alien herdsmen from Sub-Sahara Africa than protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians.

It noted with utmost regrets that its becoming clearer by the day that Buhari, being a core Fulani, displayed deep and unpatriotic sympathy for herdsmen cattle business expansion across the country; and he is bent on radically expanding landownership for his kinsmen via RUGA.

It noted with disdain that the size of the RUGA settlement to be financed and or sponsored with oil funds from the South South Region and task payers money, grossly violates the universal principles of unbiased governance, equity, good conscience and patriotic mindset expected of good leaders and statesmen under constitutional democracy.

CAMENDREG insisted that the RUGA project must die its naturally death and not suspension as indicated by the federal government and APC; pointing out that should RUGA resurfaces under another fraudulent and mischievous title and or codification; the South-South region and Mid-West shall do the needful to resist the oppressive Fulani neo-colonization government.

It warned that the region and Mid-West may join forces with other uncompromising geopolitical zones in the country, to free themselves from perceived 21st century modernized slavery and third class citizenship which the APC national government is deceitfully packaging as a bitter pill to be forced on the throat of our region and beyond.

“We in the South-South region and Mid-West are not cowards in this RUGA fraudulent project, and shall stand firm with our governors and other uncompromising geopolitical zones to end Fulani federal government oppressive rule in Nigeria, under President Buhari and the APC party.

“We are now faced with the real facts why Buhari cried in the past after loosing presidential elections. His tears are now well understood via his RUGA project and possible acute desire to establish Fulani Emirates and or RUGA local governments, across the 36 States of the federation, under the falsehood of Cattle Colonies proposed earlier and the modified RUGA.

“We corroborate the views of eminent Nigerians from this region and some other geopolitical zones to the effect that RUGA shall not see the light of day, despite the senseless 30 days ultimatum given to the federal government by the Fulanis of Northern Nigeria, to implement RUGA or face the consequent of forcefully chasing away South-South people from Northern Nigeria.

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu
APC leader.

“The threat is suggestive of either Fulani Jihad as was the case in the days of Usman Dan Fodio, outright breakup of Nigeria into fragmented sovereign entities or an eruption of a full blown civil war under APC national government and Mr President.

“We therefore urge Vice President Osinbajo, other notable Christians, South-South leaders and those holding political appointments under President Buhari to resign immediately in protest for the total stoppage of the divisive, ethnic and religious infected RUGA project, going forward,” CAMENDREG added.

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