Stars University Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State, Nigeria.

Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, founder, Stars University, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State.


By Iroroh Frank.

The Stars University is an acronym for SPORTS, TECHNOLOGY AND ARTS UNIVERSITY. It is a multi discipline university that will run Technology and Arts courses offered by the conventional Universities but in addition, it will offer professional first degree certificates courses in Sports. Courses that are rarely found in Universities across the African continent.
These first degree Sports discipline courses are only obtainable in the UK, US, Russia, Bulgaria and other developed countries around the world.

Sport in Africa is suffering epileptic development because of lack of professionals to mann critical areas of the sector.
In Nigeria, which is regarded as the giant of Africa, there have been great disappointments in her National Team’s international outings, her national teams have been ‘wumbling and fumbling’ in international Sport meets.
The simple reason for this poor disappointing shows were not mainly because she lacks quality Athletes or Coaches to groom, train and prepare the Athletes for such meets, but because the bureaucrats, the DGs and Directors manning Sports in Government Ministries, the policy framer are non professionals. The qualifications which most of them parades are Bachelors or Masters degrees in Physical and Health Education which only quality them to be Physical Education and Health Education teachers. They are not trained professional Sports administrators.

Aside the shortages of professional Sports personnel among government policymakers and implementors, other sectors of the Nigerian society also lack Sports related professionals needed to establish a vibrant Sports culture and industry in the country.

It is looking in this perspective, that Hon Prince Ned Nwoko, a well traveled man decided to established a University that could train the needed professional Sports personnel to fill these vacuums.

The Stars University, Idumuje Ugboko, at take off will offer the following first degree certificates courses in Sports related discipline.


Courses offer;

1. Bsc Sports science and Technology.
2. Bsc. Sports Administration and Management.
3. Bsc. Sports Economics .
4. Bsc. Sports Psychology.
5. Bsc. Sports Communication.
6. Bsc. Sports Sociology
7. Bsc. Sports Tourism and Events Management
8 . Bsc. Sports Physiology.
9. Bsc. Sports Security and Stadia Management.
10. Bsc. Sports Marketing and Advertising.
11. Bsc. Special Sports and
12. Bsc. Coaching Technology.

As can be seen above, once the University is up and running, retiring Athletes, young Coaches and Sports administrators in Nigeria and from around the African continent will have the ample opportunity to acquire professionalism in the sector and raise the bar in Sports development in the continent.
One good thing about this University is that it is going to improve the level of Sports administration, development and Athletes performances in Nigeria on the long run and revolutionalise the tourism industry in Delta State, this is as result of the influxes of Coaches, Athletes and Sports administrators from other States of the federation, from other countries within the African continent and beyond, who are expected to troop to Idumuje Ugboko to acquire these professional degree certificates in Sports.

Benefits to the community.

The Stars University, Idumuje Ugboko when fully Operational will attract a population of atleast 5,000 persons to Idumuje Ugboko Community, with about 1000 direct new jobs, this is ofcourse on a conservative note.
Local investors in new housing developments, like Hostel, Hotels, Guest houses, Eateries, Bars, Nightclubs and so on will spring up in the community.
This will greatly improve the social and economic life of the community.

In fact the University in addition to Mount Ned Nwoko Tourists Resort, will make Idumuje Ugboko a tourists destination globally in a not distant future.

According to the founder of the University, Prince Ned Nwoko, “my lifelong dream is to elevate my people, my community, my State and the entire black race from the shackles of underdevelopment through direct investments at the rural levels and I believed that direct investments in Education and Tourism will have tremendous impact in this regard.”
Further he said, “establishing Stars University is pertinent to me because of the long-term benefits it will bring to my people, my community and the State.”

Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, founder, Stars University, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State.
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