By Ambrose Abel

In politics and democracy, high moral and ethical standards are essential ingredients of good leadership and governance. They make leaders responsible and responsive as well as help boost confidence of the people. A leader who follows his moral and ethical convictions by doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching, has credibility. That is integrity and credibility speaking through him.

The essence of having integrity implies that a leader is true to himself and the people he is leading. Therefore, he would do nothing that demeans or dishonours his good reputation in the sight of the people.


A cursory appraisal of Prince Ned Nwoko’s persona and leadership disposition reveals a man who is honest with himself and the people. He is frank and unpretentious as he has nothing to hide. This is the secret of his clear conscience and candour that emboldens him to mix, interact and communicate freely with the good people of Anioma and Delta State in general.

For this reason, the vast majority of Anioma people look unto him as their trusted leader, rescuer and solution provider. To our Anioma people, he is rightly the leader that would bail us and our region from political and socio-economic stagnation. His audacious entrance into the 2019 Senate race on the platform of the ruling People’s Democratic Party [PDP] in the state is widely perceived as the best thing that have ever happened to Delta North in recent time.

The people have enough provable reasons to believe in Ned Nwoko. His scorecard as a member of the House of Representatives between 1999 and 2003 are mind-boggling. In him, they look unto a steely and intelligent leader who sponsored 22 effective bills in a period of four years at the National Assembly. He is indeed an outstanding lawmaker, leader and representative of the people.

Governor Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State and Prince Ned Nwoko, front line contender for the Delta North Senate Seat. Best for Anioma 2019.

In addition to that, for four years, Prince Ned Nwoko donated his salaries and allowances for scholarship awards to indigent students of Aniocha/Oshimili constituency that he represented. He has vowed to re-enact the same philanthropic gesture in the current dispensation immediately he is elected to serve as the senator representing Delta North senatorial district in the upper legislative chamber.

He did not stop there during his last sojourn at the green chamber [House of Representatives]. He assisted in renovating many primary and secondary schools in Aniocha/Oshimili constituency as well as donated chairs and desks to cushion the discomfort of pupils and to improve the learning environment. For his good deeds, our people have discovered that Ned is a man of rare benevolence and charity that we can rely upon.

In the vital area of infrastructure provision, the Prince of Idumuje-Ugboko, Aniocha Local Government Area, has his indelible imprints that make the people to continue to yearn for him. He gave and facilitated the electrification for whole towns and villages in Anioma and is poised to do more this time around.

Governor Okowa and Prince Ned Nwoko, the winning pair and best for Anioma.

The expansive Asaba-Onitsha-Benin multiple lane expressway that Anioma people and Nigerians at large are enjoying today is a product of his tenacious interface and facilitation. He also facilitated the construction of the Onicha- Ugbo/Ewohimi road. He similarly facilitated the building of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) station in the Delta State capital, Asaba.

Candidly, our people will be acting wisely by jettisoning selfish contract seeking politicians and embrace the caring man who donated transformers to some institutions like the Federal College of Technical Education, Asaba and other schools in the constituency. It was no other person than the empathetic Ned who placed aged mothers in Idumuje-Ugboko and its environs on various welfare and empowerment schemes.
No doubt, Anioma people have resolved to stick with Prince Ned Nwoko this time because they have not forgotten how he boldly and sincerely supported Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa during the PDP governorship primary in 2007. Again, he threw his full weight behind Okowa in his 2015 governorship quest which God made successful thereby giving Anioma people a sense of belonging in Delta State

Prince Ned Nwoko, the political colossus of Delta North.

Our people firmly trust Ned’s patriotism because they still vividly recall how he spearheaded several meetings which were hosted by His Royal Majesty, Obi Professor Chike Edozien, the Asagba of Asaba to persuade other governorship aspirants from Delta North to step down for Dr. Okowa. Such memories remain green in the minds of our people.

In Prince Ned Nwoko, our people look unto a leader imbued with will power and focus who steadfastly promoted Anioma cause through Onu Anioma and clamored for a Delta State Governor of Anioma descent. He did so with uncommon boldness at a time when many of his kinsmen feared to utter a word in order to protect their personal interests and be politically correct in the state. In Ned, our people see an inspired leader who is prepared to pay the biggest price for the sake of the wellbeing and survival of Anioma nation as a people.
Anioma people within PDP from Agbor to Aboh through Obiaruku, Owa-Oyibu, Akwukwu-Igbo, Ogwashi-Ukwu, Issele-Uku, Kwale to Asaba are rooting for Prince Ned Nwoko as their best senatorial flagbearer to partner with our illustrious Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa [Ekwueme Anioma] to a resounding victory in Delta North district and the entire Delta State at the fast approaching 2019 general elections.

As a leader greatly loved and adored by all throughout Delta North, Anioma people are looking unto Prince Ned Nwoko to play the pivotal role of galvanizing and mobilizing the home front for his brother, Governor Okowa for his successful re-election. And Ned can only be in an effective position to play that role if he is nominated as the PDP senatorial candidate for Delta North. That way he will fully campaign for Governor Okowa’s second term and his dizzying popularity in Delta North would translate to huge vote harvests for Okowa.

Inversely, Prince Ned’s adversarial brother, the incumbent Senator Peter Nwaoboshi cannot play that critical role of a winner. Instead, his candidacy will constitute a huge liability and burden for Governor Okowa in his home district and even the entire state which may end up jeopardizing his chances at the general election.

With a tainted candidate like Nwaoboshi on tow, Okowa would definitely face an insurmountable wall to climb at the general election especially when the rival All Progressives Congress [APC] would be filing out against him with the powerful federal might fully complimented by the likes of Hon Victor Ochei , Chief Great Ogboru, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh and a host of other die-hard members of the APC.
Ned is highly needed as the only towering, courageous and popular politician from Delta North who commands respect and grassroots presence throughout Anioma land.

Prince Ned’s opponent, Nwaoboshi is an adept in obtuse and cabalistic politics which annoyingly thrives on secrecy, acquisitiveness, corruption and deceit. The people are sick and tired of that corrupt system and are clamouring for an open, honest and accountable senator to lead Anioma to a new era. And in Ned Nwoko they have found their perfect model.

At the general elections, Nwaoboshi will offer zero electoral value for Okowa’s second term bid. Instead, the presence of his name on the ballot would cast a serious slur on the image of Okowa. The fact is that Nwaoboshi is deeply hated and despised by many especially the electorate in Delta North who perceive him as a very selfish and incurably corrupt man. They are baying for his pound of flesh and that of whoever supports him at the poll because of his many alleged atrocities against the people over the years.
Governor Okowa should team up with Prince Ned Nwoko, the man of the people and distance himself from the repulsive odium of Nwaoboshi. Evidently, Ned is the man of integrity, influence and the star choice of Anioma people that can partner Okowa and help clear the route for his re-election come 2019.
Ned is indeed needed by Okowa and Anioma nation.


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