STARS UNIVERSITY IDUMUJE UGBOKO Is The Dream Of One Man For The Benefit Of All – Part 2 By Karifest Duchess Onyekaah

  • STARS UNIVERSITY IDUMUJE UGBOKO Is The Dream Of One Man For The Benefit Of All – Part 2

By Karifest Duchess Onyekaah

In my part one series on the STARS UNIVERSITY IDUMUJE UGBOKO, I highlighted some of the many ways that the pioneer sports university in Africa will benefit ANIOMA, Nigeria, Africa and the world. This was not overrated. It is a statement of fact given the role that sports play predominantly in the affairs of man. Granted, it is a personal project of a philanthropist, an illustrious son of Anioma who has remained focused on completing the project amidst various challenges, but even as it sounds like a personal project, the focus is not for personal benefits but for the service and benefit of humanity, as stated by its founder. Hon. Prince (Dr.) Ned NWOKO.


Without the slightest doubt, the STARS UNIVERSITY will be highly beneficial to our talented and teeming youths who most times are not enabled to explore and harness their full potentials nor provided with the various opportunities and facilities available to their counterparts in civilized world to inspire and equip them to be the best they can, the thought of this is a propelling force for the IDUMUJE UGBOKO born billionaire Hon.
It is common knowledge that Hon. Prince (Dr) Ned NWOKO loves the youths so much that they are continuously on his priority list even before he decided to build this legacy by embarking on this capital intensive project in his rural community which when completed, would position his community IDUMUJE UGBOKO on the global scene when sports is being discussed and promoted and this would be for Africa’s development. This is a story worth telling to the world beginning from now. It is a pride project close to his heart which he has sacrificed so much for as a dream now coming true.


Hon. Prince (Dr) Ned NWOKO, who was one time a member of the Federal House of Representatives Abuja, (the lower chamber of the law making arm of the Nigerian government), has promised to ensure that he uses his good will, resources, notable influence and well circulated network which spans across various continents of the world where he has diverse interests, to ENSURE that the STARS UNIVERSITY will be for the full benefit of humanity.

As one whose hands are seen and his voice heard internationally as a global voice, as an icon and a philanthropist, his love for sports and INVESTMENTS in his community will inspire him the more to attract development to his community IDUMUJE UGBOKO starting with this stars university. This will propel social growth in surrounding rural areas, increase harmony and bring about enjoyment to the people.

As a Muslim whose counterpart Muslim friends and associates in the Arab world have great interest and influence in sports, the Nigerian born billionaire and politician cum educationist, ground breaking, record making, pace setting Antarctica explorer and the “Kick Out Malaria In Africa” advocate has the full support of his Muslim friends and community to get the project completed for mutual partnership that would benefit various African nations and the Arab world as this will guarantee the creation of partnerships that works where non exists and to nurture, nourish and strengthen the existing Arab-African relationship to create more interest, build on existing records and improve on sporting games and related activities and by extension other areas of human endeavors. This is a project by one man but for all and not just for that of one man. Let us encourage this one man with a burning desire for development to bring pride to Aniomaland, Nigeria and Africa. This is our appeal.

Karifest Duchess Onyekaah Rita Esq.
(Iyanga Anioma).
Publisher/Editor-In-Chief KARIFEST International Magazine.

Onyekaah is an advocate for positive change, an entrepreneur, humanitarian, award winning
creative writer, social media influencer and communications strategist with a burning passion for communication crises management in leadership, governance & brand development, political advocacy and personality reputation management.

Her humanitarian works spans over two decades of consistent works in serving humanity. For her selflessness and humanitarian services, she was given the name “Iyanga Anioma (Pride Of Anioma).

Her advocacy and passion for development, social change and quest for justice for victims of oppression can be seen in her written works, seminars and conferences she has facilitated, anchored and participated in.

Her great impact is continuously felt in a number of battles she has fought gallantly, fearlessly and consistently fight for the less privileged, oppressed people and abused women.


“Queen of social media”, a name Onyekaah has earned for her popularity and “loud voice” on social media where she wedges a great influence with her writings, advocacy and media works even in the face of opposition, tells more about her personality, mission and humble achievements. There, she occupies her space well by turning simple messages into viral sensational posts that breaks the internet from time to time.

Her work has earned her several awards, local and international. She seldom talks about this because she believes the sky is her starting point.


Onyekaah has a unique voice and believes that Africa is the future of the world, if, and only when Africans become more discerning as to recognize, accept, appreciate, develop and harness its naturally endowed resources in its abundant human capacity and enormous mineral resources to make herself self-sustaining and economically buoyant so as to free herself from economic slavery occasioned by excessive borrowings by African nations through its leaders, due to the effects of bad leadership.

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Social Media @KarifestDuchess


Copyright, Karifest Communications, 15th October, 2020.

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